Happy Birthday Lili + Epic Hair Fail Day

MOOD: (Drowsy)
Quote Of The Day: “The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” -Lucile Ball

Ok, so last night I didn’t sleep well. I actually slept late even though I had vowed to sleep early, cuz I’ve been going to bed late all this week. But last night was the start of SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance) which is my favorite show, hands down. So after dinner and watching that and showering, and packing for work the next day, I got to bed kinda late. Not only that, I had a weird dream about my neighbor’s next door. I dreamt that they came over to “chat” and that whole thing was weird, cuz we’re not very close neighbors. Although we always greet each other in the yard, and I get them Christmas presents, we don’t talk otherwise. I don’t know their names or anything. All I know is that it’s a pretty normal family. Husband, wife, two sons and a cat. In my dream, they all came over, sat around my sofa and were chatting to me and reason A about life. WTF? It was just weird. >_>

Anyways, so after I woke up from my dream, I had this pounding headache. I mean it was borderline migraine, and I’ve never even had a migraine so I don’t know what it feels like but I’m assuming it feels like this. I should have taken some painkillers and went back to bed, but I was so tired, that I just turned to my side and went back to sleep. When I woke up this morning, my head was still pounding. No clue what it was from, but man that was painful. I took two painkillers before leaving for work, and its much better now.

So I don’t know if the headache threw me off, but this morning I did something retarded. -___-;; So since my hair is long now, when I wake up in the morning, first thing I do is tie my hair up. I hate having my hair down when its long, I hate the feeling of hair all up in my face, and it makes me more sleepy. So I always tie it up in a hot mess ponytail and then do my daily routine. Then after I do my make up base (since I actually do the makeup part in the car >_>) I do my hair, as the last thing. I kinda over slept this morning by 10 minutes, and my head hurt, so I guess I was thrown off. When I got to work this morning, I saw the reflection of myself in the window as I’m opening the door and I was like “Oh shit!! I forgot to comb my hair!!” *FAILS* Literally, I looked like this:

So yeah!! I was walkin’ into work lookin’ like that!! WTF!! So I checked around for people, the coast was clear, and I hurried and ran in the building and made a straight shot for the restroom!! Crap!! No comb or brush with me!! I had a comb in my bag which I dropped off at my desk. But I heard footsteps so I knew co-workers were starting to trickle in!! I can’t risk going back out there!! No!!! The problem is, I don’t have typical Asian hair. Meaning the sleek and straight black hair. I have nappy hair!! No I’m not a mixed baby. Though right about now I would argue that I’m mixed with some “Oh Shit” and “FML”. *FAILS* So I had no choice but to make best with what I had. Le Fingers. >_> I tried my best to comb my fingers through my hair to make it even and get rid of the major bumps.

I can’t believe I forgot to comb my hair!! Since its long, I’ve just been putting it up in a ponytail anyway, but of course a more “polished” version, combing down my fly-aways, and pulling out some bangs and stuff, not this hot mess I walked into work with today!! OMFG. I think I forgot cuz it “felt” right, since it was up, so I didn’t even realize I hadn’t combed it yet, and I don’t have a habit of looking in the mirror before I leave the house. >_< Thank God no one saw me, that was ridiculously embarrassing!! This is just as bad if not worse than the time that I almost walked out the house with no pants. @___@;; But that shall be another post. >_>

Today is Lili’s birthday!! Happy Birthday Lili!! Of course, as expected; here’s a history of us.

History of Me & Lili:
I don’t remember what year it was we met. Must have been my sophomore or junior year of college?? We both went to GSU. I met her in accounting class. She was sitting next to a guy I knew at the time named Jake. Do not ask me how I met Jake, cuz I don’t remember at all. I don’t think I had any other class with him other than this accounting class. Math was never my thing, so this was definitely my least favorite class at the time. I don’t remember when we started talkin’ but eventually I became the person everyone mooched off of for answers. Lol!! How ironic that I was the most clueless one yet everyone was cheating off of me? Nice. I can’t remember what I got in that class. Point is we all passed I believe.

Lili was also a marketing major so then we had another couple of marketing classes together. And one with her and her brother. That was a boring yet fun class we had. Boring cuz of the material, but fun cuz our teacher was Dutch, and he said back home in his country he owned a fried chicken franchise store! Ahahaha!! Our marketing professor sold fried chicken!! WTF!? XD I can’t remember if we had any other classes together or not. But since I’m a slacker, Lili graduated a semester before me I believe. After we graduated, we had a period where we didn’t really contact. But Lili has always been good about reaching out to me. She contacted me on Facebook and then later sent me occasional emails. Then there was a period where we would email each other like five page long emails back and forth all day venting about anything and everything!! Mostly about our relationships, or my failed ones at the time, and my finances.

