VCed With Le Hubby + Sleepy + Late Night Groceries

MOOD:  (Sleepy)
Quote Of The Day: “It smells like smoke and ass up in here. >_>” -Kenny

Kenny woke my ass up super early today so we could video chat. I do miss him, and I think I haven’t seen him in over a month. Actually, it might be longer. Last time we video chatted, the cousin was still here. >_< But I had a long day on Saturday, I have red peepers, and I am in serious need of sleep, so he definitely caught me at a bad time. But hey, these are definitely the first world problems of a LDR. *Le Sigh* So it was about 10am, and he called me, waking me up to video chat with him. I was really restless and tired, but I also felt bad for him cuz it means he had to sleep late knowing he had to get up early for work the next day. >_<

We chatted til about his 1am, which is my 1pm, and he went to bed. I got my ass up to eat something, and I was so sleepy, I honestly don’t even remember what I ate. O_o Must have been dumplings again. >_> Then I went back to bed. I slept til about 4pm, when reason A wakes me up and decides that we need to go grocery shopping. No! That means I have to put my contacts back in! Ugh!! We sat around and ate ice cream and watched some TV til it was about 8pm and then headed out. Something about me and reason A with night shopping. Lol.

We hit a lot of places, and when we got back, it was going on 10pm!! WTF!! Oh boy. Running late. So I was packing for work, and washing my hair while reason A cooked dinner, and by the time were were fed and done, it was midnight. -___-;; *FAILS*


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