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Easy Friday + 3 Day Weekend!

MOOD:  (Hooray)
Quote Of The Day: “Don’t think you can be all smug just cuz you got another day off!!” -Kenny

So today is finally Friday!! Thank you Lord Jesus!! If nothing else, I sure have been giving thanks a lot! Lol. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. Giving praise I guess is always good, but that just means I need more Jesus in my life, and that means my life is wearing me out. Lol. Bossman basically wasn’t here all day today. So it was freakin’ awesome!! I got a lot of shit done! Like editing pics, organizing them, etc. I also downloaded and loaded new music onto the phone, and other great stuffers.

I’ve been meaning to load more music on my phone for a while now, but never have time to do it. Since I’m so anal, I am very careful about my tags, and if the tags or naming isn’t perfect then I don’t want to load it and that part takes forever. >_> However, it is super easy to load songs onto my phone cuz I simply just drag and drop the folder onto my phone. Nice! Bad part is, all the albums are sorted using alphabetical order and not genre or language. So I got the Chinese, Korean, and English albums all listed together. Oh well, I can’t complain cuz the sound quality is freakin’ awesome!! I do need to get a larger memory card though cuz this 8GB is not enough for all my music. >_> I need like a freakin’ 64GB or something. Lol! Lets take a look at how le music looks on le phone so far. Technically its pretty organized right? Lol. I guess its too small of a pic to tell. -__-;;

Monday is freakin’ Labor Day!! Hell yeah!! That means that I have a 3 day weekend!! Man, I need this so bad ya’ll just don’t know! >_< It really is a good time to go hang out. Hong is in town this weekend and wanted to go hang out, but unfortunately, I am DEAD BROKE this week. I mean DEAD broke. I will be broke until next pay check unfortunately cuz I gave all my money to reason A for her birthday. *DIES* I guess the whole idea of budgeting this year went down the damn tubes again!! Ugh!! So yeah, I’m gonna have to be like a damn hermit until mid Sept. so no one ask me to hang out folks!! I’m poor!! Lol. But I will enjoy my 3 days off, so yays!!!

Happy Birthday Momma Juse!!

MOOD:  (Yays!)
Quote Of The Day: “Well, guess having a daughter is good after all. Cuz I have a good daughter, now I have a good son-in-law too!” -reason A

So today is reason A’s birthday!! I made a birthday post on Facebook, even though she’s not on Facebook (Thank God) but I still posted it in honor of her birthday. ^^;;

Also to report, I actually gave reason A her letter from Kenny early yesterday, along with some money. It’s pretty common for younger kids to give their parents red envelopes (of money) on their birthday as a good wish for the elder. (Chinese style), it’s really suppose to happen after they get married, but in my case, same difference. >_> I told her it was from me and Kenny. Since she LOVES her some money, it put her in a good mood right away. Lol. Damn shame. I am honestly trying everything in my power to make her like Kenny. This is a better time than ever to get on her good side. So he used the letter to not only wish her happy birthday but also to ask her for my hand in marriage!! Whoa!! Lol. Kill two birds with one stone. It’s a win win! It ended up being very cute. Lets take a look:


Dear Mom,
Today is your birthday!! So I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. Unfortunately, I’m far away and am not able to give you my wishes in person, but from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to give my best wishes, and may you be healthy and youthful! I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for taking such good care of Sandy, and being the great mother that you are to her, so that I had the opportunity to meet such a wonderful and special girl. I can tell from her character, what a great person and mother you are. It is obvious that she had to get her loving, caring, and generous personality from none other than yourself. Through the years, me and Sandy have gotten to know each other very well, and have fallen deeply in love with each other. I have found my soul mate, and we can clearly see the same goals and dreams for our future. I wish nothing more than to grow old and grey with her. I ask you today for her hand in marriage and that you give us your blessings. I want to take care of her for the rest of my life. Together, we will make a beautiful family. And lastly again, I’d just like to wish you many more joyous years to come! Happy Birthday Mom!


