Juse’s New Endeavors Pt. 1: New Phone

MOOD: (Oh boy)
Quote Of The Day: “You owe me Ming’s! You took some other chick there. =(” -Mikey

Man, we were mad busy at work today! Ok, anyways. So not only was I busy with work, but I was also busy with personal stuff. Let’s update everyone on new happenings in Juse’s life. >_> Ahem…

So I’ve started 2 new endeavors. It’ll take 2 days to talk about both. First, my contract with T-Mobile will be up on August 17. Thank you Lord Jesus!! That means I am eligible for a full upgrade on a new phone. But bad news is that T-Mobile no longer has free phones. I almost switched to another company because of this. -___-;; How you gonna have shitty service and no free phones?? *FAILS*

My biggest complaint with T-Mobile has got to be their service areas. I thought when AT&T was trying to eat them, that if it went though it would mean that we’d get more service areas, even if that meant having to pay a little more, but that fell through. Booo!!! When I have to go on business trips to Mississippi, I never have service there!! No phone service for a freakin’ week?? Kill me now. >_< All my other co-workers have AT&T so they’re fine. AT&T and Verizon gets the best service in Mississippi. But I guess I can’t complain because when we go to North Carolina for our trade shows, my phone is the only one working cuz T-Mobile has service in NC, but AT&T has a weak signal. Ahahaha!

Anyways, so after 2 long years of this love hate relationship with my Blackberry Curve, its finally time to say goodbye. It really is painful to have to see my query keyboard go, cuz I text mighty fast with it. But everything and everything is touch screen now, so I have to succumb to reality. Actually, I really am sick and tired of a small screen. But texting is going to be a pain in my ass with the touch screen cuz I have chubby fingers, and the whole autocorrect issue; Ahaha. I didn’t have that problem really with the Blackberry since I spelled everything out. XD

Anyways, I’ve been looking at phones for the past year, getting ready for this upgrade. It really makes me bleed inside to know I have to cough up that much money for a phone. And to top it off, for the most part, T-Mobile phones suck hairy monkey’s balls. >_> But a couple of days ago, they finally released something relevant! Which is the Samsung Galaxy S3. Everybody, can I get an amen for that!! But the price even after my full upgrade discount is still $329.99. Everybody, can I get an F U for that!! I’ve never spent more than $200 on a phone!! What kind of sorcery is this?? O_o But with that said, Runa recently told me she paid $400 for her iPhone, after discount. >_> So it made me feel a whole lot better. Lol. Lets take a look at my soon to be new baby. XD

So isn’t it gorgeous?? The downfalls are of course, the price, and also the size. It’s fairly large. Ok, it’s very large. It has a 4.8” screen. Ahaha. Might I remind everyone that I have small hands. You know those old Burger King commercials about the dude with the super small hands eating a Whopper? Yeah. Those are totally my hands. Kenny always teases me about how small my hands are. Literally he can put my whole fist in his hand and enclose it. *FAILS*

Anyways, so this will literally look like I’m holding up a tablet to my ear when I take calls. Ahahaha!! But hey! You have to drool over the big screen! I know a lot of people don’t think this phone is all that great, especially for the price, because Sprint offers the exact same phone for only $199.99. -__-;; Is it just me or that’s a huge difference? >_> Technically T-Mobile has the cheaper plans in the long run, but we’ll really have to see about that. I might have to do more research on that. O_o Last time I checked they still were, cuz I really wanted to switch, AT&T and Verizon plans were expensive so I stayed. -__-;; Right now, I pay $105 on average. Which might sound expensive for one person, but I’m use to it now. It use to be like $300. O__O;; I don’t know. Maybe I’m just too lazy to switch. Ugh!

Anyways; I think it’s the best phone T-Mobile has to offer at the moment, although it is mad expensive, so therefore I’m gonna get it. >_> So this year for my birthday, since its kinda sorta around the corner, I’m asking people not to get me gifts, but donate to my “Juse Needs A New Celly” fund. Ahaha! Yup. No amount is too small folks! It’s such an expensive phone, ugh. I really hate having to spend this much on a phone. -___-;; I’m taking donations starting now!! XD

But to help persuade everyone and myself on its value, I’ve thought about it like this… My iPod is dead. To replace it with something comparable on the market now, it would be about $200 if not more. I also don’t own a GPS, since I never go anywhere I guess it doesn’t matter, but it would be nice to have one. >_> Of course, phone is about on its death bed. I’ve always wanted the convenience of being able to just whip out the phone and take a quick pic, rather than bust out with the camera, because in some instances, it is awkward and embarrassing, making me look like a Japanese tourist. I also like making vlogs or videos on occasion like any other person, such as when you’re on vacation or such. Right now, I use the BF cam for videos, but it doesn’t do full HD, it does 720p I believe. With all this said, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be the phone, the video camera, the digital camera, the GPS, AND the mp3 player. BAM!! That’s less than $100 per item. I think in that sense, it’s easier to digest. >_>


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