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Smug Hubby Childhood Flashback!!

MOOD:  (All Smiles)
Quote Of The Day: “I was a cute baby wasn’t I? Even lookin’ back at my pictures now, I even wanna hug myself!!” -Kenny

I thought today would be going to the crappers cuz I’m still upset that I have to deal with and teach Intern Canton Cook. >_> I made a long post about Intern Bambi leaving on my other blog, and also made a vent post yesterday about how I’m not a fan of Intern Canton Cook. I guess Kenny knows I’ve been in a shitty mood, although I have spurts of happiness from watching the Olympics now and then.

I do have to say that he’s been trying more than usual to cheer me up these past few days. He’s been calling more often, he’s been more caring and I can tell he’s made a conscious effort to crack me up. That definitely gets him some kudos points there. Cuz he’s not the “sensitive” type to my mood swings. >_> Today, he busted out with a ton of his childhood pictures for my viewing pleasure!! Ahaha!! I was so freakin’ happy cuz he NEVER shows me pictures from when he was a kid. I started to wonder if he was just born a 30 year old. O__O;; He told me he hated taking pics, which I guess I can understand, but come to find out he was a rather smug person and didn’t mind the camera at all when was younger! Ahaha!! I always tease him about being smug but in reality he really is. >_> (*Shhhh… I never said that. XD)

That totally cheered me up cuz I saw some very candid photos and they were funny. He was a rather cute baby!! I would post up some pics, but he would most definitely kill me. >_> That did however, totally cheer me up, cuz he knows that’s something I’m always nagging him about and today he busted out with all his photos. I’m talkin’ about the ugly ones, embarrassing ones, ones when he was chubby, EVERYTHING! He even showed them to me from birth til recent years. How cute is that?? Lol.


Everyone Meet Intern Canton Cook!

MOOD: (Blah)
Quote Of The Day: “She’s Cantonese? You mean like Canton Cook?” -Intern Roger

So today was my first day at work without Intern Bambi. Needless to say the mood in the office was pretty depressing. Not only that, I guess I did feel a little bit bad for the new girl cuz everyone was ignoring her on purpose, including me. At least I replied to her with a purposeful smile when she said “Hi” where as everyone else didn’t even bother to look up and just continued about their business like she was invisible. #awkwardmoment

Honestly I didn’t give a damn though. Although I knew it wasn’t her fault that Intern Bambi got fired, but at the same time she’s replacing her so I can’t help but let my human emotions get the best of me. I strongly dislike her. The fact that she’s got the poker face on with not a hint of smile only makes it worse. She just looks straight up mean. >_> She’s also like a foot or more taller than me. *GULPS* I feel like a midget and the girl wears heels on top of that. Um… I might have to bust out with some heels soon. >_>

What killed me is she had the audacity to say to me in the afternoon, “So you guys don’t talk around here?? It’s so boring!” Er… What the hell is you thinkin’ woman?? I just said, “Well its probably cuz we’re all busy.” >_> Ugh. I really don’t like her. She’s not friendly. Even though I’m mean, I still want her to be friendly, if that makes any sense. O_o

So the reason We have dubbed her as Intern Canton Cook is cuz She’s Cantonese. Or so I heard. I haven’t made any small talk with her so I don’t really know. There is a really popular Cantonese restaurant that Bossman loves to go to, and its called “Canton Cook”, they of course; do Cantonese cuisine. Duh!! So that’s why she’s been dubbed “Canton Cook”. Lol!! Anyways, so she’s apparently coming on the business trip with me. FML. -___-;;

Genocide Of The Good And Capable

MOOD:  (Furious)
Quote Of The Day: “Sometimes there’s nothing you can do… Sometimes they don’t have enough to fight with.” -Tamora Pierce

Yesterday for the most part, I made a happy post. One, because I posted my blog entry before the whole ordeal happened. Secondly, I just was not in the mood to talk about it cuz I was still very upset and distraught, but reality is, it has already happened and there’s nothing I can do to change that. So as I had mentioned multiple times, Bossman which I really should be calling Asshole right about now… >_> doesn’t like my Intern Bambi the least bit.

Not only does he not like her, he basically just can’t stand the sight of her. I know its not cuz of her abilities and if he says it is then he’s lying. Reality is that he’s a huge pervert and anyone he can’t get his damn hands on has to go. Ugh!! He dislikes her for the stupidest reasons like she’s quiet and doesn’t talk loud enough. Well not everyone yells at the top of their lungs like you ok!!?? Some of us have home training! Son of a bitch! Ugh!!

