Importance of Naps + Major Errand Run + Groceries For An Army

MOOD: (Flexin’)
Quote Of The Day: “We are two small Asian woman. And we eat like two NFL players. WTF is up with that?” -Juse

Yesterday I told Kenny that I had a lot of places to go today and lots of errands to run. So of course, like any normal person’s logic, if you have lots of stuff  to do, you probably need to go ahead and start your day early right? Uh no. So here he is trying to drag me out of bed, and I’m just like “Screw you. -__-;;” Lol!! Its hard as shit to get sleep in the summer time where I live because of all the damn wildlife around me!! There is just too much shit going on! I have like a mini forest in my back yard, and there are all kinds of stuff randomly popping up. Sometimes we get rabbits and chipmunks and of course a ton of squirrels and birds. Well, since I have a lot of trees in the backyard, and its summer time, we have a problem. The problem presents itself in the form of… cicadas. -__-;;

If you don’t know what cicadas are, please Google that shit, cuz its nasty and I don’t wanna post a picture of it on my blog. Basically it looks like a freakin’ huge mutated cockroach. It gives me damn goosebumps just talkin’ about those nasty f@ckers. Ugh!! Anyways, they are loud as shit in the trees, and they either are screaming at the top of their lungs as a singing ritual for matting, or they’re rubbing their legs together making music like grasshoppers or whatever, and either way, they are now my public enemy number 1!!! I’m thinking about getting a gun license just so I can get me an AK47 to blast those suckers into a billion pieces. I probably won’t do that but an Asian girl can always dream. *LE SIGH*

In addition to having restless nights because of the symphony outside, there is my other most dreaded aspiration of nature that lurks outside my window. Birds. Yes, the one animal that I have made a complete blog post about before. Birds are great from afar, they are however not great when they are trying to sing “I like big butts and I cannot lie~” outside your window every morning from 5am to noon. Ugh!! But the worst part is the damn squirrels join in!! Do you guys know what squirrels sound like?? Who’s idea was it to give them vocal cords?? Its just as annoying as the cicadas!! Auhhh!! So with all that, I really don’t get much sleep. The whole point of my rant is that this is why I have to take afternoon naps on the weekends. Yes I am long-winded and if you have a problem with it, please go screw yourself in the corner. >_>

My day of errands didn’t start til about 5pm. I woke up from a much needed nap that was rudely interrupted because the city of Norcross picked this day to do a tornado siren test. FML x 100!! Anyways, so we started off by going to Home Depot. I had a $25 gift card, and we decided to invest in a screen door thingy for the side door. reason A is always opening that door to let in fresh air. Air be fresh as hell, but we get munched on by mosquitoes like a mofo. That = not kool. So with the screen door thingy, we won’t have that problem anymore. We also decided to pick up some energy saving light bulbs. The good thing was every store I had to go do was on the same damn street. Oh Pleasant Hill, how do I love thee. Lol! I don’t love the traffic however.

After Home Depot we hit MegaMart and bought a bunch of stuff, but H-Mart had the better produce, so we hit H-Mart as well. We also had to go to Great Wall to get super Chinese ingredients, and reason A had to get her newspaper. Of all the places that we go grocery shopping at, I hate Great Wall the most. I just hate any place that is infested with Chinese people, and yes I use infested because I basically put Chinese people in the same category as bugs. *FAILS*

Our last stop was Super Wally World. Rarely do I go there now, I buy all my toiletries and stuff from Target cuz I have 2 close to my house, whereas Wally World is kinda far, so I only go like once or twice a month. I had a bunch of manufacture’s coupons so the shopping process was slow. It was super worth it though cuz I saved like $11 just in coupons. It was awesome. I always feel self conscious when I have to bust out with coupons at the register, cuz everyone hates those people, but I realized that you just have to grow thick skin. I make sure that I make the whole process as painless as possible by dividing up my stuff into a pile that I have coupons for and a pile of everyyhing else. Then I makes sure to look for a cashier that seems like they speak fluent English. No offense, but I can’t be fooling with some foreigner that is gonna argue me down cuz she can’t read or understand all the print on the coupon. Then I make sure no matter how few things I have, I don’t go in the express lane, cuz going to the express lane with coupons is just being an asshole. Usually, it’s pretty painless.

I didn’t realize how much shit we had bought until we took everything out of the trunk and brought it home. It was honestly rather scary. Lets take a look.

Isn’t this insane?? Do I need to remind everyone that my family consists of a total of 2 people?? This looks like it will feed a family of 8! WTF!! This is why my ass always goes over budget as I have YET AGAIN this week!! Cuz reason A buys stuff like she has no self control!! This is crazy! Ugh. Now I have to spend my whole freakin’ Monday rebudgeting again. FML. I am so damn worn out too, it’s that time of the month, and I already feel like asswipe. Now my whole body is swore cuz I’ve been running around all day while cramping and being bloated. I’m screwed. X____X;;


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