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Hot As A Mofo + Doc Appointment For Le Peepers

MOOD:  (Sweating, Literally)
Quote Of The Day: “You know I am Oranjuse!! I am all liquid!! I can’t be out in this heat! Do you understand??!” -Juse

Ladies and gents!! Atlanta breaks a new record with 106 today!! WTF is that?? I don’t ever remember it being this hot before! Damn!! reason A said when I was a kid, we once had 103. I don’t really remember, but I know one thing, I sure as hell doesn’t ever wanna experience that shit again!! It was literally painful to be outside! Ugh. So this morning, I got up and out all early cuz I had a doctor’s appointment. I wanted to beat the heat. I had to get my red peepers checked out cuz reason A was starting to worry. You know she’s a paranoid person anyways, but especially when I’m not feeling good or go some issues going on, she totally freaks out. Kenny said this is normal since I’m her baby girl and all, it’s a motherly thing. >_>

My appointment was at 9:15am, and I got there at about 9am. Little did I know the doc wasn’t going to be there til 9:30am. Hum, must be nice. >_> But at least the doctor was pretty nice. I hate getting rude ass doctors. I’m already in a shitty condition if I’m going to go see you, why are you jacking up my day even more? Ugh. So apparently, Dr. Scheetz told me that I am having an allergic reaction to something. We’re not too sure what it is, hay fever? She prescribed me some mad expensive eye drops and told me to use them for a week. If I don’t get any better, then I have to come back for an appointment next Sat.

I got out around 10:30am, and it was already mighty hot. I had to make 3 more trips before I got to go home. No!!! I had to stop by Great Wall (the supermarket, not the actual one in China >_>) to get reason A’s newspapers, and then stop by H-Mart and pick up some groceries. Lastly, I had to go to Super Wally World to pick up some essentials and get my prescription filled. O’man it was getting hot!!

Super Wally World was jam packed and it wasn’t even noon yet! WTF! So I had to wait 40 minutes to get one small bottle of eyedrops! Damn it! She asked me if I had insurance, and I whipped out that damn card so fast, she didn’t know what hit her. Lol. This is my first time having to use it really, and didn’t really knew if it was gonna help any in the price department, but hey! Its whatever.

Come to find out, my $50 eyedrops only ended up being $10! Hell yeah! Heath insurance is great!! The only damn incentive for my shitty ass job is that it is full medical coverage with ZERO dollars out of pocket for me. Bossman pays for EVERYTHING. You can’t beat that. Or else I think it would be like $500 a month. OMG. O__O;;

When I left Super Wally World, it was around noon. It was hot as a mother-fudger!! Honestly, I couldn’t deal with it. Just walking from the door to the car, literally was painful on the skin. Ugh!! And I forgot my sunglasses. FML. -___-;;

I told reason A I saw ground beef on sale at Great Wall. She asked me why I didn’t buy some, and I was like “Er, cuz we don’t eat it? O_o” We never buy beef. I think the last time I ate beef at home was 3 years ago. We just never buy it! I don’t know if its cuz reason A doesn’t really know how to cook it or what. We’re chicken people. Lol. I asked her what she was going to do with the ground beef, and she said she can make dumplings with it. O___O;; Um, no!!! I forbid her to make it. So she said, well she can make meatballs. I was like hum… that’s not bad. So around 9pm, we headed out again in search of ground beef. But why was it still 93 degrees around 10pm?? *FAILS* I got home around 11ish, and it was still hot. KILL.ME.NOW. X____X;;

Sleepy As Shit + Pens Of The Week

MOOD:  (Kill Me Now)
Quote Of The Day: “Nope. I grilled the shit out some chicken.” -Mikey

I am sleepy as shit!! Its Friday though. I’m not that thrilled about it cuz I gotta wake my ass up super early tomorrow. I have a doctor’s appointment at 9am. Ugh!! I wanted to have it super early so that I can avoid the heat of the day. I need to go cuz my eyeballs are still red. Did they seem red to you when you saw me Runa?? I don’t think they’re that bad, but I do admit they are red shot when I first wake up in the morning. For this past week, I have been surviving off of Visine. I’m sure that’s one less addiction I need. >_> I mean, they don’t itch or hurt and they’re not swollen. I don’t know what the hell is wrong! reason A said maybe it’s all that spicy food I eat. Too much spicy gets your insides all heated up AND the fact that the weather is this hot is really not helping the cause. Ugh. So I have been spicy-less for the past 5 days. Life is rough without spicy food. -___-;;