I knew in advance that he was gonna fire her cuz her 3 months is almost up. He didn’t say anything all day yesterday and although I heard through the grape vine that yesterday was going to be her last day, I kinda just pretended like it was a regular day. It was very unbearable to look at her smiling and having a great day knowing that it’s about to get fucked up. >_<

Around 4pm, he called her into his office. I knew it was coming. My heart sunk. I overheard a little bit of the convo and he basically told her she’s not suitable for this job and she doesn’t have the skill set he’s looking for, blah, blah. Which is a damn lie cuz as many interns as I have gone through, I can honestly says she has tried the hardest and is most professional and dedicated! In a whole 3 months, I have NEVER seen her browse any other website other than the company site, and has never read/looked at anything on the computer other than her work email!! WTF?? Who does that this day in age?? NO FUCKING ONE!!!

Fine, so 15 minutes later, she comes out. I hurry and lower my head pretending to work and Intern Bambi runs up to me and whispers really loudly to me “Sandy!! I’m fired!!” I honestly do not recall what kind of expression I had on my face, but I can attest to the fact that it was an ugly one. I had to pretend like I didn’t know and I said “What?? Why??” and she said “Because he doesn’t think I’m good enough for the job…” I made a frown face to her and made a crying gesture, and she said “Aww… Its ok…” I felt SOOOO bad for her. I really didn’t want her believing that crap he just told her!! None of it is true! Its just excuses to get rid of her so the new girl can come! The prettier, taller, single one!! Auhhhh!!! My poor Bambi!!

After that, Bossman went to Ms. Lee; our accountant lady and asked her to make a check out for her salary. Ms. Lee was super shocked, and totally caught off guard. As Intern Bambi was cleaning up her desk, Ms. Lee comes out her office, wiping away tears, with swollen eyes. So apparent that she was just wailing. She said “You don’t have to stay til we get off. Go ahead and leave whenever you’re ready.” Both me and Ms. Lee knew it was cuz we couldn’t bear to bid an official goodbye after work. But you guys know what Bambi said?? She said “No, its ok. I am scheduled to work til 5pm, so I’ll stay til 5pm.” WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU GO TO FIND AN EMPLOYEE LIKE THIS?? Even after she just got fired, she’s still trying to be professional about it!! I couldn’t effin’ believe it! It only made me feel worse, and I was so upset, I couldn’t contain myself and I started crying too.

Poor Bambi was so strong until then. I think the sight of Ms. Lee and me crying, forced out her tears as well. Pretty soon the whole office was balling!! We couldn’t help it!! It was just so sad! We felt it was unfair, in matter of fact, it was fucking blind!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?? What was more appalling was that this son of a bitch was on the phone chatting it up with a friend of his or something while the rest of the office was crying up a storm! Are you fucking heartless?? Even if you have no regret for letting such a good employee go, have you no damn shame?? How can you laugh when you see the mood of the office?? Ugh!!!! If I murder anyone in my lifetime, it will be because for a split second, I thought I saw a glimpse of Bossman in them. You can quote me on that shit…

Juse Evaluation: Viber (Android App)

MOOD:  (Yays)
Quote Of The Day: “If you send me another high res pic of your mushroom, then I won’t be able to read the news anymore cuz you ate up all my data. >_>” -Kenny

Today we’re gonna talk about a new discovery of mine. As you all know, I recently went from a Blackberry to an Android. Although I’m late as shit to jump on this bandwagon, but now I’m on it full force. Lol! You can’t blame me, I was a Blackberry girl for almost 5 years. Lol. So anyways. I can’t rave about all the new apps I’ve discovered that have made my life so much easier, but today we’re gonna talk about one me and Kenny discovered today called Viber. This will technically be a review, but without my usually “4 P” format.

So Viber is actually pretty popular, and has been around for a while. I recently discovered it on Google Play (This is also available for iPhone), and downloaded it. It basically is a free way to call and text anyone who also has Viber on their phone. From what I can understand it is to any country, any person as long as there is wifi/internet connection and they have this app. When you download it, it will automatically detect who has Viber on their phones already and lists those first. It also allows you to invite others via email or text to join you on Viber. You can call directly through the app without dialing any code or digits or weird combos of something, just simply hit call through the contact list in the app. Simple as that. The app is super duper easy to navigate, and its basically fool proof. There’s only 5 menu pages.

