Joe Houdini = Fired Joe

MOOD: (Uh… Ok, What?!)
Quote Of The Day: “Uh, can we at least confirm that he’s alive?” -Intern Jon

So everyone remember Intern Joe that only stayed with me for a couple of weeks before he got shipped off to Mississippi? Well, I explained the situation. They have a manager position to fill over there, and my Intern Roger has been the makeshift manager over there until they hire someone new. Well Intern Joe technically was hired for that position. But before he could get some training in, Intern Roger has a family emergency and had to request some time off. During this time, Intern Joe has had to step up to the plate, and take up that position without much formal training cuz Intern Roger isn’t here to walk him through it. I understand that it’s a pain to get just thrown into a situation like that, but at the same time, this is your chance to prove yourself, and to rise to the occasion. Point is, it’s not that complicated over there as it is in the main office here.

Intern Roger is coming back today. Amen!! And instead of having him jump right into train Intern Joe. How about Intern Joe is gonna get his ass burned, and then fired. O_O;; He’s a little “off” to say the least. I think he’s rather creepy. Before I just thought he was difficult to get along or work with, but now that I think about it, he reminds me of that serial killer dude that Robin Williams was in a movie about? The one where he was like workin’ the photo department at a drug store or something? What was that movie called? Anyways, Intern Joe looks just like him. Quiet, with glasses, and is a man of few words. Those types of people always scare me. reason A always told me that biting dogs don’t bark. That makes me think of Intern Joe too. Lol. My sources from the Mississippi office told me that he doesn’t get along with anyone there. Not only that, but all the female co-workers are scared of him cuz he stands ridiculously close to them when talkin’ and they feel uncomfortable. >_> Not only that, but he also has this problem of scratchin’ his head every five seconds. We can’t tell if that’s just a little quirk of his when he gets nervous or if he has lice or something. O_O;;

All that is insignificant if he is a capable person I suppose. Well not really the lice thing, that’s kinda crucial but you get my point. >_> The problem is his other habits. One; according to co-workers, all he does when he goes home is drink exactly 6 bottles of beer every night, and locks himself in his room. Hum… This is a little odd. So he’s anti-social, that’s ok. But the drinking is an issue. We can’t have an alcoholic on the job. Besides that, his abilities are super questionable. But let me tell you what crazy ass thing he did on last Friday that caused the decision to fire him. So last Friday around his 9am, he disappeared. Disappeared as in left the building without telling anyone where he went. When Bossman came into work Friday, and made his routine check up to Mississippi, he couldn’t find Intern Joe. He asked other people at the office where he was, and everyone said that he left around 9am, and never came back, he also didn’t say where he was going. Hum… Odd, so Bossman called his home phone, no answer. Bossman then called his cell, but no answer. Dude!! He just disappeared out of thin air! But while on office time?? How does that work? How do you just up and go in the work day without letting folks know where you going? What if we had an important decision to make or something happened to one of your employees?? So we were lookin’ for him all damn day but he didn’t return anyone’s phone calls. Then, how about at the end of the day right before we got off work, he called Bossman back.

That wasn’t even the kicker part. The thing that had all of us doing the duck face, was how about dude said that he requested off last week with Pablo about Friday. Um, Pablo is an assistant. Let me get this straight. So instead of requesting off with your superior (in this case Bossman) you request off with a subordinate? Can someone please explain that logic to me?? Who signs your damn paychecks, Pablo?? That don’t make any kinda of sense!! So then Bossman asks Pablo, and Pablo said he heard of no such thing. *FAILS* -__-;; That is why he’s getting fired. Bossman said that if he’s so out of control now and doesn’t have a damn clue who he’s reporting to, then we have a problem. Bossman also thinks that the boy is on drugs and that his face is reconstructed. @___@;; WTF! Lol. I think he’s too nerdy to be on drugs, but he is a very very odd person. >_>


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