One-Eyed Oranjuse… Say Arg!!! O_-

MOOD:  (Lost)
Quote Of The Day: “I can’t change her phone to Chinese, cuz I can’t read Chinese, so when she asks me to set up her phone, I’ll be more confused than her. *FAILS*” -Juse

I’m workin’ the one contact today like I said I would!! I wore two this morning of course, and then took the right one out when I got to work. I have to admit it is odd. But I’m not falling all over the place or bumping into shit like my co-workers swear I was gonna do. Lol! This isn’t my first time doing it actually. When I was still working at OMX about 5 years ago, I had an eye infection, not from allergies, but due to a bad batch of contaminated Bausch & Lomb contact solution. It was pretty bad that time, and almost scratched my cornea. I was on strong eye drops for a week, and during that week, I only wore one contact to work. Lol!! And now, come to think of it, I think it was my right eye too, just like this time! WTF!! My right eye has bad immunity! Lol. That whole week, my co-workers were scared to give me any cutting jobs or anything that required me to move stuff cuz they were afraid I’d hurt myself! >_<

I am however really excited cuz today reason A is suppose to get her new phone!! It’s the HTC Amaze. Adriana says she doesn’t like it. But I once considered getting this phone before the Samsung Galaxy S3 came out cuz it has a good camera on it. I think T-Mobile is doing away with this phone though. O_o Not really sure. But its DEFINITELY a huge improvement and upgrade from what she has now so I’m sure she won’t complain. Lol! She still has a traditional flip phone! *FAILS*

I can’t wait to play with it!! Then tomorrow my phone comes! Woohoo!! XDD


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