So I tried many attempts but couldn’t find the right “timing” to show reason A this letter!! Isn’t it cute though?? Guess he figured, if she won’t talk to him on the phone, he had to find some way to tell her what he has to say, so let’s do a letter!! Lol. Well I finally got to show it to her after dinner, and I was terrified of what her reaction might be but she loved it!! I told her that he wrote her a letter, and she said “Oh really?” And I showed it to her. She read it out loud and  after she finished, she said “Well that was very well written! He’s a well spoken guy.” I had a huge grin on my face! Then she said “Well, guess having a daughter is good after all. Cuz I have a good daughter, now I have a good son-in-law too!” I was like WOW!!! I was ecstatic!! That is a HUGE compliment coming from her about Kenny!! You know what that means people?? That means that she totally accepts him, for good or for bad, she called him “son-in-law”!! Oh man!! Huge step!! And she thinks he did a good job with the letter! She had a smug face on afterwards and said, “See?? Even he knows that your character shows that I raised you right and am a dedicated mother!! Cuz bad parenting produces bad kids!!” Lol!! I was like alright… No need to get smug! Lol. It was obvious she was in a good mood, and I was both super happy and had a huge sigh of relief!

I had to hurry and text Kenny to tell him the good news!! But I was scared that my text would wake him up again, he didn’t sleep til almost like 4am, cuz of the letter, and then me accidentally waking him up with my email. >_< This morning when he called to wake me up, I told him the whole story and I could tell he had a sigh of relief too. Ahahaha. Shit you gotta go through for reason A!! So since I have to do a birthday post on my Chinese blog for her too, I made another graphic! Cute much? XD

Mr. & Mrs. Juse: The Love Story

MOOD:  (Longing)
Quote Of The Day: “I need you. I really really need you with me right now, but you’re not here.” -Kenny

So that was a dramatic morning. Kenny called to wake me up and was drunk. His brother had come to visit him. He lives and works in another “state” for lack of a better comparison, and they rarely get to see each other. Of course being bros, they went out and got a drink, and had a heart to heart. I don’t know what they talked about, probably work, future, wife and kids, all that good stuff.

Well, when he called me, I could tell he was drunk. He was coherent, but when he gets drunk, he gets really sentimental or nostalgic. He told me how much he missed me, in matter of fact he said “I need you. I really really need you with me right now, but you’re not here.” I could hear the longing in his voice, is was horrible. I heard a tiny sniffle, and I could tell he was tearing up. Poor thing. I knew exactly how he felt, cuz I had just did a post the other day about how I had that bad dream, and it made me realized just how far away he was from me, and I had the exact same feelings!! I guess this approaching 3 years thing is really starting to get to us, and we’re both feeling the strain now.

I told him I missed him to, and then told him we have to work hard to try and be together soon. He said he’s trying and he promised he’ll do everything in his power to make it happen. Towards the end, he had a super bad nasally voice and I knew he had been tearing up. Lol!! Alcohol makes men so damn sensitive when it comes to relationships. I think it’s rather endearing. Most of the time when he gets drunk, he just gets damn horny, but every once in a while, he’ll miss me and get all mushy like this. Ahaha.

I told him to take a nap, and he said he was cuz I think the alcohol was starting to get to him, and he was feeling like he was about to pass out. Around my 10am or so, he wakes up and jumps online. I thought he was gonna sleep the whole night through, but he woke up. He told me that he suddenly jerked up from bed, and sat up to look around. He didn’t see me, but his last memories before dozing off to sleep was him talkin’ to me so he thought I was beside him, totally forgetting about the fact that we were only on the phone. Now that he’s slept off some of the alcohol, he realized this and it was really depressing. Weather was hot and he was caught in-between feeling frustrated and annoyed. He took another cold shower and said he felt a little better. He got online cuz he missed me, wanted to talk to me, and cuz tomorrow is reason A’s birthday and he wanted to write her a letter. Ahaha!! How cute is that??

