TGIF + Expensive Eye Drops + Work Drama Shit

MOOD:  (Bitchin’)
Quote Of The Day: “Thank God I only have to deal with the damn Bossman for one day.” -Juse

I have had a rough week. I haven’t slept in, in like forever. Because for the past 4 weekends, I’ve been running to the eye doctor!! This week was especially crucial cuz I had to run to the eye doc in the middle of the week! Ugh. So yesterday after work, I went to the eye doc’s office YES, AGAIN. So I could pick up the new Rx that Dr. Scheetz wrote out for me, that Dr. Wang didn’t write clear enough. Come to find out, she only wrote one of the two Rx that Dr. Wang originally prescribed to me, which was the Patanol. On Dr. Wang’s original Rx, she wrote “Patanol or Zaditor/Alaway” she told me to go with whatever’s cheaper.

Please tell me why I took Dr. Scheetz’s Rx for the Patanol to go get it filled at the pharmacy, and the damn thing AFTER my insurance was $110!!! For a bottle of eye drops?? REALLY??? The damn bottle was the size of about my pinky. I mean, unless I’m drippin’ liquid diamonds up in my eyeballs, WTF!! Even the pharmacy lady that was ringing me up looked at the price and said “Oh, I guess they forgot to enter in your health insurance info. Cuz these drops are like $110! Let me go check on it for you.” I about had a heart attack! So she checks and comes back and says, “Well, sorry but this is the price AFTER your insurance coverage, because before, it was $160.” *FAILS*

Now, I always thought I had a bomb diggity insurance coverage. But that was only cuz I’ve never used it in like 4 years. But really?? You only paid $50?? Come on Humana, get your shit together. You could have paid the $110 and left me the $50! I can deal with $50 eye drops but I CANNOT deal with $110 eye drops!! WTF! Ugh. So I asked the pharmacy dude what I should do. He agreed that these were expensive. He said I should try the Zaditor, which use to be by doctor Rx only but like Allegra, the patient thing has expired and now it’s available over the counter. I asked him if the less expensive eye drops would be comparable in strength to this expensive one, and he said it’s hard to say. He said but I should try that first, so I at least don’t have to spend $110 on some damn eye drops. >_<

I ended up getting the Zaditor, which was a much more reasonable $13. *Le Sigh* This damn eye infection definitely needs to get better before its time to go on my business!! I won’t be able to go refill my meds or go for checkups when I’m out of town. >_< Ugh!!

Now onto another thing that pissed me the hell off. Today while at lunch, Intern Bambi and Ms. Lee were talkin’ and they mentioned this dude that had just graduated from Georgia Tech with his PhD. Ms. Lee asked Bambi if he was single, and she said he was. I guess it was just a friend of hers. Please tell me why Ms. Lee and her nosey ass said “Good, introduce him to Sandy!” I looked at her like, “Bitch! If you don’t shut your damn mouth, I will shut that shit for you!!” She knows that I’ve been dating Kenny for almost 3 years, why the f@ck would you say some shit like that?? I actually took it very offensively!! Its one thing if you didn’t know I was in a steady relationship but you KNOW cuz your ass is ALWAYS nagging me to see pictures!! Why the f@ck would you say that?? I yelled out to her “Why the f@ck would you want to introduce him to me? I’m not even single.” So she was like “Are you married?” I said, no. Then she was like “Are you engaged?” I said, no. She said well you are technically single. I was like damn you!! You know what I mean!! So I said “I’m not looking. I don’t consider myself single. I’m in a committed relationship.” She said “Oh, well by my standards, you’re still single as long as you’re not married.” I was furious!! (In my head: Bitch, did you not just hear me say that my ass is NOT LOOKING??) Ugh!!! Nosey ass bitches drive me nuts!! Then her ass is going to try and turn it around (maybe cuz she saw that I was pissed) and said to Bambi, “Oh, she has a boyfriend. He’s pretty good. But he’s really far away. That must really suck.” I was like WHY THE F@CK ARE YOU SPREADING MY BUSINESS ALL AROUND LIKE THE BITCH THAT YOU ARE??? Ugh!!! Damn it that pissed me off! >_< I couldn’t tell who I wanted to punch more at that moment. Kenny or Ms. Lee.


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