The mad sleepy thing is cuz reason A decided to make dumplings again last night. >_> I already explained why I hate when she makes it during the week, its cuz it takes too long!! Ask me when we had dinner last night. Go ahead. Ask me… 11pm!!! WTF!! Who has dinner at 11pm on a damn weekday when you gotta wake up at 5am?? That doesn’t even give me enough time to eat, digest and sleep! *DIES* So I am knocked out this morning. >_<

Since I’ve been busy all week with random endeavors and what not, I didn’t even get a chance to post up my pens of the week! *FAILS* So here they are folks.

These are the Uni-ball Signo Gelsticks 0.7 medium point pens. This week’s pens are a hit and miss all at the same time. One, Uni-ball has been a pretty good brand to me. Secondly, the “Signo” line has been a favorite of mine for the longest. To this day, my favorite pen is still the original Uni-ball Signo in 0.7 medium point. Thirdly, I do like the formula consistency of the ink in these Gelsticks. The formula is smooth and doesn’t skip, and the colors are dark and vibrant. Especially the purple and green.

Now what I hate about this pen is its ergonomics. It is a top heavy pen. It has a tapered end, which is fine, but the material it’s made out of feels like frosty acrylic? And there are ridges on the grip, but they’re very shallow and because of the material not being rubber, but rather plastic/acrylic, It tends to slip out my hands. The whole pen is way too slippery. I like pens with evenly distributed weight, but this pen is top heavy. That means it’s hard to write with for a long period of time.

The second thing I don’t like is the tip. The tip lets out just the right amount of ink in my opinion so kudos for that, but the tip is short. I prefer tips that are medium or longer, because it tends to make my handwriting smooth and lean. But short stubby tips tend to make me write short and stubby too!! WTF! Lol. I think its cuz I can’t really get a good eye for when the pen hits the paper, and I don’t see the results until after I lift up the tip, so it’s hard to assess the size and adjust accordingly. You’re probably thinking, this damn girl has this whole pen thing down to a science! She’s crazy! Lol. I guess I am. But like I said, I am VERY anal when it comes to my pens. But over all, these are very good pens. They come in the multi-colored pack and a 12 pack of just the black or blue I believe. Medium priced, if you don’t mind pens with caps. This one is a good investment, because the ink tank is generous. Yup. Happy Friday folks! Lol.

Juse’s New Endeavors Pt. 2: New Card

MOOD:  (Yeah!)
Quote Of The Day: “Ok, I’m still confused… @___@;;” -Kenny

So today is part 2 of Juse’s new endeavors. It took me forever to explain this to Kenny! Lol. I couldn’t tell if I failed at explaining or he failed at comprehending. *DOUBLE FAIL* So recently, for a limited time, Delta and Suntrust Bank has got together to offer a new deal. The “Suntrust Delta Skymiles World Debit Card”. I think they’re running this promo for a month or so. I believe it ends June 30th, which is like 2 days from now, in case anyone is still interested.

I coincidentally have a Suntrust checking account. But this doesn’t require you to have one, cuz it actually requires you to open up a new account or a new debit card. The incentives are 2 if I understood it correctly. One, you get a 15000 sign up bonus in mileage. You also get another 30000 if you sign up for direct deposit with a new account. I won’t qualify for the second bonus, but I believe I’ll get the first one. For every dollar you spend, it equals one mile. If you fly Delta or any of its partner airlines, then you also accumulate miles. Technically those are on a one mile flown = one mile earned basis if you fly Delta directly, and might vary if you fly a partner airline.

As you all probably know, me and Kenny are a billion miles away. So flying back and forth is inevitable. Secondly, last time I flew back (which now I want to smack myself cuz I didn’t think to sign up for this before I flew last time, I could have accumulated a shit load of miles >_<) I took Delta and China Eastern Airlines. Hello!! China Eastern Airlines is a partner airline!! That means I could have earned mileage had I signed up for Delta Skymiles then!! FML for me being an idiot!! >_< I also pay all my bills online. If I understood correctly, bill pay DOES count towards points. If this is true, I can accumulate up to $2000 worth of points (2000 points) in just bill pay each month!! (*Yes my monthly bills are that high… Don’t ask >_>) So since I do it every month anyways, why not accumulate some miles for it right?