When he first told me, I was like “What?? Write her a letter??” I guess I came off as “WTF is you thinking?” so he got scared and said “Why? Do you not think it’s a good idea? Should I not write one??” And had to catch myself and say “Oh, no… that’s cool…” So he said “Honey, lets write the letter together!” I was like ROFL, is it just me or you’re the one that needs to write the letter? He said, “Well I need your input so I know I’m not saying the wrong things!!” I said ok, so he started writing it. I made a couple of suggestions, and after he finished it, he asked me to design it. Lol!! I could tell he was taking this seriously. He wanted to make a good impression.

At this point, it was his 2am, and I hurried him off to bed. I did a simple design, cuz I told him we don’t wanna over do it, cuz then being the suspicious person that she is, she might think I came up with the letter all by myself to get on her good side. Even though she knows my Chinese is not that good. >_> I emailed him a copy of the design after I finished, totally not knowing that the notification of email on his phone had woken him up! Noooo!! Ugh! This damn boy got up to check over it. He said he liked the design, it was simple and cute but he had one typo in there. Ahaha!! I was like WTF!! Ok, I’ll fix it but go back to sleep!! Poor Pookie Bear. I sure hope she appreciates this!! >_<

Using The Shit Out This Turtle!!

MOOD:  (Ahahaha)
Quote Of The Day: “Ok, well I’ve decided that I’m gonna buy a turtle. When an emergency comes, I’m gonna grab it and put it on my head!” -Kenny

Today me and Kenny had the funniest damn conversation about turtles. Unfortunately, I don’t think it translate well, but here goes:

Me: You know we have a hurricane coming! They’re bracing themselves in New Orleans, and I told reason A to wash out two woks and get ‘em ready too!! (To put over our heads in case of emergencies)
Kenny: ROFLMAO!! Now that’s some funny shit!
Me: This isn’t a laughing matter!! This is serious stuff!! You might be laughing now, but you’re gonna be screwed when it comes, cuz we won’t give you a wok for your head! >_<
Kenny: Ok, well I’ve decided that I’m gonna buy a turtle. When an emergency comes, I’m gonna grab it and put it on my head!
Me: ROFLMAO!!! Ahahaha.. OMG I can just picture it. You with a turtle on your head!! Ahaha!!
Me: Poor turtle!! XD
Kenny: Yup, and he’s gonna grab a hold of my head and we’re gonna run for dear life!!
Kenny: (*Pretending like he’s talkin’ to the turtle) Grab on tight turtle!! We’re making a run for it!!
Kenny: See, this is what us guys do in hard times! We stick together!!
Me: I wanna interview the turtle as he’s holding on for dear life and you’re running. Excuse me, Mr. Turtle, can you tell me what your views on life is right now?
Turtle: Life sure is rough. O_O;; Its hard out here for a turtle. >_>
Kenny: >_> Damn turtle. I’m gonna poke the hell out of its shell!! Wait, no! I’m gonna knock on the shell so he can’t sleep at night! Muahaha…
Me: OMFG!! You can’t abuse the damn turtle!! I’m gonna get revenge for him!! (*Pokes you like a mad woman)
Kenny: I’m gonna block you with the turtle!! XD
Me: Well damn!!
Kenny: Yup!! Now that’s how you use a damn turtle!! Muahaha.
Me: Poor turtle.
Kenny: Then after dinner, we’re gonna flip it on its back and spin it!! And whoever the head lands on is who gets to do the dishes! Dude! This is the most useful turtle ever!!
Me: Lol!!
Me: Oh hell. You know what? When we have kids in the future, and they’re too short to reach the sink to brush their teeth at night, they can use the turtle as a stool and stand on it! Man!! We’re using the shit out this turtle!! XD
Kenny: I think our turtle wants to commit suicide. O_O He wants to jump off the dinner table to his death, but his damn shell saves him every time. >_<

Tell me that was not the most retarded conversation ever!! Lol. Most of me and Kenny’s convos are like that. -__-;; But he does know I freakin’ LOVE turtles!! So we’re gonna have a pet turtle in the future!! Heck yeah!! I also love emu and geese, but I don’t think we can have them as pets. >_>

Side note to PETA: No turtles were hurt during this convo. Thank you.

