Smug Hubby Childhood Flashback!!

MOOD:  (All Smiles)
Quote Of The Day: “I was a cute baby wasn’t I? Even lookin’ back at my pictures now, I even wanna hug myself!!” -Kenny

I thought today would be going to the crappers cuz I’m still upset that I have to deal with and teach Intern Canton Cook. >_> I made a long post about Intern Bambi leaving on my other blog, and also made a vent post yesterday about how I’m not a fan of Intern Canton Cook. I guess Kenny knows I’ve been in a shitty mood, although I have spurts of happiness from watching the Olympics now and then.

I do have to say that he’s been trying more than usual to cheer me up these past few days. He’s been calling more often, he’s been more caring and I can tell he’s made a conscious effort to crack me up. That definitely gets him some kudos points there. Cuz he’s not the “sensitive” type to my mood swings. >_> Today, he busted out with a ton of his childhood pictures for my viewing pleasure!! Ahaha!! I was so freakin’ happy cuz he NEVER shows me pictures from when he was a kid. I started to wonder if he was just born a 30 year old. O__O;; He told me he hated taking pics, which I guess I can understand, but come to find out he was a rather smug person and didn’t mind the camera at all when was younger! Ahaha!! I always tease him about being smug but in reality he really is. >_> (*Shhhh… I never said that. XD)

That totally cheered me up cuz I saw some very candid photos and they were funny. He was a rather cute baby!! I would post up some pics, but he would most definitely kill me. >_> That did however, totally cheer me up, cuz he knows that’s something I’m always nagging him about and today he busted out with all his photos. I’m talkin’ about the ugly ones, embarrassing ones, ones when he was chubby, EVERYTHING! He even showed them to me from birth til recent years. How cute is that?? Lol.



2 Responses

  1. That is very cute!! That was a lot of effort and time that he spent to do all that. High five Kenny! Wow, as I’m thinking about the time…we’ve only got a few more days to go….Are you partying it up this weekend??

  2. Girl, I wish I could party it up, but I still have this eye infection thing going on. I have to go to the eye doc again for a check up this weekend. I think Min and I might go to Honey Pig. I’ve never been there. Min’s been trying to take me. =)

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