Also, if I fly back to Canton, I’m more than likely gonna do Korean Airlines (the cheapest right now) or China Eastern Airlines (cheapest last year via Delta) and both will accumulate both mileage from travel and miles from buying the ticket with this card in double reward points possibly if purchased with Delta directly.

Problem is, with Delta, you cannot redeem miles for miles. According to their website, I would need to redeem 70000 miles for a round trip ticket to Canton. *FAILS* So let’s calculate how long that would take.

So this is my regular earning potential in a year. That means in one year, I will be 12400 miles away from my potential free ticket redemption, granted that I go back to Canton once during this year, paying my own way. That divided by 2000 miles a month that I can accumulate would mean another 6 months of bill pay. So technically that’s not bad! It’s almost like getting one round trip ticket free for every other ticket I buy. Granted, there’s like a year and half time in between. Also there are many other earning opportunities for additional miles such as their new E-Miles program.

I think if you are a frequent enough traveler, it’s very much worth it to get a mileage rewards card. If not that, then at least a cash back rewards card. If you’re gonna own a credit card, why not make it work for you? I haven’t gotten the card yet, but as long as I make my first purchase before end of July, then I’ll be eligible for the sign on bonus.

I thought it would be a good time to go ahead and set up a card like this because even in the future, me and Kenny are going to be doing lots of traveling. His family is all over there, so we should make it our goal to make a trip there once a year or once every other year. I don’t think that’s too unattainable. So with that said, that’s a lot of mileage since its international travel. To be exact, its 16600 miles per round trip!! What?? Just imagine both of us accumulating points! We’ll have free tickets in no time! So I think it’s a good investment. My credit honestly is not all that great, or I would have signed up for an American Express with Delta Skymiles card, because they have even better rewards. I do have an American Express card, but its not a gold card. Oh well, yet another thing I need to work on. >_>

The annual fee is $75 which is kind of pricy, considering my Continental mileage card from Chase bank use to only have an annual fee of $20, but I still think it’s worth it in the long run. I’ll keep everyone updated on how it goes after one month when I see the miles start accumulating and getting a feel for how much I can accumulate in a month. Yays!

Juse’s New Endeavors Pt. 1: New Phone

MOOD: (Oh boy)
Quote Of The Day: “You owe me Ming’s! You took some other chick there. =(” -Mikey

Man, we were mad busy at work today! Ok, anyways. So not only was I busy with work, but I was also busy with personal stuff. Let’s update everyone on new happenings in Juse’s life. >_> Ahem…

So I’ve started 2 new endeavors. It’ll take 2 days to talk about both. First, my contract with T-Mobile will be up on August 17. Thank you Lord Jesus!! That means I am eligible for a full upgrade on a new phone. But bad news is that T-Mobile no longer has free phones. I almost switched to another company because of this. -___-;; How you gonna have shitty service and no free phones?? *FAILS*

My biggest complaint with T-Mobile has got to be their service areas. I thought when AT&T was trying to eat them, that if it went though it would mean that we’d get more service areas, even if that meant having to pay a little more, but that fell through. Booo!!! When I have to go on business trips to Mississippi, I never have service there!! No phone service for a freakin’ week?? Kill me now. >_< All my other co-workers have AT&T so they’re fine. AT&T and Verizon gets the best service in Mississippi. But I guess I can’t complain because when we go to North Carolina for our trade shows, my phone is the only one working cuz T-Mobile has service in NC, but AT&T has a weak signal. Ahahaha!

Anyways, so after 2 long years of this love hate relationship with my Blackberry Curve, its finally time to say goodbye. It really is painful to have to see my query keyboard go, cuz I text mighty fast with it. But everything and everything is touch screen now, so I have to succumb to reality. Actually, I really am sick and tired of a small screen. But texting is going to be a pain in my ass with the touch screen cuz I have chubby fingers, and the whole autocorrect issue; Ahaha. I didn’t have that problem really with the Blackberry since I spelled everything out. XD

