Random Juse Quirk: The Illusion Of Water

MOOD: (Like WTF)
Quote Of The Day: “What kind of problem is that? Thirsty but not thirsty?” -reason A

So I’m a pretty odd ball person no doubt. I have the oddest habits. But there is this one thing that I have yet to encounter someone else have. So just like my “Juse Evaluations”, and “Juse Pet Peeves” series, I’ve decided to do another one called “Juse Random Quirks” cuz I realized I have many. >_> Hey, hey… No judging!!

So here’s what the water illusion issue is. When I’m thirsty, I always ask reason A to pour me a glass of water. I know, I’m a lazy ass and I’m spoiled. Tell me something I don’t know for a change. >_> But the problem is, I’ll be thirsty as hell, and that’s why I ask her to get me some water, but then when she hands it to me, I always just tell her to put it on the table, and guess what? I never drink it!!! WTF is that?? Like I literally forget that I’m thirsty! And this isn’t a one time occurrence, this happens LITERALLY every single time. She always pours me water, and I always don’t drink it even though I’m really thirsty!! Reason A was like WTF is your problem?? I thought you were thirst?? And then I’m like I am!! So she’s like but you haven’t drank your water! So that’s when I realize that I haven’t! What the heck?? So apparently, just the sight of her handing me the water is enough to quench my thirst!! Ahaha!! That’s so super gay and retarded!! Its gotten so bad that now when she hands me water, she stands over me and guards me as I drink it to make sure I don’t forget again!! How the hell do you forget you are thirsty?? Such an epic fail!! I don’t know of anyone else that’s like that!

I’m the same way at work too!! I’m forever pouring water, but then it just sits on my desk and it never occurs to me to drink it! Like right after I set it down on my desk, I go do other stuff, just like I had a sip already and am not thirst but in reality, I didn’t even touch it! FML.


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