Juse Pet Peeves #6: Underhanded Toilet Paper

MOOD: (Whatever)
Quote Of The Day: “My ass likes it over-handed, and if your ass doesn’t, then your ass is lame!!” -Juse

I’m sure I have more than my fair share of pet peeves, but this one is definitely a top 10 for me. Underhanded toilet paper!! Noooo!!! I know this might not annoy most people, since they probably put very little thought into the paper whose sole purpose is used to wipe le ass, but it drives me bonkers!! People! Toilet paper should always be put on the spooly thing over-handed!! Just like how they do it in the hotels!! I’m not crazy enough to make you fold the first square into a cute little diamond shape like they do it in hotels, but it SHOULD be over-handed!! Follow the lead of professionals! They are in the hospitality industry; they know how it’s supposed to be done!! You ass smiles when you wipe it with over handed toilet paper!! Your ass wants to sing Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro when it see’s over-handed toilet paper!! DO NOT deny yourself of a happy ass!! Me and reason A fight about this all the time. She could careless which way the damn paper was facing, but does it not make life easier if its over-handed?? Why people??


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