Anyways, I’ve been looking at phones for the past year, getting ready for this upgrade. It really makes me bleed inside to know I have to cough up that much money for a phone. And to top it off, for the most part, T-Mobile phones suck hairy monkey’s balls. >_> But a couple of days ago, they finally released something relevant! Which is the Samsung Galaxy S3. Everybody, can I get an amen for that!! But the price even after my full upgrade discount is still $329.99. Everybody, can I get an F U for that!! I’ve never spent more than $200 on a phone!! What kind of sorcery is this?? O_o But with that said, Runa recently told me she paid $400 for her iPhone, after discount. >_> So it made me feel a whole lot better. Lol. Lets take a look at my soon to be new baby. XD

So isn’t it gorgeous?? The downfalls are of course, the price, and also the size. It’s fairly large. Ok, it’s very large. It has a 4.8” screen. Ahaha. Might I remind everyone that I have small hands. You know those old Burger King commercials about the dude with the super small hands eating a Whopper? Yeah. Those are totally my hands. Kenny always teases me about how small my hands are. Literally he can put my whole fist in his hand and enclose it. *FAILS*

Anyways, so this will literally look like I’m holding up a tablet to my ear when I take calls. Ahahaha!! But hey! You have to drool over the big screen! I know a lot of people don’t think this phone is all that great, especially for the price, because Sprint offers the exact same phone for only $199.99. -__-;; Is it just me or that’s a huge difference? >_> Technically T-Mobile has the cheaper plans in the long run, but we’ll really have to see about that. I might have to do more research on that. O_o Last time I checked they still were, cuz I really wanted to switch, AT&T and Verizon plans were expensive so I stayed. -__-;; Right now, I pay $105 on average. Which might sound expensive for one person, but I’m use to it now. It use to be like $300. O__O;; I don’t know. Maybe I’m just too lazy to switch. Ugh!

Anyways; I think it’s the best phone T-Mobile has to offer at the moment, although it is mad expensive, so therefore I’m gonna get it. >_> So this year for my birthday, since its kinda sorta around the corner, I’m asking people not to get me gifts, but donate to my “Juse Needs A New Celly” fund. Ahaha! Yup. No amount is too small folks! It’s such an expensive phone, ugh. I really hate having to spend this much on a phone. -___-;; I’m taking donations starting now!! XD

But to help persuade everyone and myself on its value, I’ve thought about it like this… My iPod is dead. To replace it with something comparable on the market now, it would be about $200 if not more. I also don’t own a GPS, since I never go anywhere I guess it doesn’t matter, but it would be nice to have one. >_> Of course, phone is about on its death bed. I’ve always wanted the convenience of being able to just whip out the phone and take a quick pic, rather than bust out with the camera, because in some instances, it is awkward and embarrassing, making me look like a Japanese tourist. I also like making vlogs or videos on occasion like any other person, such as when you’re on vacation or such. Right now, I use the BF cam for videos, but it doesn’t do full HD, it does 720p I believe. With all this said, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be the phone, the video camera, the digital camera, the GPS, AND the mp3 player. BAM!! That’s less than $100 per item. I think in that sense, it’s easier to digest. >_>

Stiff Necks + Heat Strokes + FMLs

MOOD: (Pain)
Quote Of The Day: “Well since you plan on dying of a heat stoke anyways, wouldn’t you rather do it here in my arms? XD” -Kenny

There are so many things I could be posting about today, but I’m only gonna post about 2. One, I think I have a stiff neck. And the messed up part is it’s not even my damn neck, it’s my back shoulder blade! WTF! I think its cuz I just wear a camisole to bed, and we are blasting the AC at home, and there is a vent right above my bed. I have a bad habit of kicking off my covers at night when I sleep like a baby, and if no one is there to pull them back up over me, then I’ll just sleep exposed to the elements like that. Kenny use to wake up in the middle of the night and pull my covers over me, but he’d pull them so high, only my nose would be showing. FML. X_____X;;

Well anyways, so now my back shoulder blade is stiff and I can’t move it, and I’m in extreme pain. I tried everything. Hot showers, using my massager on it, and rubbing some cream on it. Auhhh!!! What the heck is a girl suppose to do? Ugh. Kenny said if he was here, he’d give me a back rub, but point is YOU’RE NOT HERE ARE YOU?? FML AGAIN. -___-;;

The second thing that I have to talk about is the weather, because it’s apparent that I will pass out from a heat stroke either this week or next week, and that’s probably a fact! It’s not even a matter of if; it’s more of a matter of when!! >_< Let take a look at this hot mess.

