Happy Memorial Day + Being Lazy + Egg Mask

MOOD: (Bummified)
Quote Of The Day: “I saw the rabbits again!! But they weren’t doing it! What a shame.” -Juse

Man it feels good to not have to take my ass to work, but why do I feel like asswipe? I wonder if its cuz I’ve been lying around too long, and now my body is sore from lack of movement. *FAILS* Like literally I am sore all over, like I just ran a marathon. Maybe it’s from Saturday when me and Kenny video chatted, and we were jumping up and down all over the place and acting a fool and my body is just acting up? Humz…

I was pretty much a bum all day. All I did was sleep, eat, talk to Kenny, watched some daytime TV, and ate and slept some more. I did manage to squeeze in a hair mask which I hate with a raging passion. Basically its washing your hair with egg. Its suppose to be super nutritious for your scalp, and since I have fine and pathetic hair, reason A makes me do an egg mask once a week, and I CAN’T stand it!! Its literally just rubbing a raw egg in your hair. Can you imagine?? It’s the nastiest thing ever. You massage it into your hair, and then wrap a hot towel on it for 20 minutes to let it absorb and then rinse it off. Ugh. That and the fact that I work on Monday is why I usually hate Sundays. This time, since I did it on a Monday, I hate Mondays too. Wait… I’ve always hated Monday. O_o *FAILS*

Well since its Memorial Day, its only right for me to thank all the men and women now and before who have ever served this country and gave us our freedom so that I can sit my fat ass in front of the computer and blog about absolutely nothing. Your service and sacrifice is greatly appreciated and I salute you! Yays. I hope you guys got to spend time with family, got a great meal, and was honored the right way today.

Tomorrow its back to work as usual, which I am not looking forward to, but since it is a shorter work week, I am actually ok with it. I think Bossman might even be out of town. Or at least that’s what I’m praying. >_>


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