The “Messages” page, is where you can text one person or a group of people like a chat window. This will do both sms and mms which means text or photo messages. Me and Kenny tested it out today, as you can see. I sent him a pic, and he got it just fine. We were chatting online and on text in this app at the same time, and the response time was like regular text messaging. There was no delay.

The “Recents” tab is basically your call log. It will show both Viber and non-Viber calls. It will be indicated by the different color arrows. Viber is purple, so that means it was placed through Viber. All other calls show up green in my situation, missed or ignored calls show up red.

The “Contacts” tab is basically just that. It lists the contacts that are available to you via Viber. You can also select to let all your phonebook contacts to show, but by default, only Viber ones show. The “Keypad” tab is like duh!! It’s the damn keypad. Lol.

The “More” tab, as you can see is just extra stuff. Software info, and settings which you can adjust the wifi, notification, etc. You can also do your invites via this tab, and deactivate your account. So as you can see, it’s very easy to navigate! Lets talk about what I like and don’t like about this app.

I’m Diggin’…
What I do like about the app, of course is the concept. I love how you can use this app to text and call anyone around the world for free. WTF!! Phone companies must hate this app!! Lol. This is ESPECIALLY useful for those with family or friends overseas. Of course, Kenny is like 16000 miles away from me, so we definitely fall in this category. International phone calls can be super expensive!! Before me and Kenny’s phone bills would be through the roof!! We’re talkin’ hundreds of dollars every month! Then we decided to bust out with phone cards. But I’ve always hated phone cards for 2 reasons, even if they’re really cheap. (Sometimes almost only $0.01 per minute). One, I hate how you have to dial all those digits. The phone card I use to call Kenny is from DianHua China, and its really inexpensive at $8.98 a month for 1000 minutes. This doesn’t include texting though, only minutes. But there’s like 3 sets of numbers I have to dial to make a call. The access number, the customer code, and then the phone number. Ugh!! Although I have it saved in my phone to avoid 2 sets of numbers, I still have to dial his number and it’s a huge hassle. With this app, you can just dial straight from the contacts, and just hit call on their name like if you were calling local. Second, is I hate that when you make a call with a phone card, sometimes it doesn’t come up your number or name on the other person’s phone. Like when I call Kenny, with the phone card, sometimes it’ll show up an odd number and sometimes it’ll show up as unknown. He misses the call sometimes cuz he doesn’t know who it is so he doesn’t pick up. When I call a second time, he’ll assume its me. That is so damn frustrating. I talked to T-Mobile about it once and they told me its cuz the call is “re-routed” through so many loops instead of the usual just straight calling, so sometimes their networks can’t “grab” the correct number before the other person picks up. *LE SIGH* But with this app, you and the other person will ALWAYS see who is calling you because they must be a Viber user and in your contacts. Hell yeah! Another thing  I like about this is it has multilingual support. I have the English version and Kenny downloaded the Chinese version and they work seamlessly. XD I suggest anyone who has a smartphone and relatives or friends overseas that needs to make international calls download this app!! Two thumbs up from Juse! Lol.

What I’m Not Diggin’…
So onto the things I don’t too much care for with this app. Since it is basically VOP, that means you will experience some issues. For example, delay in transmission, static or echoing. I did experience a tiny tiny bit of delay in transmission but it was almost unnoticeable. I also heard a significant amount of echoing which was a little annoying. But when I took the call, I was in the restroom, so I’m sure that didn’t help the situation any. But with that said, I have to admit, of all the VOP softwares I’ve used, this is the best one so far. I used Skype before, and it was such crap!! The delay was horrible, and it was super choppy and we found ourselves repeating every other sentence we said. Ugh!! In comparison to that, the clarity of Viber is impeccable. Viber prides itself on their call quality, as it is mentioned in many of their reviews and descriptions. Another thing I don’t like is how there is no further “detailed” call log. When you click on a person’s name in the call log, instead of giving you info on the last call you made, in regards to duration of the call, etc, it just dials that person’s number, and I have to hurry and hit cancel. I wish it would give you details about the call when you view it in the call log. Other than that and the echoing, I don’t really have any complaints!! So compared to the pros, this is definitely doable!!


