Rosewater In A Tube A La Intern Bambi

Quote Of The Day: “Can you file and Amber Alert on adults? I think the manager is missing. O_o” -Bossman

Thank you Lord above, it is Friday. Whew!! Although the beginning of the week seemed to have passed fast, but the last two days are dragging. >_> And not only that, but today was a little rough. I can’t even lie. Bossman doesn’t like Intern Bambi. Like he honestly just does not like her AT ALL. How can you not like her?? She’s adorable! She tries so hard to do her job, and he doesn’t appreciate it at all. Ugh!! So frustrating! Now he just looks for opportunities to yell at her. I felt so bad for her.

The worst part was that recently I gave her some pens and highlighters. I’m all about being stocked with office supplies cuz how can you work at a desk and have dull supplies?? That’s not kool. She didn’t have much of anything so I gave her some stuff. She was super thankful! I mean super, like she was thanking me all day. Of course I gave her the good stuff, cuz I do genuinely like her. I think she’s my 2nd favorite intern. (Shh… Don’t tell Intern Roger I said that. >_>) But how about today she brought me a gift!! Lets take a look.

She got me the Crabtree and Evelyn Rosewater Hand Cream! What?? This is the shit right here! Lol. I’ve never bought Crabtree and Evelyn, but a lot of people rave about it. I was pretty excited to try it but I felt so bad taking it cuz I know she’s not going to last long here. Bossman basically already told me that after 3 months, he plans on letting her go. Nooo!!! So I told her no thank you. But she said she felt bad for taking those supplies from me, although I explained to her numerous times that I have a buttload at home (yes that’s an actual unit of measure) >_>. She really wanted me to have it, and I was too tired to argue so I just said thank you. Poor Intern Bambi. >_<


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