Lili really should have studied accounting or finance in college. She’s really good at budgeting and financing!! Although I still don’t have my finances together, she has heavily influenced me in how I make my “better” decisions in recent years. When I first started dating Kenny, Lili was pretty skeptical. I guess everyone was at the time. She told me about her encounters with similar situations and how they failed her. She also referred to my many failed encounters before Kenny. She was with me through all my epic fails, and not really consoled me but rather whacked me upside the head with a bat each and every time!! Lol. But she was also the person who was the happiest for me once she realized how serious it had become, and also when I went to go visit Kenny for the first time. Lol. I know she’s a true friend cuz she cares for my well-being, even if she’s rude about it. Ahahah!!

Lili is super ditsy. She reminds me of an Asian Katie. But she’s hilarious!! Last year, I got to attend Lili’s wedding! That was exciting to watch a close friend get married. I’m glad I got to share that moment with her and I was truly happy for her cuz I knew that was what she had wanted for so long. I think although we rarely hang out, we are still very close, cuz we have shared many things together. Although she is much busier now as the wifey, we’ll still text occasionally and of course, text and email if something dramatic comes up. I appreciate how brutally honest she is as a friend, and I value her. Happy Birthday Lili!! I heart you!! Lol. (*Whacks you)


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  1. Sandy, you know I haven’t been following your blog b/c of work restrictions. After work, I just “don’t have time” to catch up with your blogs. Remember how you mentioned in few blogs that you were just rambling? I catch myself screaming (in my head) “OMG!!!! Shut up already, Sandy! Why is your blog sooo long!” Some days, I honestly get tired of reading it, LOL. *puts halo on* When I saw your blog titled “Happy Birthday Lili,” I knew I had to read it b/c you were going to detail our history. I was quite disappointed when you started the blog with your hair (If you looked like the cat, then I would’ve loved to see it, haha!) Anyway, I thought to myself, “*Sigh* I guess I’m not one of Sandy’s close friends b/c she didn’t mention me anymore in the blog…” Then when I saw my name, I WAS SO HAPPY SANDY!! What you said was super sweet!! *hug hug*
    Seeing that I’m “blunt and rude” kinda hit home with me. Sean made me cry yesterday w/o realizing it. He first made me cry nearly a year ago when he said, “You think you’re better than everyone.” I burst into tears b/c it hurt so much. A month ago, we planned a going away dinner with Mike/Emily. Then the following week, I planned a lady’s night out, and I invited Lourie (bro’s ex) Steve cancel led the Mike/Emily dinner at the last min b/c his boss was in town, and he rescheduled it for the SAME night that I was going out with the ladies. Steve said, “That’s ok, kill two birds with one stone.” I agreed, and decided not to tell the girls b/c I didn’t want to have to reschedule again. On the day of dinner, I was texting Lourie back and forth, and explained that there’ll be two parties there. She was OK with it! Two of Steve’s friends decided to come, so it was ten of us. The girls all sat on one end, and Lourie was three seats down from me. It was REALLY hard for me to participate in two separate conversations but I tried my best.
    On Wednesday night, my older bro took us out for my birthday. Shortly after Sean arrived, he said
    Sean: You made Lourie feel uncomfortable
    Me: What? When, how?
    Sean: She said you ignored her at dinner, and that you called her “my brother’s ex.” (Then he shakes his head.) You need to be nicer to her.
    Me: What?!!
    Sean: She said you should’ve invited her as your friend, not “my bros ex gf” She was very uncomfortable.

    Steve did agree with Sean that I should’ve called her a “friend,” but he also defended me by saying, “Tell Lourie that your sister wants to show her some kickboxing moves.” Steve laughed but my bro didn’t. haha
    That made me mad. I can’t believe she’s such a drama queen and making such a big deal. When I got home, I was still heated. I decided that I was going to email her, and apologize. Of course I thought about chewing her out too, but I needed to be kind and mature about it. I couldn’t believe I had to apologize to her!! I texted Sea…
    Me: I’m going to email her tomo to clear the misunderstanding, and don’t worry, I’ll be professional. Im going to do it regardless of what you say bc it doesn’t sit well w/ me when someone bad mouths me or misunderstand me. Maybe I can copy you in the email (kidding) so you know I wasn’t being mean
    Sean: Just don’t make it worse. She didn’t bad mouth you, just said she was uncomfortable.
    Me: Oh stop it! I’m not going to make it worse!