F@ck U Bossman For Screwing Over My Bambi!! >_<

MOOD:  (Pissed Beyond Belief)
Quote Of The Day: “I wanna slip constipation medicine in his coffee so that he’ll get the runs and poops so much that he passes out in the bathroom, and by the time we find him, he’ll be too dehydrated to save, and he’ll just be one big ass turd!” -Juse

Well I was gonna post something on a much happier note, but looks like I can’t cuz I just got news that my Intern Bambi is going to get fired tomorrow!! OMFG. I don’t know if I’m sad or pissed or just plain upset!! I can’t believe he’s doing this shit!! I mentioned the other day that I feel that she’s not gonna be able to stay long, but it still comes so sudden. The new girl starts Monday and I know he’s making room for her. But he’s too f@ckin’ chicken to dismiss her himself so he’s gonna have the VP Bill do it. Ugh!! How the hell you do f@cked up shit and you don’t even have the balls to carry it out yourself? Bastard!! God I hate his guts! Why didn’t he just choke on some damn Pho when he went to Vietnam!!?

I already hate the new girl and I haven’t even worked with her yet. She didn’t leave a good first impression on me when she came in for her interview and I hate her even more for taking Intern Bambi’s place!! Believe you me that I will be ignoring her. Call it immature or whatever the hell you wanna call it but you can look at it from two perspectives. One, I don’t want to befriend her, because she’s takin’ Bambi’s place. I love Bambi, think she’s a great worker, and an overall wonderful person. I’m sad she is leaving under these conditions and is not being evaluated on her actual abilities and job performance. That’s what happens when you’re employed by a f@cked up company. She should sue him for every penny he’s worth!! Ugh!! Two, you can also see it as I don’t want to befriend the new girl for my own sake. I can’t take it emotionally anymore. Befriending every intern that comes in and they all end up getting fired or leaving. I get attached to people very easily and I’m so sad every time one of them leaves. Its really upsetting and depressing and I just don’t wanna put myself through that again. I’ll try to avoid it at all cost, meaning from now on, I will be cordial with folks. Very cordial.

Ever since I heard the news, which is around lunch time, I’ve been avoiding talking to her. I don’t wanna look her in the face, because I’m afraid I’ll cry. I remember the last time I felt this strongly over an intern leaving, it was Intern Jojo. She was the only girl intern that I got along with and we were very close. I knew about her leaving in advanced as well and I even told her. She was the stronger one and told me when that moment comes to just get off work like normal and not think into it. I just can’t keep investing myself in these situations. It’s way too upsetting. >___<

Slackin’ Cuz I Can + McMuffin + Roasted Tea + Random Shrooms

MOOD:  (Lovin’ It)
Quote Of The Day: “Squirrels know which ones are poisonous cuz that’s what they do for a living!!” -Juse

Bossman isn’t here today. So that means I got to slack off all day and you best to believe that my ass is maximizing this shit! Lol. Intern Bambi had to take the afternoon off again. This is her second time. She has to go see a doc about her tummy ache. They’re thinking she might have ulcers. Poor thing. She looks about 70lbs soaking wet. I hope she gets well soon. I know her days are ticking and it makes me so sad, she’s a really good worker. *SIGH*

In other news, I have a bunch of random pics to share, so let’s get started. Breakfast this morning was a Sausage Egg McMuffin from McDonalds. This time they actually gave me the sausage. I remember last time I ordered breakfast from them, they only gave me the damn egg. FML. -__-;;

You might ask what the point of taking a pic of this is, but dude!! I don’t know what resolution your screen is, but can you look at this damn pic!! The quality is insane!! And it’s from my phone!! Yes. Now that’s a damn good camera phone! I think I can almost say goodbye to my BF cam!! This is not true, cuz the BF cam still takes better self-cameras. >_>

I decided to try out some new teas. Although I’ve been drinkin’ Coke for the past couple of days cuz its so damn cheap at QT and I am there to pump gas, but for the most part I drink tea at work. It doesn’t keep me awake by any means, but reason A swears by it and told me I need to drink it, cuz its got antioxidants and stuffers. >_>

I’ve never had roasted green tea before and I must say, it’s nasty. Lol!! Some people like it. Intern Bambi said she actually doesn’t mind it, but most sushi places serve the unroasted kind and that’s what I’ve been accustomed to. The roasted kind has a weird after taste. You can definitely tell it’s been roasted, and I just don’t like it.

