Juse Life Tip: Dried Ink Pens Solution + Use Me… PLEASE!!

MOOD: (Yeah!)
Quote Of The Day: “The Asian girl never wins. SMH.” -Juse

So last night I made a decision. It’s not life changing, but its Juse changing. I have decided that I am going to use all my pens. O_O;; You’re probably like WTF kind of revelation is that?? Lol. Well, for those of you who don’t know, my ass is a pen hoarder. I believe I have a post somewhere in the back that shows off my pen collection in all its glory. But like I was telling Runa last night. Some of these pens in my collection, I’ve had for over 10 years!! WTF?? An ink pen for over 10 years? Do half of them even still write?? Well last time I took them all out to clean and organize, I threw out the ones that didn’t write anymore, but most of them are still new. That means that it still has that rubber thing on the tip that keeps the tip fresh when they’re new. Yes. Those should be fine, but its ones that I’ve taken off the tiny drop of rubber on the tip to test them out and never touched them again that’s the problem.

But for this matter, Juse has a life tip. My life tip regarding pens that don’t write, and this works especially good with gel pens and so so with ink pens. Take the ink barrel out of the pen, and soak it in a cup of scorching hot water for about a minute, tip down. Usually a pen that obviously has ink inside, but won’t write either has one of two problems. One, the ink/gel is too dried up. The moisture content of it has evaporated, leaving just the color or the ink has gotten thick, kind of like old nail polish does with there’s too much exposure to air. The way to solve it is to heat it up in hot water, to get the ink to start flowing again in the barrel. Second problem, often times is a pen that has been used at least once, but rarely or never used again, will have dried up old ink stuck at the “ball” of the pen. In this case, soaking it in hot water, will help loosen up the old ink and let it dissolve in the water, and therefore getting the “ball” to start rolling again. Try it! It works pretty good. Another trick I use to get the ink flowing is after you’ve soaked the barrel (not the whole thing, just about half way while holding it upright in the cup or leaning it against the side of the cup) is blow on the end of the barrel to get the ink flowing again. A little bit of pressure helps the ink flow down better, especially if the pen has NOT been in an upright position somewhere. It is always best to store pens, point side down (unless it’s a highlighter, or other pen with ink tank, cuz that will cause a mess) but especially with gels and ballpoint, this way the ink doesn’t settle in the wrong direction.

Man I sound like a nerd!! Ahahaha!! Well my goal is that I am going to use a different set of pens each week, to make sure all my pens get some lovin’! Although I own a shit load of pens, I always use the same damn ones! It’s always black, it’s always plain, but yet I love buying colored pens. *FAILS* So I’m gonna try and use them all on rotation. Here are the pens I’m using this week. Both sets are about 10 years old.

Does Pentel even make pens anymore?? I think they only make architectural supplies now. *FAILS*

Although I like some Zebra pens. I hate these. They’re ugly. Ok, maybe not ugly but they’re not cute. Lol.

Here is what the ink looks like.

As you can see they are still holding up pretty good for being this old. They still write just fine and flow alright. I just don’t like them for some reason so I never used them. I think its cuz they’re 0.7 point, and I like my stuff bold. But I’m going to force myself to use them!! Hoorah!! Lol. But just for reference, the Zebra ones don’t smudge when highlighted, and that’s important to me, cuz I highlight a lot. The Pentel ones unfortunately smudge when highlighted, even after I’ve let the ink completely dry. Booo!!! But they have the prettier barrel. >_>

Ok, I just lied about Pentel not making pens, cuz I just found a couple that I recently bought and they’re Pentel too. *EPIC FAIL*


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