Random Monday Thoughts…

MOOD:  (Poker Face)
Quote Of The Day: “We can’t keep this girl around any longer…” -Intern Jon

Since its Monday and I’m busy, so we’re just gonna cheat and do it Twitter style today. We’re gonna post random thoughts that Juse has today. >_>

Bossman out of town tomorrow, so I will have freedom at work! Woohoo!! #happydance

I heard women like guys with a sense of humor because we associate being funny with honesty, so we’re attracted to them. #ilikethemjustcuz

I have to stop drinking QT cappuccino because it gave me an upset stomach today. >_< #coffeeoverage

Intern Canton Cook has no common sense, once again confirming my theory that common sense is not that common. #dumbassonpayroll

I think I slept weird last night, so I’m super sleepy today, gotta try to sleep earlier today. #grandmaschedule

I hate August cuz I’m always the poorest this month since its my birthday, reason A’s and I gotta pay extra shit like car tag. >_> #deadbroke

Well those are my random thoughts of the day!! I rather like this format! Lol. I might try it again next Monday. Oh shit!! Next Monday is Labor Day and I get the day off!! Hell yeah!! Lol. #happydanceagain

Missing Le Hubby… Muchos! <3

MOOD:  (Depressed)
Quote Of The Day: “I know exactly how that feels.” -Kenny

So I had a nightmare the night before yesterday. I didn’t post about it, cuz I didn’t wanna take away from the geese post. Lol!! But this was pretty significant to just mention about. I think it deserves its own post. >_> I guess it’s not really a nightmare, it was just an upsetting dream. I had a dream that I was celebrating my birthday, and I had invited all these friends and family to come to the amusement park with me. We rented a hotel that was apparently in the amusement park, and stayed there for 3 days. Well everyone else was having fun, and played to their hearts content and I apparently was way too busy scheduling everything and making sure everything was going right that I didn’t really go on any rides or play anything!! >_<

Well come the 3rd day and everyone is packing up to leave, and I still haven’t even done anything!! I was so freakin’ upset!! I tried to talk to some people but everyone was packing up and leaving and no one was really paying any attention to me! I tried to get some people to stay and play with me but they all refused. Finally, very disappointed and distraught, I called Kenny. I asked him to come play with me, and stay with me for my very last day at the park, and he said ok. So then we hung up and as I was sitting there waiting for him to come, it suddenly hit me that he’s like 10000 miles away!! I started freakin’ out and panicking and I told reason A that there’s no way! There’s no way that he would make it even if he went and bought a ticket right this minute to fly over here, he’d never be able to get here in time!! >_< reason A proceeded to console me and she told me that she would go on the rides with me, but I was just so devastated! Then I woke up. >_<

So I know you’re thinking, well this is immature. She’s a grown ass woman and she’s having dreams about playing in an amusement park? Lol! But that’s not the point at all. The point is when I woke up, that sense of devastation of reality hitting me and letting me know EXACTLY how far away Kenny really is from me really just hit me like a blow to the stomach!! I called Kenny immediately, and at the sound of his voice, I busted out crying.

I don’t know why, but I’ve been missing him like crazy recently. I find myself spending at least an hour at night just thinking about him, thinking about our time together, the things we did, the pics we took, the things we said to each other or didn’t say for that matter. Everything seems to play like a movie in front of me every single night before I drift to sleep. I know I miss him, and it’s really painful. I felt it more than anything in the dream. The reality that he’s not even reachable, that he’s so damn far away!! I told him the whole dream while crying and whimpering and he listened quietly. Then at the end, he said he really wish he could give me a hug right now, and hold me close. He said he knows exactly how that feels. When I first left, after going to visit him, he would have dreams about me. They were vivid and reoccurring. He would dream that I was with him, next to him, but when he would reach over to pull me close, he realized that the other side of the bed was empty. I wasn’t there anymore. He’d open his eyes and see nothing, and he said he couldn’t describe that feeling. It’s a sense of loneliness, and emptiness and it was really painful to experience. So that’s why he’d call at all hours of the night, just so he could hear my voice and calm himself.