Yesterday when I got home, reason A told me we have a nice patch of mushrooms growing outside!! I was like, I wanna see!! So I get outside, and guess what?? A damn squirrel had pulled up 2 of the mushrooms!! Noooo!! reason A said it was such a cute little patch and he destroyed it!! Those damn squirrels!! What pissed me off even more is that he didn’t even eat it!! He just threw it aside! Then why the hell did you pull it up you asshole?? Ugh!! Totally jacked up my patch!!

Now there’s only 2 lonely mushrooms. Poor things. But Amen for Instagram filters. Lol. Aren’t they cute?? The big one is bigger than the size of my hand! reason A said there are also really red ones in the backyard, which I didn’t get to take a pic of yesterday. I’ll see if I can get it today. Those are poisonous. I’m almost sure of it, cuz most poisonous things in the wild have really bright and vivid colors. Second reason I know is cuz the squirrels haven’t touched them. Since they live in the wild, they know better than anyone what they shouldn’t be eating. Such a shame.

One last thing. Juse is now on Instagram. Username none other than “Oranjuse”. Please follow me. Lol.

Juse Winning + Random Foods + Turtle Opportunity Lost

MOOD:  (Winning)
Quote Of The Day: “Asking is not his thing… He’s all knowing. Like Morgan Freeman, except he ain’t black.” -Juse

I am a happy camper today!! I vented yesterday that I didn’t wanna share a room with the “Soon To Be New Intern Girl” that’s coming next week. We’re gonna be going on our business trip from Aug. 13th through the 19th. That’s is too many damn days to be sleeping in the same room with a stranger!! We are not close like that! There are friends that I wouldn’t even share a damn room with, much less a stranger. >_< I don’t know if you have crazy ass sleeping patterns or do weird shit in the shower!! But I don’t wanna be any part of that. Ugh!!

Well the good news is, after standing my ground at the meeting yesterday and voicing that I refuse to share a room with the new girl, today I heard Bossman tell Intern Jon to book a “separate” room for the new girl. Muahahaha. #winning. The problem was that there’s no rooms left really. They only have rooms available from Aug. 17th or later. Mostly cuz folks who attend this trade show book their hotels a whole season if not a year in advance. Bossman told Intern Jon to book my room about a week or 2 weeks ago, and they still had a single. But now its almost impossible to find another single! So either she’ isn’t going, is only going for the last couple of days only, or is going to sleep in the hotel lobby. All of which I give not a damn about. XD

I guess you could say I’m rather mean to her, especially considering I haven’t even gotten to know the girl yet. But I don’t really care. I hate female co-workers. I always hate them when they first come in. Intern Jojo and Intern Bambi are the only exceptions. Females are just so full of damn drama, and I hate gossipers. Blah.

In other news, when Bossman comes back from Asia, we always get random Asian food. Usually, it’s either candy or pastry of some sort. I am not a fan of either. But I have to admit these were rather good.

Yesterday when I got off work, reason A told me that while cleaning out the back yard, she found a freakin’ turtle!! OMFG!! I F@CKING LOVE TURTLES!! So I was like, OMFG!! Did you bring it in?? She said no cuz she didn’t know if it was poisonous cuz its wild! WTF!!!! I was like nooooo!!! How could you tell me about it but didn’t bring it in!! I want to adopt the freakin’ turtle!! Auhhh!! I told her there’s no such thing as a poisonous turtle!! Honestly I don’t know that there aren’t, but at the moment, it just made sense. >_> She said it was about the size of her hand. Then she proceeded to stand there and describe how pretty it was!! OMG!! Why?? Why are you doing this to me?? Then we had this convo:

Me: You should have at least took a picture of it!!
reason A: I couldn’t! I wouldn’t have had time to grab the camera. He would have ran off.
reason A: Damn, that’s true… -___-;;


I Don’t Know You, But I Think I Hate You…

MOOD:  (Pissed)
Quote Of The Day: “No. I refuse to share a room with her.” -Juse

See, why is the Bossman trying to start my week off all wrong? This is why his ass needs to stay out of the country. My life is much more peaceful that way. Ugh!! So lets do a recap of what’s been happening. On August 7th, Intern Bambi will reach her 3 month internship. Either we keep her, and she becomes a full time employee or we let her go. I know Bossman’s plans are to let her go. Bossman came back from his business trip last Thursday, and came into work Friday. Friday we also had a new intern girl show up. Her name is Jenny. She’s 25 years old, lookin’ like she’s pushing 45. But let’s not judge. >_> The guys of the company, especially my intern boys ran away from her like when you put a drop of Dawn in a bowl of grease, and the grease just disburses. Lol!

