Eye Doc Again + Pappadeaux With Le Homies!

MOOD:  (Excited)
Quote Of The Day: “I’m not going to name my kid after you Runa. I just wanna let you know that.” -Juse

Lots of stuff to talk about today!! Yays! I woke up at the crack of dawn again. I had a eye doc appointment YET AGAIN to see about my red peepers. My usual eye doc was on vacation so I got a new one. In general, both of them are saying that I have allergies. I’ve been on 2 meds, one week each and this was my 3rd follow up. Well how about doc says I’ve still got issues!! Nooo!! What is takin’ so damn long to cure it?? Ugh! It doesn’t itch or hurt it’s just red! This is so damn annoying. -__-;; Doc says that I’ve been on strong meds for too long, so she told me to let my eyes take a breather, and only use artificial tears for the next 3 days and see how it goes. Man!! I feel like the little lab rat that is testing out all these eye drops! The only good thing out of all this is that I have insurance, and super Amen for that cuz these drops are like 50 bucks a pop, and according to her, I still have to do another round of meds. >_<

After the doc’s, I swung by Target to pick up some eye drops, got a couple of things, and headed back home. Kenny was being mean to me. -__-;; I told him that I was considering only wearing one contact, since my right eye was the one with the issue mostly, and doc really said don’t wear contacts at all but I refuse to wear glasses in public. So I figured, since I don’t have to be doing any manual labor at work, I can just take out the contact in the right eye only. O_o I know, I know. I’ll strain my eyes, blah blah. And you know what he said?? He’s like “That’s a good idea!! My wife will be the one-eyed Oranjuse! You’ll be like a pirate!! Arg!!! XD” I swear to God I wanted to punch him in the balls at that moment. >_> Before heading out on my dinner date with Runa and Den, I squeezed in a quick nap. Cuz eyes need as much rest as I can get them. Poor peepers. >_<

I felt a little better after my nap, and went to pick up Runa. We made it in perfect time!! I however, didn’t know that it was going to be that packed! I knew that they were busy on weekends cuz everyone tells me that but Lord!! I couldn’t find a parking spot! *FAILS* Den got there same time we did, and it was great seeing her!! Our wait wasn’t that long. It was only 20 minutes, and flew by. We sat in the courtyard and chatted, although I was about to melt in the sun compared to Runa and Den cuz I’m not as heat tolerant. >_< It was pretty though! Lol.

According to the hostess, we did good cuz weekend waits are usually an hour or more. O_O;; We got seated, and then stared at the menu for a good 15 minutes! Lol. Although me and Den had cheated and looked at the menu already at home, we still didn’t know what we wanted. *FAILS* We did however end up with a ton of food!!

Den and I both had the Seafood Platter, and Runa had the Fried Crap Legs. We all had to take a to go box cuz it was so much food. I finally got to try fried oysters, which I must say were really good. We all got drinks, but I only took a sip of mine cuz I’m not much of a drinker, although I always claim that I am. Lol. And my drink was rather strong. Blah. It was pretty as hell though! Lol.

I think what we enjoyed most of all was sitting in the courtyard and chatting for a few hours after dinner. Sun had gone down some so it wasn’t so hot, and we found a nice shady place to sit, talk and take pics! It was so nice seeing Den after all these years. She still looks the same! I can’t believe I haven’t seen her in 11 years and she has 3 kids!! WHAT?? We caught up on each other’s lives, and chatted a little about some other old classmates of ours, and it was definitely a long overdue get together.

What I realized is that I don’t hang out with the same friends I use to during high school, and have become much closer to those whom I was just casual with then. How interesting. I am thankful for the having friends that I’ve known this long. And there is a very warm feeling of being able to not see someone for that long, and then picking up right where you left off. We had a ton of fun!! And vowed to do this more often! There’s no excuse for not hanging out more! Lol.


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