Happy 4th Of July!

MOOD:  (Lazy)
Quote Of The Day: “She just quit right before she she started. That’s awesome.” -Intern Roger

Happy Independence Day folks! I hope everyone is having a happy and safe 4th. I got the day off, so I am super thankful for that. Although once again, I do have to mention how odd it is to have a day off in the middle of the week. O_o The whole day, I kept thinking it was Saturday, but that would mean I’d get the next day off too, which I don’t so it made me feel like it was Sunday, cuz I had work the next day. Ugh! Either way it’s weird. >_>

Last night we had mad storms. Norcross was actually alright, but I heard it got rough in other places like Henry County. Last night during dinner however, I did hear a lot of thunder and got scared. So I texted Kenny. I just said “Honey!! Its storming outside really bad! And its thundering hard! So scary! >_<” Then this morning, I woke up like every other hour looking at the time, cuz I wanted to talk to him before he went to bed, that meant I had to get my ass up earlier. Ugh. The frustrations of a LDR. >_> But how about he told me “I only got one text from you last night. You usually send two. The second one ending with goodnight. But I kept waiting last night and you never sent another one. It was depressing. -__-;;” I busted out laughing, because I thought that was cute that he was actually “looking” for my other text, and at the same time I was like WTF, does it even matter, cuz you never respond to my texts anyways!! *FAILS*. Well at least it lets me know he reads them. XD I usually send one telling him to have a good day at work, and a second one telling him goodnight and I’m going to bed. Guess he’s not prone to change like me. XD Lol. Does that mean he didn’t have a good day at work yesterday? O_o

I really wanted to go watch fireworks, but there’s no one to go with!! *FAILS* reason A refuses to go with me, cuz she’s scared of the heat, mosquitoes, and crowds. All of which come along with a trip to go see fireworks. -__-;; Guess I’ll never get to go see them with her. Ugh. I can’t wait til I get to watch them with Kenny though cuz he doesn’t mind the heat, and he’s use to a shit load of people! Lol. It’ll be the perfect outing for us. XD When I went to visit him last year in Canton, I just happened to have went back during China’s Independence Day celebration, so I got all excited cuz I thought that meant I’d get to watch fireworks with Kenny!! But come to find out they just did a laser show. -__-;; #celebrationfail Ugh. I’m determined to go watch some fireworks one of these damn days!! >_<

I did have some good grub though, so I hope everyone else did too! Now I get to sit here and complain about how my ass does not wanna go back to work tomorrow. Yays. -___-;;


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