Juse DIY Project: Revamped Post-It Notes!

MOOD: (Creatin’ Shit)
Quote Of The Day: “So this is what you do with your time at work? >_>” -reason A

Although I was slacking off most of last week, I have managed to get inspired, and do some DIY. I’ve been making mad DIY Post-It notes for the past few days. I love me some Post-Its, but sometimes they are just so plain. True, the color selection makes it a little more interesting, but I need more visual stimulation people!! I’m really particular about my Post-Its. Being the anal person that I am, I don’t like writing crooked. But, I don’t like buying Post-It notes with lines though however; cuz the lines are subpar if you ask me. >_> I like my lines thick and dark. I can’t stand “barely there” lines. Theses aren’t panties folks!! I need my damn lines! Lol. So I’ve opted to draw my own! Same thing like the index card tutorial I did (*please search for that post yourself, cuz my ass is too lazy to post the link here… >_>) But you basically measure out your Post-It size in Photoshop, which a standard one should be 3×3″, then draw lines in the width of your liking, and repeat.

Trick is, how to print on a Post-It? Cuz you can’t feed it through the printer directly. Unless you don’t want your printer anymore. I’m just sayin’ >_> So my trick is, open up a word document. The margins are automatically set to 1″ on all 4 sides. Use the draw tool, to draw one line horizontal, and one line vertical, hitting right at the 1″ margin line. Make sure the ends meet at the corner. I use the top left, but you can use which ever one you feel comfortable with. I don’t know why the hell you wouldn’t use the top left, but maybe you might be weird. >_> Then print that out on a cardstock or sturdy sheet of paper. The end result should be like an upside down L on the top left corner.

I usually try to make my horizontal line a little bit longer, this way I can print 2 Post-Its at one time. Saves me time. After you print out this guideline, then you can create your re-vamped Post-Its! In Photoshop, create a blank document that’s the size of your Post-Its. In my case, they are all standard 3×3″ squares. Then put whatever design you want in it. Save the document as a .jpg. Then in a Word document that has 1″ margins, just copy and past your image! It should automatically go to the top left corner. Take your blank Post-It note, and stick it right up to the corner of your guideline sheet, and refeed it back into your printer. Print the Word document with the image on it, and BAM! Your end result should be the revamped Post-It! If your printer doesn’t have an alignment issue, then your image should fit on your Post-It perfectly. If your printer has alignment issues, then just move your image on the Word doc, a tiny bit to whatever side, and you should be fine!!

Here is my collection so far!!

I think I like the Marilyn Monroe one best. Its very chic. Lol. Doing or not doing the lines is optional of course. If you don’t mind writing crooked or you write straight naturally, I say just skip it! Now tell me this isn’t the cutest thing ever!! Lol. The possibilities are endless. Now you might ask, afterwards where do I put all of them? Do I stick them back into a stack like it was before? Of course not, you can do whatever you want with them, but I usually get a laminated piece of cardstock that I use as a board, and stick them all on there until ready to use. You can basically stick them on anything slippery and it won’t ruin. So have I inspired you today? Now go run and make some cute stuff!! Lol.


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