So please explain to me how we are still in June and we’re hitting the hundreds?? Who the f@ck works on Is this even accurate?? I thought it was a typo when I first saw it! There’s no damn way it can be that hot! Is it even legal to be this damn hot?? (*I’m referring to the weather, not myself. >_>) This is crazy!! Raise your hand if your ass will not be going anywhere this weekend! That would be me. In matter of fact, I’m gonna stay my ass inside like a hermit. When I showed Kenny, he just laughed at me. FML FOR THE 3RD TIME! >_<

Team DeeDee Trotter!!

MOOD: (Hooray)
Quote Of The Day: “I’m excited cuz I know an Olympian, he’s excited that his wifey knows an Olympian!” -Juse

So NBC is running the Olympic trials all this week I think. Last night was the track and field finals. I was most interested in the women’s 400m finals, cuz DeeDee Trotter made it into the finals!! She got second place in the semi-finals and was looking great! It still amazes me every time saying that I know an Olympian!! Its pretty awesome! Not only that, but she’s also a gold medalist! Whoa!! Lol. Me and DeeDee went to middle school together. We had English and some other classes together cuz we were on the same 7th grade team. I remember sitting in English class, and she was behind me, and she’d always braid my hair for fun. Lol. I had really long hair then, and it would be in braids anyways, but she’d take it loose, and then braid it again. Lol.

She was super tall already when we were in middle school, and I thought she’d end up playing basketball or something, but I did think track and field. We hadn’t talked after we graduated, and I didn’t realize that she did track and field until I saw her on TV!! I was like “OMFG! Momma!! That’s my classmate DeeDee in the Olympics!!” Lol. In the Athens games in 2004, DeeDee got a gold medal in the women’s 4x400m relay. I couldn’t believe it!! I was jumping up and down. Lol. DeeDee also made it on the U.S. team for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but suffered a knee injury and didn’t make it to the finals. That was such a shame, but now she’s back with a vengeance!! Even Kenny knows about her! How awesome is that??

I was really pulling for her, not only cuz she’s a friend, but also cuz I know she works so hard for it. She totally deserves it!! I’m rooting for her all the way, and when she got second place in the finals yesterday, me and reason A were screaming at the TV!! Lol. I immediately sent her a tweet telling her congrats! I was so excited!! Now she’s a 3 time Olympian! This morning, I hurried up and downloaded the video clip off of NBC to send to Kenny! He was excited too!! He said he wants to make sure he pays close attention to track and field during the Olympics to root for her!!

I also told all my co-workers and they saw her last night too! Lol. I can’t wait to see her compete in London! We’re all pulling for you girl!! Go get ‘em!!

Hanging Out With Le Homie + Food + Episodes A La Bubble Tea O_O;;

MOOD: (Happy-Go-Lucky)
Quote Of The Day: “I hate Asian people.” -Juse

Alrighty folks. This is gonna be a massive post. So brace yourselves. Runa came back yesterday!! Woohoo!! We jumped at the chance to hang out today cuz last time she was only back for a little while, and was so busy that we didn’t get to hang out together. Boooo! Lol. Although she’s gonna be back for the whole month, we went ahead and killed a bonding session first, for good measures. Tehehe. =)

So I scooped up Runa and we headed to the infamous “Ming’s BBQ” that I always rave about.

The place was pretty packed. Thank goodness we grabbed a table while there was still one. We ordered a crap load of food. I think it must have scared Runa, cuz she actually didn’t eat much of it. I guess White Cut Chicken isn’t for everyone.O__O;; Lol. Actually Runa had Soy Sauce Chicken. *FAILS* The calamari was actually pretty darn good, and Runa liked the stirfry noodles. We stuffed our faces like pigs. Lol. XD

While we were at Ming’s, we saw a table to the side of us, that had a random baby. Honestly we didn’t know who’s baby it was but everyone was passing it around. O_o You know how people pass around the salt and pepper shakers? Yeah, that’s what it felt like. Lol. I guess everyone was squeezing in some lovin’ for it. Awww… I thought about stealing it. >_>

After Ming’s we didn’t really know where to go, so we went driving around, and end up going to Morning Glory next to H-Mart. I’ve never been there though I always pass by it. *FAILS* They have the cutest darn stuff!! But the place is really cramped. I thought I was gonna trip over something, and fall flat on my face in a bed of cute stuff, which ironically wouldn’t have been very cute. -___-;; I, being the uncontrollable person that I am in the presence of cute stuff, ended up getting a brush roll and a domo pencil pouch!