Honestly, I don’t know how much longer I can do this. I always knew this would be difficult, and I don’t really know how the army wives do it, but it really is the hardest thing. I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone. Sometimes I get weak, and wanna give up and other times, I feel I have enough will power to hold out til the end. Right now, I just wish he was here… Next to me. ❤

Geese!!! Canadians!! Hell Yeah!!

MOOD:  (Excited)
Quote Of The Day: “You know they would never fly over China, cuz they’d probably get eaten.” -reason A

So today I felt lazy. It’s technically my first real weekend off since the whole business trip thing. So I really haven’t had an off day in like 2 weeks, and plus it’s still that time of the month so I feel really cranky and lazy, but I had to get my ass up and go do my emissions test for Little Red. I should have got my ass up in the morning to do it, but I didn’t. After I had lunch, breakfast or whatever in the hell you wanna call it, I felt drowsy again. Ugh!! I hate having to run errands and I’m sleepy as hell.

I dragged my ass out in the heat and went to the place I always go. The emissions test guys knows me, cuz I’ve been there at least 3 times if not more and let me tell you… He creeps me out. O_O;; Every time I go there, he seems super friendly, but he always tells me how he doesn’t have cell phone or computer and have never owned one in his life. So I’m just like hum… I’m sure there are people like him out there, but that freaks me out that he insists on telling me that every time. >_> Good news is that Little Red passed with flying colors FINALLY!! I always get so damn stressed when she has to do emissions cuz for the past two times, she’s been giving me drama. I also need to get my oil changed, but that’s gonna have to wait til next week. -__-;;

When I got back, it was going on 3pm, and I decided to take a nap. I knew reason A had to go grocery shopping, so I wanted to get some shut eye before then. I didn’t wake up til about 7pm, and while normal families would be eating dinner, we were just then going out to buy the damn food. *FAILS* We stopped by 3 places as we always do when we’re together. First we always hit MegaMart, cuz their produce is mad cheap. Then we go to Great Wall Supermarket, so she can pick up Chinese stuffers, and then we end it with H-Mart cuz they have cheap and fresh produce too.

A while back, while visiting MegaMart, we found 2 wild geese just roaming around. It was odd since they’re always in a flock and these two were just by themselves. We figured they probably just wandered off or got tired and decided to do their own thing. I later went online to research it and I think they are Canadian Geese. They were an adorable couple and we saw them for a few weeks. Then finally when it occurred to us to bring some damn bread with us to feed them we didn’t see them anymore. *FAILS* Since we haven’t seen them for a long time, as I was driving through that area again, reason A asked me if I see the two. She said she missed them. Right when she said that, I looked and what did I see?? I saw two! So I thought it was them, but then I looked further and found it was a whole freakin’ army of them!! WHOA BABY!! We hit the jackpot!! Lol. I hurried and made a U turn and parked in the abandoned parking lot where they were grazing. It was like 20 of them!

They were so freakin’ friendly and timid and not scared of people at all!! I walked closer and they started walking closer to me too! Ahaha!! It was really awesome! Just as I was taking pics and filming this bunch, how about from afar I saw another bunch heading our way!! O’man!! Altogether it must have been over 30 of them! I’ve never been so close to geese before!! They didn’t make a fuss, or get startled or anything! They were just doing their thing!! Me and reason A were amazed! I got some great pics from the phone and I even took a good vid, but I’m too lazy to post up the video. Lol. So ya’ll will just have to enjoy me’s pics. Now I freakin’ love geese!! But don’t get me wrong, I still love emu. >_>

Rediscovered Old Love: QT Cappuccino in Caramel Macchiato + Backtracks DONE.

