New Hit List Additions: ING + T-Mobile

MOOD:  (Heated)
Quote Of The Day: “Girl… Momma’s account under somebody else’s name.” -Adriana

Today has been a long and crucial day!! Ugh!! And just to think I started off in a pretty decent mood too! Damn you! Yesterday after work I had to make a trip to Target to pick up some contact solution. Although I’m not suppose to be wearing my contacts right now cuz of my eye infection but I’d be damned if I walk out in public in my thick ass glasses. >_> So I’m wearing them on the low low and if my eye doc found out she’d probably kill me. -___-;;

I was upset yesterday, cuz I had a run in with ING. A while back I signed up for a new account. It seemed like a good deal at the time, you get $50.00 for opening the new account, and there are no fees whatsoever. None for a minimum balance, none for overdraft, all seemed alright. But there was an issue with my account, and they froze it and so I had to call in to deal with it. Please tell me why they didn’t think I was me?? WTF is that?? I am me!! I gave you my social, I gave you my address, what the hell do you need from me? Do we need to damn webcam so you can see me? WTF would you compare it to though?? Ugh. So damn frustrating. I know one thing, if you need a secure bank, please get ING, cuz their security department also moonlights for the FBI apparently. >_>

To sum it up, not only did I not get my bonus, but because we kept arguing back and forth, I just ended up closing that account and calling it a day. Ugh!! Suntrust and Chase, please be nice to me cuz ING was an asshole!! >_< For those of you who are following, that was my “chicken” thing I was referring to from yesterday. Anyways… moving on.

Today, I got in a shit war with T-Mobile!! Auhhh!! I already hate their guts, why are you making it so difficult to stay with you guys?? I have been a loyal customer since like 2005!! That’s 7 years of service!! That’s gotta be worth something right? I’m already pissed cuz you guys don’t have any damn service in Mississippi which I have to go to twice a year for trade shows, but you also always have shitty phones, and now you’re making it difficult for me to upgrade?? Really now?

So me and reason A have two separate lines. Do not ask me why it never occurred to me 7 years ago to get in a family plan. I have no damn clue! So anyways, all this time, we’ve been paying separately. It really doesn’t make a difference I guess. With my calculations today, being on a family plan is not any cheaper than it is while we’re apart, but point is, if I add her onto my account with the “add a line” service, then she can get the HTC Amaze phone for free, because they are running a special online. About 2 years ago, they changed their format, and they don’t offer free phones anymore (unless you want a flip phone that is) At the most, you just get “upgrade discounts” towards a new phone, and if you’re doing good, you’ll ended paying less than $100 or so.

The problem I had was they won’t let me add reason A onto my account and keep her number too. Apparently you can’t transfer numbers when the number is already part of this company. I thought it would make life even easier, but it’s not doable. Why the hell can you not switch it?? Are you trying to tell me it is easier for an outside customer to come into T-Mobile with their outside number and keep it than it is for a T-Mobile customer to just switch plans?? WTF is that??? So I asked then what I have to do. Does my ass have to basically cancel her phone service, and then sign her up with a brand new phone number?? That’s super gay!! She has a number now! And isn’t the rule you are allowed to take numbers with you?? Why are we regressing in history?? How the hell is she with T-Mobile and still not allowed to keep her number?? That is the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard!! Its not like I’m switching companies and I’m forced to change numbers, it’s the same damn company! You’re just changing plans!! FML.

Of course I had to vent to Adriana about it, since she works for T-Mobile. She said she’ll look into it today. The promo is off by tomorrow so I have to know before tomorrow if I should order the phone for her online or not. I guess it honestly doesn’t matter if she gets a new number or not, one, we’ll only be doing this once. Two, she doesn’t call anyone but me, and its not like there’s a ton of folks she’s gotta notify. But still!! It’s the principle of the fact!

Damn it T-Mobile and ING, I hate your ass!! Take this!!!


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