Home Stretch + Delta Skymiles + Expo Hopping

MOOD:  (Poker Face)
Quote Of The Day: “You can’t keep saying Obama is my brother, the cops are gonna come get me. >_>” -Kenny

I don’t think there’s anything I hate more than the Bossman right at this particular moment. >_> Its amazing how much hatred I have for this man, yet I still get my ass up every morning to make my 2 pennies at his company. Hum… It says a lot about my character doesn’t it? Lol. Either I’m just very shady or I’m very weak. But either way, it’s obviously a FAIL. -__-;;

I am super thankful however that I don’t work tomorrow!! I’m trying wrap my mind around this “mid-week day off” phenom that is weirding me out. O_o But besides having to look forward to not working tomorrow, after I get back on Thursday, the weekend will be super close, so yays! Lol.

Last night, my Suntrust Delta Skymiles card arrived! So I need to gets to swiping right away! Lol. But I think I had a miscalculation with the miles that I “assumed” I would be accumulating on a regular basis. *FAILS* I totally forgot that half the bills are “echecks” and not really considered “credit card” transactions, so they will not accumulate mileage. Noooo!! Lol. But we’ll see. I’m sure I’ll rack up at least 1000 miles a month. Or so I think. >_>

So yesterday and today, the Bossman has been talkin’ to me and Intern Jon about going to another expo. He wants us to attend the Showtime Expo in High Point. But when we looked up Showtime, it had already passed for this season. It was back in June. The next one won’t be until December. So we started looking up similar expos, and found one in New York, and one in Los Angeles. Intern Jon started getting excited, thinking since our choices were limited, that he’d be ok with us attending one of those two instead. That would be a negative. Ugh. -__-;; Should have known he wouldn’t fly us out that far. *FAILS*

Our regular expo is in August which is right around the corner. But before this expo, he wants me and Intern Jon to make a trip to Mississippi to take care of some stuff. Uh, what?? Are you trying to tell me I have to travel even more than I already do?? Please just kill me now. -___-;; I don’t care. I told Intern Jon, if we do get shipped out for another business trip before the expo date kinda like a “pre-show” then my ass refuses to go during the weekend. I mean, I don’t get compensated with days off or monetary, then why would I waste my own weekend? We better be going during the work week, and if not then my ass is going on strike!! >_<


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