Cuteness!! Although I would have like a Rilakkuma one but I didn’t find one. >_<

The place was so packed (with stuff not people), and it was stuffy, we came out hot and dehydrated, so we headed to Quickly’s! Runa told me there was a Quickly’s on Buford Hwy not too far from her house. WHAT?? I’ve never heard of such! Where the hell was I? Quickly’s has got to be the most famous of all the bubble tea places in Asia. I’m not an avid bubble tea drinker (for reasons which will be further explained later >_>). I’ve always heard of Quickly’s but never realized we had them here. *EPIC FAIL* It was 103 degrees in my car. WTF.

However, we had an episode there. Actually we had 2. First one was when I parked. There was one parking spot pretty close to the store, but wasn’t directly in front of it. Please see exhibit A. Lol.

As you can see, I’m just a couple of spaces away from the front of the store. Now in case some of you didn’t know, Asian folks can’t drive. >_> And they sure as hell can’t damn park! So we park, and right when we’re about to get out, Runa mentioned that they only take cash so we had to make a detour for the bank. This crazy ass Asian b!tch comes out the store in front of where I parked and started poking at her car door. I guess it had got scratched up. But it wasn’t our fault though! We just got there, and hadn’t even left the damn car yet! She waved me down as I was pulling away, and Runa was like “Just pull off!!” Lol. I felt like a fugitive that hadn’t committed a crime. *FAILS* I don’t know who hit her car, but she sure as hell wasn’t gonna blame that on me! (*Stank face on >_>) Now if everyone will go back to exhibit A, you will see on the lower right hand corner, there is an Asian lady in the picture, how about that’s the crazy b!tch!! Whoa! Who knew I got her in the pic. (*Her face is blocked by my watermark, WTF) Lol. When we came back from the bank, her car was still out front. I think she actually works in the clothing store that we parked in front of. Hum… Not sure, but we definitely didn’t wanna park there anymore. What if she found more scratches and blamed those on me too? Oh hell naw!! Lol. So we parked far away and slowly snuck over there incognito. Lol.

Quickly’s is very humble. There’s not much décor, but I’m cool with that, cuz its inexpensive, but more importantly the best damn bubble tea I’ve ever had!! And I’m Asian so that says a lot! Lol. Runa said she hasn’t tried a new flavor and I was looking at the board and said we’ll eventually get to another flavor, but reality is that the Thai Tea one is slap yo cousin good!! So I don’t think I’ll be trying another flavor either. -__-;; Lol. We sat there and chatted, and that’s when episode 2 came!!

Let’s talk about why I was never a fan of bubble tea. One, I am a Coke drinker. On occasion, I am a coffee drinker. Because my body needs caffeine as much as it needs blood to survive. Yup. Secondly, I don’t like sticky, chewy or gummy stuff. The tapioca pearls are just that. They’re gummy. I can live without them. Thirdly, in some aspects of life, I am a minor. I think, act and function as a kid. I can design you a mean graphic, but can’t seem to tell time, read a ruler, or differentiate my seasons. But that’s a whole ‘nother blog post. >_> Point is, I can’t seem to master the skill of eating, sucking and chewing all at the same time. O__O;; (Get your mind out the gutter you nasty effers!!) So how about as I was talkin’ to Runa, my face suddenly went like this O__O;; Runa was like “What’s wrong??” I couldn’t talk at the moment. A few seconds later, I confided in Runa that I had swallowed a pearl whole without chewing!! Whoa!! Like it just went down my throat! I wasn’t paying attention! Thank God I have a husky throat, and not some small petite windpipe cuz I could have choked and died!! Lol. I don’t understand how you can not choke on those damn things as they’re coming up!! Do you constantly have to be looking down at the straw to see if a pearl is coming up?? O_o So how about after that, every time I drank, Runa had to be like, “Chew Sandy! Remember to chew!”. That was definitely a FML moment cuz I’m going on 30 years old and someone else has to remind to chew. -___-;; WTF. >_> Ahahah!! *EPIC FAIL*