    I was so upset that he keeps defending her and attacking me. I emailed Lourie at 9am and didn’t hear from her for hours. I thought, “Hmm, chicken. She has nothing to say to me…or she’s probably calling me a bitch.”
    At 1:45pm
    Sean: U emailed Lourie yet? Shes out of town so not sure she’ll see ur email until end of week. Please be mindful of what you’re putting in the email.
    Me: Oh stop it..im very mature and nice about it. YOU stop thinking im a bad person.
    (By saying “oh stop it,” I was nice. I really wanted to scream at him bc he was making me mad.)
    Sean: She already thinks that you don’t like her, so try not to make her feel that way.
    Me: Dude!! She wont! I was super nice and apologetic in the email. She will appreciate it! Tell her to stop thinking that everyone (ie Mom) dislike her. This is how drama and discomfort between everyone starts
    Sean: Haha, ok. I just dono about you sometimes. Sometimes you act midang.
    Me: Whatever. I don’t act midang! U dono me then!
    Sean: Yes you do. At GSU u used to push me on the bus into those midang ppl
    Me: That’s not acting black and I honestly don’t remember that…and stop comparing me to college. Im an gel!!! (I was trying to brighten the conv, but I was nearly in tears.)
    Sean: Lol. Ure not an angel. U know u have attitude sometimes…u got that when we got raised in Macon
    Me: Ok whatever u want to think about me (By this time, I couldn’t take it anymore. I was in tears at my desk)
    Sean: 
    Me: Blahh…all u do is say mean stuff to me and make me such a bad person..
    Sean: I do not!!!
    My email to Lourie
    “Morning Lourie,
    How r u?
    Email isn’t the best form of comm., as it may be misinterp, but I don’t like drama or confrontation, so this is the only comfortable way for me. I hope u wont take anything im about to say personal or offensive.

    I had a family dinner last night, and Sean brought to my attn that I “ignored u and made u feel uncomfortable” at our girls night out. (Theres no need to get mad at him for spilling the beans. Hes just doing his part by defending and caring for u.) Although what he did was right, and I needed to know that I was at fault, hearing it was uncomf for me, and it was hurtful. (I put that in there so that I wasn’t kissing her ass in the email…and it really did hurt me.)

    I want to apologize for making u feel that way. To clarify, Ive always known u as “Seans gf,” and when I intro u to Dale as “Seans ex,” it was the first thing that came to mind. I didn’t mean anything by it. I guess in my mind I was still trying to tie u in w/ Sean? In addition, I explained the double booking conflict to u before dinner, and it was really hard for me to socialize w/ both groups at the same time. I tried my best to engage in both conv and would have never intentionally “ignored” anyone. (Makes me mad that I had to apologize and explain that part b/c ud think she understood, and I had already told her there’d be two groups of ppl…so tell me that u’re ok with it, then say behind my back that I ignored u! What a freakin immature baby!)
    Its necessary that I explained myself as part of being a mature adult. Its also important that I build a better character of myself by admitting fault and asking u for ur forgiveness. I just wanted to let u know who I really am – I am not a mean or rude person.
    Hope u understand and we can move forward from it. Have a good day!

    Anyway, I guess we met in Accounting. I don’t remember taking that class with Jake. But we were walking into class in the first row, and I saw you in the second row. Man, you looked MEAN. Then Jake said hi to you, and he later introduced us. And we’ve taken MANY classes together!! Advertising, Basic Marketing, where I helped u for once on the test!! I kicked u when u bubbled in the wrong answer, lol. Remember the buff white guy that sat a couple seats down from me, and when I told him that I went to Opera too (that’s where he worked) he totally ignored me, lol. He thought I was hitting on me…but I was somewhat, lol. We took Decision Science (and I cheated BIG time) Real Estate, Retail (w/ David Vu and Kathy Chong..and remember the girl that sat in front of David who had her crack showing EVERYDAY, lol!!) I don’t remember that our Real Estate prof was Dutch, but he did say that one word differently, and funny like! I cant think of the word, but it was the MOST boring class ever!! I remember wanting to take every class w/ u b/c we were like BFFs!  Welps, I love being an asian ditz, lol. Thanks for being in my life still b/c I really value our friendship and I love u!! 

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