And On This Day, No Sperm Shall Be Wasted!!!

Quote Of The Day: “I’m driving to work, but I can’t even wait til then, I had to call you and tell you this now!” -Intern Jon

So I don’t know how many of you listen to The Bert Show in the mornings. It’s a morning radio show in the metro Atlanta area. I’m not really sure how far out it stretches, but I believe it is syndicated and can be heard in multiple cities and states. So Intern Jon is also an avid listener of this show. He come into work later on certain days. I usually get to work around 7:40am, that means I only listen to The Bert Show from like 6ish til about 7:30am. This morning around 9:30am, my Intern Jon calls me. He is so dumbfounded and in shock of the topic that they were discussing on the show this morning that he had to call and tell me about it AS he is driving into work!! That’s how freakin’ shocking it was that he couldn’t even wait another 30 minutes to tell me! Lol.

So how about a listener said that she was wondering if it was weird that she did this one thing. She said she really wanted to have a baby but her boyfriend was like 100% against it. So how about after they “do it”, she secretly goes to the trash and fishes out his condom and tries to put his spermies in herself to impregnate herself!! WTF??? But get this, she told this to her mom, who then in turn corrected her and told her the correct way to do it is to suck up the spermies with a turkey baster and insert it in herself that way!! Then the next day, her mom dropped her off a turkey baster!!

Exactly!!! As Intern Jon is telling me this hot mess story over the phone my mouth is just dropped open and the whole time I’m just like WTF!! We were both screaming at each other over the phone!! I don’t know what is more disturbing!! The fact that this dumb bitch is trying this hard to procreate, or that she’s willing to dig in the trash for some spermies, or that she’s ok with telling her mom this plan, or that her mom effin’ CORRECTS HER and gives her a turkey baster to implement said new plan!! WTF!!!

Is that how her mom got pregnant with her?? See, its crazy ass bitches like this that make all men think women are effin’ crazy!! If you are a dumbass bitch, please do not procreate! You need to get your tubes tied!! We don’t need more little crazy ass bitches running around! What in the name of Medea made you think it was ok to do something like that?? I pity the BF in this situation, cuz one ya’ll aren’t married, two, he isn’t ready to take care of a child. So he’s doing the right thing by using protection and this is what crazy ass bitches do??

Intern Jon said that some men are so paranoid these days that they’ll tie off the condom afterwards, and take it with them to be disposed somewhere else!! Auhhh!!! That’s about as crazy as it gets for a morning show folks. Thank God I already had breakfast a good 3 hours before hearing this. Ugh. What I’m more disturbed about now is that I’ll never be able to see a turkey baster the same anymore. O__O;; *GULPS* Technically its still going into the same place, just a different bird. #ohshit >_> To summarize up the story, I have an illustration, and ya’ll know I love illustrating. >_>


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