TGIF + Le Hubby’s Sleep Issue Update

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Quote Of The Day: “The internet is a scary place. You don’t know what kind of asshole you’re gonna get.” -reason A

Well first off, TGIF for sure!! Today could arguably be my best Friday in a long time! First, its payday, so hell yeah! Lol. My payday doesn’t necessarily always fall on a Friday, since it goes by date instead of day, but it seems even more awesome when it just happens to land on a Friday, cuz you’re about to hit the weekend, with money in le pocket?? Oh yeaaaaah baby!! With that said, I have absolutely no plans this weekend. FML. X____X;; Second great thing is that Bossman is still out of town!! Woohoo!! When the cat’s away, the mice will play, and in this case, Juse WILL slack off shamelessly. Muahaha. And of course, the fact that its Friday is awesome in itself, so that makes 3 awesomes. I think we broke a new record. O_O;;

Today I did nothing except for munch on a childhood favorite and sip coffee. Now that I think about it, these two don’t even go together. -___-;; But anyways.

Folks!! Hot Cheetos!! I can kill a bag in no time!! Might need a lot of water or Coke though. O_o Nonetheless these kept me company on a calm and relaxing Sunday. To give everyone an update on le Hubby, this week we’ve been on an odd schedule. He took a personal day today from work, cuz I think he has quite a few YTO hours accumulated, and he gets next Friday off too cuz it’s a federal holiday. Ugh! He needs to share. >_< I won’t get another day off ‘til 4th of July. But anyways, so last week he had a really serious case of insomnia. He just couldn’t sleep! He would be so restless the next day like a walkin’ zombie, and by Wednesday I knew it was really bad cuz he’d do the “stupid laugh”. Its like that expressionless laugh you do when you’re clueless?? He does that when he’s about to pass out from lack of sleep. Lol. Well… And when he’s drunk but that’s a story for another day. >_>

His usual routine usually consists of getting off work around 6pm, and eating dinner, showering and doing all the good stuff, then calling to wake me up for work. Then while I’m driving to work, he’ll usually read up on news. He’s ALL about news. He can spend a whole day reading news if you don’t distract him. That’s why I rarely watch the news now, he’ll always update me. Lol. Then around my 9am or so, he’ll get online and talk to me ‘til about his midnight, and he’d go to bed. He gets up around 7am, and is out the door for work a little pass 8.

But this week, since he was functioning on so little sleep, he has been too tired to stay awake to talk to me. I of course felt super bad, because I know that our time zone difference definitely doesn’t help his sleep pattern any, so right after he wakes me up for work, I tell him to go to sleep. He of course doesn’t want to, so he says he’ll just take a nap for a couple of hours, and wake up later to talk to me. Poor thing. That’s not even the part that breaks my heart. How about after he eats and showers, he’s so tired, he lies down and drifts to sleep, but he sets an alarm to wake him up so that he can call and wake me up for work!! WTF! I feel like an asshole!! How ghetto is it that he has to set an alarm so that he can wake up in time to be my human alarm! *FAILS* But all this week, he hasn’t been able to wake up around my 9am to talk to me. He’s been sleeping right through. On Monday and Tuesday, I think he woke up at his 2am. That means he got about 6 hours of sleep from after we hung up to when he woke up. Which was good, but at the same time, waking up at some 2am is an odd time.

Every time he woke up in the middle of the night, he’d get online and talk to me. I’d be like what the heck are you doing up?? He said he had to pee. Lol. I told him to not talk to me, cuz we’ll laugh, it gets him excited and he can’t fall back asleep; whereas if he just pees and goes back to bed, he’ll probably just fall right back asleep. *FAILS* But he doesn’t listen. He always says he misses me, especially when its in the middle of the night so he’ll wanna get up and talk to me. #firstworldproblems So we’d talk for a couple of hours, and then it would be even more odd, cuz we don’t know if he should attempt to go back to bed to lie down for a couple of hours, or just get up and eat breakfast. He’s too late for one and two early for the other. *EPIC FAIL* Then on Thursday and today, it was even worse! He woke up at about 4am! That’s my 4pm, and an hour away from me getting off from work. So we’d chat all the way up ‘til it was time for me to go, and then I’d just hop in the car, and we’d switch to talkin’ on the phone.

I told Runa, that it was rather refreshing. Kenny even said so today that he rather liked this new feeling of getting to get off work with me. Lol. Usually I’d swing by the store after work, so we’d talk about all the things I’m gonna buy. Just like a little married couple. How cute. I’d tell him what groceries are on sale, and what I’m picking up, and he’d be like “No, don’t get that, you should get this… blah blah blah” And I’d be like “Dude!! You aren’t even here to eat it! Shut up!!” I’m mad he’s choosing as if it matters to him at all! *FAILS* But its fun and I think it’s adorable. I realize that he’s even funnier when he’s well rested. But we both agreed that this new found sleep pattern has to stop cuz it appears that he’s getting rest, but he’s probably not by waking up at these super odd hours. Good news is he’s on a 3 day weekend, and can get in lots of rest. My poor Pookie Bear!! Lol. I heart him to pieces. XD


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