Rough Work Day + Recent Dramas + Having “The Talk” With Le Hubby

MOOD:  (Loathing)
Quote Of The Day: “You know if you say something to piss me off then I’m leaving you right?” -Juse

Today, the Bossman definitely got his money’s worth out of me! Whew! We’ve been having a lot of meetings, and today we had a pretty long and condensed one. We went over a lot of stuff, and it might take me a couple of hours to digest. But in the meanwhile, I’m going to blog. Lol.

Sunday is my birthday!! Woohoo!! Actually I’m not that excited cuz I’m turning 30. -__-;; A time in a woman’s life where she realizes she’s no longer in her 20’s, and is no long young. Ladies and gents, I am going to officially be over the hill in 3 days! Lol. Today, Min texted me and asked me about my plans for this weekend. She had mentioned to me before about taking me to Honey Pig. I think that’s where we’re going. I don’t have any huge plans this weekend, even though 30 is a rather big birthday. It’s just a rather depressing birthday cuz I feel like I’m having a very belated “quarter life crisis”.

My relationship is at a plateau now, after the “so-called proposal”, the relationship is as if nothing has changed. The fact that my birthday is here and I’m turning 30 doesn’t make digesting that any easier. Today I felt feisty and decided to tackle the subject. I asked him for definitive answers. Did he give me any? Of course not. Ugh. This is such a damn lost cause. -__-;; I just wanna crawl under a rock and die a slow death. He said we’ll video chat on my birthday and discuss it more in detail, but he needs a little time to sleep on it. He said he needs to gather his thoughts to make sure he articulates them correctly. Sometimes we have miscommunication because he’s not good with expressing himself, and I’m quick to jump to conclusions. I often times get pissed at him for things that I misunderstand his meanings of. I actually don’t want to to talk about it on my birthday, but he said we’ll discuss it then, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt. He needs more time, fine. But come Sunday, his ass better have his thoughts together cuz I WILL want some real answers. I need to know that SOMETHING in my life is going right. Dear Lord, please give me strength. Ugh…

I am also having all this work drama, with the changing out of the interns, and Bossman acting irrationally, and this and that. I feel like I’m about to explode!! I definitely need a damn vacation. Whenever I’m stressed out, I feel like going to Africa. I just wanna run around butt naked in the grasslands. Ugh!! And then I’ll probably get eaten by some lion. Damn. -__-;;


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