We had a great time though! I rarely go anywhere or hang out so it was definitely refreshing, and fun. We’re gonna try and make good use of this month that Runa is home. Hopefully next time Ranjiba can come too. She couldn’t make it this time cuz she had prior engagements. After I dropped off Runa, I had to hurry home and take reason A to the grocery store cuz corn was on sale again. Nothing makes a small Asian woman happier than corn. @___@;; It was a very eventful Sunday!! And I almost died of heat! When I got home, my skin was red. *FAILS*

Here’s a cam-whore, because Juse never forgets to cam-whore!! Lol. But how about me and Runa forgot to take pics together. *DIES* We were too busy eating and sweating. >_<

Avocados + Heat + Ice Cream

MOOD: (Heat Stroke)
Quote Of The Day: “I know Mike is waiting so that he can get his severance of $2.” -Adriana

It should be illegal to be this damn hot. reason A said something that was mad funny today. She said “This has got to be the hottest day of this summer yet!” I looked at her and was like “Er, but we’re only 3 days into summer. @__@;;” *FAILS* ROFLMAO!! Cuz its been hot recently, she thought we were like in mid-summer already, when summer just started 3 days ago!! Damn. -__-;; Now that I think about it, this is depressing. >_>

Last night reason A made dumplings again. Yes the dreaded dumplings that I banned her from making during the weekdays cuz it takes too long. Normal people eat dinner around 6 or 7ish I believe, but in our house, its usually after 7. If we start eating at 8pm, then we’re making good time. O__O;; But if she’s making dumplings (from scratch) then it’s like 11pm before we eat! Auhhhh!!! That’s why I banned her from doing it on weekdays. I wake up too damn early for all that. >_> So now she only makes it on weekends, but she sure be determined to make them though. She loves dumplings. >_< So last night I was basically starving. Ugh! I managed to dig up some avocado though!!

I heart avocados!! They are so yummy in le tummy! XD And I was super excited cuz they were just the right ripeness! *DROOLS*

Since it was mad hot today, I didn’t dare go anywhere. Not even to the damn mailbox! Ugh!! Summer is really always against me and never for me. *DIES* But I was thankful that I still had ice cream in the fridge! Woohoo!!

I’ve never had Magnum Ice Cream before, but their commercials make them look heavenly and I had a coupon so why the heck not right? I had one when I was on my womanly duties and that was definitely not a good idea, cuz I was cramping up like crazy. >_< But I had one today, and it was da bomb!! Lol. I usually don’t like ice cream pops with the chocolate coating on the outside, cuz I don’t like the taste of ice cold chocolate. It taste bland, until it melts on your tongue. But this was pretty good. Its one layer of chocolate on the outside, one layer of caramel in the center, then another layer of chocolate and then vanilla ice cream in the center. Woohoo!! reason A thought it was pretty good too, but she can’t eat that much cuz she has sensitive teeth. That just meant more for me. Muahahaha.

Post-It Note Art + Weekend Plans

MOOD: (Hap-Pay!))
Quote Of The Day: “Probably having his happy hour inside…” -Intern Roger

Thank you Lord baby Jesus!! Its Friday and I am more thankful than anything! Whew!! Kenny woke up super early to watch the NBA finals this morning, so he hit the sack already. While I was bored yesterday afternoon, I decided to draw him some Post-It art! I haven’t done Post-It art in a long time!! Post-It art is basically something I do when I’m bored at work, or miss Kenny. Usually it’s something related to him. I think I have a total of about ten throughout the years. This one is my favorite by far. Let’s take a look!

Isn’t it adorable?? Since I call Kenny my Pookie Bear, bears have always been a symbol for him. I love bears so I draw them often. I saw this cute little fellow online, and decided I should draw him. On the bottom it says “Pookie Bear is my Guardian Angel”. Talk shit about how ugly my Chinese handwriting is and I’m going to stick the pen that I used to write it, up your ass. >_>I haven’t shown him yet, was gonna show him today but he didn’t get online. Maybe I’ll just email it. >_> What is he good for? Lol.