MOOD:  (Content)
Quote Of The Day: “Stop buying such a big cup when you know you have baby hands!” -Kenny

Thank you Lord I am finally caught up with all my blog posts both on this blog and my Chinese one!! Whew!! I really thought I wouldn’t be behind this time since I brought my laptop with me on the trip. I guess I thought I could just blog while I’m there like I do when I’m home, but I really had no time!! I barely squeezed in a video chat with Kenny. Couldn’t waste the opportunity to have some “us” time since I was in the privacy of my hotel room and didn’t have to worry about reason A busting in on me. O_O;; *GULPS*

So when I got back I had like a shit ton of blog posts to write and then since I was behind on last weeks, I didn’t do this week’s either and I had double the blog posts to write in two languages!! WTF!! Thank God I had a ton of pics so I could kind of use the pics to help guide me so I know what the hell happened on each day cuz my memory is shitty and I wouldn’t remember back that far. >_>

Since it’s been a rough week, and it’s that time of the month, (sorry TMI) I needed something both to keep me awake, and something warm cuz drinking cold shit now makes me cramp. I had to get gas at QT yesterday anyways, so I stopped and got some cappuccino. I hadn’t had QT cappuccino since like high school and had totally forgotten how yummy it was!! Honestly for some convenient store coffee, QT’s cappuccino is the shit!! Lol.

I got the medium sized one yesterday, which is like a 20oz I believe. I finished it before I got to work, and was kinda longing for some more. It was cheap, I think a little less than $1.50. So this morning I decided to up the size to the biggest one they had!! It was the 24oz cup!!

Look at this damn thing in my baby hands!! Lol. It felt like I was holding a Starbucks trenta sized cup although I know that’s even bigger. O_O;; Unfortunately, I didn’t finish it all. It was just too massive. I need them to make a 22oz cup or something. XD I almost finished it though. Basically cuz the bottom was pretty much cold and I don’t drink it after it goes cold. Booo!!! Its definitely a rediscovery of an old love. Lol.

Happy QiXi!! (Chinese Valentine’s Day)

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Quote Of The Day: “You are what makes up all of my happiness.” -Kenny

[Back Track Post]

Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day folks!! According to the Lunar calendar, today is July 7th, which is Chinese Valentine’s Day! It’s a long story, and you’re welcome to Google it cuz I sure as hell don’t have the energy to write about it, but basically it’s about this sheppard boy who fell in love with a heavenly girl. The girl was from the heavens and her Godmother, (literally) was against them being together, so she banished them. But their love was so strong that it could melt even the coldest of hearts, so once a year on July 7th, the Godmother allowed them to meet and be together. It’s a very romantic story if you know the whole thing. Sorry I had to do the Cliff Notes version. Lol!

Kenny, being now that he’s got a lot of time on his hands, actually did something romantic!! He sent me a Valentine’s Day card, and also sent a poem. Honestly, as shitty as my Chinese was, I had to struggle to understand it so he had to explain a couple of words to me. Ahaha! But in some way we both feel like this couple from the Chinese love story, cuz right now we’re only averaging seeing each other once a year too!! *FAILS* He wrote me a really sweet email about how I’m the love of his life, and I make him complete, etc. and then he attempted to draw something for me. Ahahah!! That was funny. He did a good job though. I think this is the most effort he’s made on a holiday. I have to give him some love for that. My Pookie Bear is making progress! Yays!! Lol.

Random Grocery Stuffers. >_>

MOOD:  (Ahahaha)
Quote Of The Day: “Those were the left overs from the Chinese Buffet!” -Intern Roger

[Back Track Post]

I went to the grocery store the other day, and had 2 discoveries. I didn’t buy a lot of stuff, cuz I know reason A wants to go grocery shopping over the weekend. About time she went out and got some fresh air too. She hasn’t been out the house in like 2 weeks!! *DIES* I went to H-Mart and this is what I bought.

So like dude!! I found super cheap watermelon!! The damn thing was only $0.77!! That’s a steal of a deal if you ask me. I should have grabbed some more.

While shopping around, I saw this and it cracked me up.

Please explain to me what Atlanta tofu is?? O_o I didn’t even know we specialized in that!! And all this time I thought we only had Peaches and peanuts in Georgia. Lol!! But the thing is, this isn’t made of soybean. It’s made of black beans. >_> So the tofu has this gray color. Blah!! It was quite funny though. Me and Kenny were both cracking up about it.