Peepers Update + Super Annoyed Rx Situation

MOOD:  (Pissed)
Quote Of The Day: “Leave it up to the damn Chinese doctor to jack it all up for you. Yup.” -Kenny

For the most part this is going to be a pretty irate post! So Yesterday morning, I asked off from work so I could go to the eye docs YET AGAIN!! FML. My eyes are still having issues. Ugh!! So last Saturday when I went to the doctor’s, I saw Dr. Karim cuz my usual doc (Dr. Sheetz) was still on vacation. Dr. Karim said I have a ton of allergies but because I had been on 2 strong eye drops already, I need to let my eyes rest, so she told me for the next 3 days, just use artificial tears. I went and picked up some artificial tears, and she told me to come back and check in 3 days.

I got there yesterday, and Dr. Karim wasn’t there, it was Dr. Wang. Fine!! Can a damn girl just get one doc?? So Dr. Wang said that I do have a lot of allergies and prescribed some eye drops for me and told me I need to take an antihistamine like Allergra. The problem comes when she tells me that these eye drops are really expensive, and so on the actual Rx she also wrote down alternatives.

She told me to take my health insurance card, go to the Pharmacy and ask them which one of these is cheaper, and go with that. So I’m rushing home after work cuz I have to hit the pharmacy. Good thing Super Wally World pharmacy doesn’t close til 9pm. I think I have plenty of time right? That would be hell no, cuz it was pouring down rain in some places yesterday and traffic wash horrendous!! Auhhh! I usually get off 285 around 6pm if I’m on schedule. Please tell me why I didn’t get off 285 yesterday until like 6:40pm!! Then I’m rushing to the pharmacy and don’t really get there til like 7:30pm!! WTF!! I should be eating dinner by then! *FAILS*

The worst part is when I submitted my Rx. The lady told me that by law, they are not allowed to fill a Rx that has the word “or” in it. Not only did Dr. Wang put “or” for both types of eye drops but she also didn’t put a dosage on there!! OMG. All she put was how long I was suppose to take it for but the lady at the pharmacy said she needs an actually measurement, like a “mg” amount!! *FAILS* The pharmacy lady told me she could call the doc and check with her. Of course at that hour, no one was answering the phones at the doc’s office. She said I could leave the Rx with her and she’d call in the morning.

Well how about I called to check with the Pharmacy, to see if they had got in contact with Dr. Wang and they said she wouldn’t be back in the office til Sunday! Auhhh!! That means 5 days without meds?? So I started to panic. I called the doc’s office and asked them if another doc could help clarify this Rx. I knew it was a long shot cuz honestly, if I was a doc, I wouldn’t rewrite another doc’s Rx. You could be liable you know? But thank God Dr. Sheetz was back from vacation and of course she had seen me before and knows about my situation, so she went ahead and rewrote the Rx, the only thing was that I had to go and pick it up myself. So my ass has to run to the eye doc’s AND then run back to the pharmacy to get my prescription today! Auhhhhh!!! KILL.ME.NOW.XD

Since I was already at Super Wally World yesterday, I figured I’d go ahead and at least pick up the Allegra. I almost wished this wasn’t over the counter, cuz then I could put it on my insurance, but I guess its not that expensive. But how about as I was browsing online today, I found a bunch of coupons for Allegra. Damn. Should have waited til today to buy it. Lol.


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