I don’t have to worry too much about her. I heard through the grapevine that she’s a daughter of a friend of Bossman’s. So she got in with “connections” in that case, I’m not too worried about her. She’ll apparently stay for however long she feels like it, and from my understanding, she’s just learning the industry from different perspectives, cuz her dad also is in the marketing field. I don’t have to worry too much about training her or anything, she’ll just kinda “hang out” I guess.

At the end of the month, I’ll get YET ANOTHER intern girl. Don’t know what her name is. I already hate her before she even starts, cuz I know she’s here to take Intern Bambi’s place. I saw her when she came in to interview and all I remember is that she’s tall, and very loud. Ugh. I’m already a loud mofo, and she’s louder than me. *DIES*

Today while having a meeting, Bossman actually said that she’s coming with me and Intern Jon to the business trip!! What?? Ok, so she comes, whatever. Then he told Intern Jon to change my hotel room from a single to a double so me and this “new girl” can share a room. NOOOOO!!! I was all excited that this time they put me in a single so that I wouldn’t have a chance to have to share a room regardless of who comes. And honestly I didn’t care if we had someone else come, I just didn’t wanna share a room with her!! Auhhhh!!! Just imagine, I would have only known her for a week or so at that point. I feel uncomfortable basically sharing a room with a stranger! WTF!!! Even if it was Intern Bambi that I had to share a room with I’d be kool with it cuz I like her and I’ve known her for 3 months. But some random girl who I don’t even know if we’ll actually end up being co-workers with in a room with me?? WHAT THE F@CK IS YA’LL THINKIN’??

I flat out said it out loud in the meeting that I’m not rooming with her. Intern Jon looked up at me like O_O;; I don’t give a shit if you’re looking at me or not. I don’t wanna room with a stranger! I know they’re only doing this to save money. If your ass wants to save money then how about you don’t bring her at all?? That way you can save her lunch money too!! Assholes! >_< I swear to God I want to stab this old man in his groin. Ugh!!

Lotemax At A Steal Of A Deal!!

MOOD:  (Self Pity)
Quote Of The Day: “That shit better work quick…” -Tanya

So today I had to go back to the pharmacy to pick up my second eye drops. Last time, I picked up the Allegra as my antihistamine, then the next day I went back to pick up the Zaditor cuz the Pantanol was too expensive, and then today I went back to pick up my Lotemax. Dr. Wang said either Lotemax or Alrex. I called the pharmacy to see if it was ready to pick up. I couldn’t get it the same day I got the Zaditor because they had a question about the dosage since Dr. Wang didn’t specify. They told me it was ready to pick up, and it would be the Lotemax. I asked them if they checked the Alrex for me, and they said that they did and ended up filling my Rx for Lotemax instead because Lotemax was $55 after my insurance, and the Alrex was $140 after my insurance. *HOLY MOTHER OF EYE DROPS* That is mad expensive!! WTF!!

I went to pick up my Lotemax and come to find out, the original price of these without insurance was $142.95!! So I guess I was really thankful about only having to pay $55 of that. Why the fuck couldn’t they pay that for my Pantanol. >_> FML. Now I’m on 3 strong meds!! My damn eyes better be cured for effin’ life after all this!! Ugh!!! >_<


MOOD:  (Knocked Out)
Quote Of The Day: “Please don’t fall on me…” -Juse

I didn’t get to sleep in to long cuz I woke up early to talk to Kenny. Sometimes I gotta wonder how much easier this would all be if he was in town. *SIGH* I did however manage to squeeze in a damn good nap. I was so knocked out that it started to storm just as I was about to fall asleep, and I didn’t even give a damn! I’m usually deathly afraid of thunder, and although it was mad thundering outside, all I remember is acknowledging it was storming, and then drifting to sleep. The funny part came when it had stormed so bad, that a tree in my backyard was falling!!! I actually heard it as it was giving way! Cuz my back window faces the backyard. I heard the crack of the tree trunk, and then it slowly creaking as it was falling. I was still sleeping, and remembered saying to myself “Please don’t fall on me…” And then falling back asleep! Ahaha! That’s when you know you’re damn tired. You don’t even move when a tree is falling! WTF! That nap was long overdue. Ugh.