Off Schedule + Dragging Day -__-;;

MOOD:  (Confused)
Quote Of The Day: “Even if you had to stay up all night to pee, you still have to get up for work.” -Kenny

Raise your hand if your ass does not wanna be at work today. (*My hand up high) That would be me. >_> This schedule is throwing me off!! Dear calendar, please make 4th of July either a Friday or a Monday please! Thanks! Ugh. -__-;; I think I drank too much water last night, so I kept  having to go run and tinkle and it took me forever to settle down and sleep. >_> TMI and I don’t give a damn. Muahaha. XD

Intern Bambi didn’t show up for work today. When Bossman found out, he said “I knew she was gonna call out today.” She called me in the morning to tell me she didn’t feel good and couldn’t make it in. I didn’t think nothing of it, if anything I thought maybe she had too much BBQ last night and is having a tummy ache. O_o But leave it up to Bossman to always be suspicious of someone out to get him. So he thinks that she just wants to make this a 4 day weekend, so she called out. Honestly I think that’s pretty unlikely, she’s way too innocent for that. I can tell by her work ethics in these past two months that’s she’s not the “milking” type. Ugh. I hate suspicious Bosspeoples. >_>

Although I wanted to slack off, I actually got a lot of work done today. Mainly cuz Bossman is leaving the country tomorrow, so there is a lot of paperwork I had to prepare for him on my end. Every department has to do it, and I do it for mine. Man, his paperwork is a hot mess! It took me all damn morning to get it somewhat sorted out. Ugh! But I can’t complain. This just means that I get 2 weeks of peace after he leaves. Thank you Lord Jesus!! Whew!!


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