Draw Something Madness + Bonnie & Clyde Moment

MOOD: (Gahhh!)
Quote Of The Day: “I love cats. But they breath be stank.” -Kenny

Oh man today is a rough day. If I wasn’t on my womanly duties then my ass would be downing ice coffee like its freakin’ hard liquor right now at work. I think I slept well last night. But I was even more grumpy getting out of bed this morning. If I sleep well, but didn’t sleep “long” enough, I think I end up in a more foul mood than if I didn’t sleep at all. >_> Kenny called late this morning, which means that my morning routine was super lopsided. >_< I was in a rush and in a bad mood. I hung up on him and said I don’t have time to chit-chat since I’m running late, and technically it’s his fault. #hubbyfail

The whole time driving to work, I’m in a bad mood. I think I need some damn sugar or something. O_o I read somewhere online that those who eat sweets, are actually sweeter! Isn’t that crazy?? Does that mean I need to eat more sweets cuz I feel like bitchin’?? The claws were definitely out today. Kenny sensing that he was about or already had ticked me off this morning, hoped online super early. We chatted for a long time. He told me he could sense that I wasn’t in such a great mood. I was like how can you tell?? He said “Of course I can tell!! I’m the hubby!” Lol. Maybe it was cuz I wasn’t cracking as many jokes as I usually do, which is a strong indicator of my mood.

I was trying very very hard to think positive and not randomly find an excuse to argue with Kenny. When I’m in a bad mood, I will usually look for things to argue about. Not sure if it’s a womanly thing, or just a me thing. @___@;; Kenny senses when it’s about to happen and usually tries his best to avoid these types of confrontations by just going to bed early, watching what he says, or trying to crack jokes. Most of the time it doesn’t work, but I really have been trying hard to make a change and not be so temperamental all the time. I know I can be a pain in the ass sometimes. -___-;; Agree with that and you die. >_>

He did manage to cheer me up a little. Bless his heart, he was trying so hard. So we did another around of Draw Something! I love when we do this even though my drawing skills suck! But of course he cheated, and mostly just wrote stuff. But I like looking at his handwriting. I made a collage of what he wrote. This is all him, since mine is way too hideous to post up. >_<

Mostly it just says “I love you”, “Sandy is my wifey”, and comments about me being a kid. Lol!! The funny part is his duck face! It’s really a smiley face with puckered up lips, but they’re like super thick! Lol. I told him it totally looks like him cuz he’s got thick lips like that! *FAILS* I thought it was cute.

I told him about me slacking off today cuz Bossman wasn’t here. And we had this little convo:

Kenny: I’ll support you in whatever you do!
Me: Really?? Like whatever I do?
Kenny: Yup.
Me: So if I rob a bank, you’ll come to jail and visit me and stuff?
Kenny: I’ll come visit you with white cut chicken!!
Me: Lol!! I guess that’s pretty thoughtful.
Kenny: Just kidding. Of course I’d be right there robbing it with you!!
Me: Aww… That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard! Kinda redneck though. Lol
Kenny: My only question is, can we get a couple’s cell? O_o

We are so retarded. Needless to say that gave me a laugh and made my day way more bearable. Though I’m just glad it’s over. Whew!!


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