I like doing Post-It art, cuz there’s a limited 3×3” space. How much creativity can you squeeze into a small square? The possibilities are endless! Challenge yourself! This is also why I like doing nail art. Cuz your canvas is small. The more challenging the more accomplished you feel afterwards. Lol. Anyways, I’m digressing again. >_>

I don’t have any plans tomorrow other than fight middle-aged Korean Ajummas at the grocery store for a good deal. Ugh. I think I’m hanging out with Runa on Sunday!! We’re supposed to be doing lunch! Its gonna have to be a late lunch cuz I can’t get my ass up that early. -___-;; I wonder if we’re doing Ming’s this time! Or do we have a taste for something else. Humm… Food. Me likey! Lol. Happy Friday folks!! Oh, almost forgot, I don’t have a red throbbing eyeball anymore! Woohoo! XD

Dragging Thursday + Pens of The Week

MOOD: (Drowsy)
Quote Of The Day: “WHAT?? You know you’re not suppose to have ice cream right now!! I’m gonna poke you to death!” -Kenny

I am so effin’ tired!! I thought I slept well last night too! WTF?? Well I don’t really know if I did or not. I know that dreaming occurs in REM sleep, which is deep sleep but every time I spend the whole night dreaming, I wake up feeling restless and tired. Like my brain was working overtime creating these scenarios that don’t make sense. Last night I had a dream about someone building a house on foundation that wasn’t laid properly?? WTF is that?? Why am I dreaming about construction? *FAILS*

Because of my lack of sleep, I’ve been grouchy. I think I’m grouchy this morning too. I can’t tell. Kenny is knocked out, and he’s having mattress issues again. I told him a million times to just give up and buy a new mattress. Ugh!! Right now I feel drowsy, like I’m drugged up but I’m not. I only wish I was. And I actually feel a headache. Besides that, my eyeball is also red. WTF!! I’ve got all kinds of issues going on. I don’t know what’s up with the red eyeball. I think my contact is irritated. I keep on rubbing it, and putting in eye drops but it’s not really working. >_> I know its not pink eye, because it doesn’t itch or anything, it just feels hot, and I think I can feel my eye pressure went up too. Ugh. -___-;; reason A kept on making me put ice on it yesterday to cool it down. Isn’t that ghetto?? I have an overheated eyeball!! FML! >_<

I texted Kenny last night that I have a confession to make. But I told him I’d wait til this morning to tell him, and he remembered to ask. Of course he would. >_> I told him my confession is that I had an ice cream yesterday. >_< It was one of those Magnum Double Caramel Bars. That was actually my first time having one, and it was only cuz I had a $2 off coupon for a pack. Kenny started lecturing me about not being a “good girl” cuz I’m still on my womanly duties, and technically I’m not suppose to eat cold stuff. It makes me cramp up more. For some reason, having le hubby lecture me about what not to eat during my period is rather endearing yet embarrassing at the same time. >_>

I am glad that it is finally Thursday. Its rather slow moving but we are slowly but surely pushing through the week. Kenny gets tomorrow off again. That bastard. Lol. But he went to bed at a decent hour tonight cuz he’s getting up early tomorrow to watch the NBA Finals. ROFLMAO!! It’s a live broadcast over there, so he has to get up around 8am to watch it. He doesn’t have a team he’s really rooting for, but I think he’s kinda pulling for the Heats. Lol. How about he’s forcing me to watch it with him! Nooo!! I’m not much of a basketball fan. -___-;;

Since I’ve been busy with random shit, I haven’t had time to post my pens of the week!! To recap, I am pulling out all my old pens to give them some uniformed lovin’. Just a weeks worth of use, which is not much cuz I find myself using the same pens I always use. >_> *FAILS* But at least it’s an attempt. This week’s pens are Staedtler 9824’s. Which are 1.6mm!! They line is called Maxum, they’re ballpoint.

You can imagine, this thing is super thick! Lol. I like my pens bold or AT LEAST medium point. Fine point pens are the devil. >_> I admit these are a bit too thick, even for me, but they actually write alright! The darker colors are way smoother than the light colors. Here’s what they look like in writing.

As you can see, the first four colors are ok (the purple skipped a little), but the lighter colors are not so readable. Booo!! Bad part is you kinda have to bare down on them to get the ink flowin’ a bit. Especially the first time it touches paper, and then it starts flowing alright, for some 6 year old pens, these write pretty good. Lol. Of course I still soaked them in hot water to help them out a bit. XD Definitely not my favorite though. -__-;; #gelsforlife