Boogie On Down To Uselessville…

MOOD: (Arg)
Quote Of The Day: “Thank God I’ve never encountered a dude with a fat Chinese girl fetish.” -Juse

So last night I had a very long text convo with le homie Runa. It was great!! It would have been even better if we could have sat down over some happy juice, cuz we realized how much crazy stuff we both had experienced, and were wowing each other over stories of ourselves, our stalkers and our loves. In that order. Lol. Can’t wait to hang out with her when she’s back in town.

This week has flown by pretty quickly, AND this is a long weekend cuz Monday is Memorial Day so I get the day off!! Thank you Baby Jesus!! Actually I don’t know that I get it off, but I’m going to assume that I do, since we get it off every year, it is a federal holiday, and I haven’t been told otherwise. >_> I don’t plan on coming in no matter what. If they ended up working and I two step my way to work on Tuesday and get confronted about it, I’m just gonna say that I was memorializing someone dear to my heart. They’ll be like WTF, that’s so ambiguous, is she talkin’ about family? Can we yell at her or no? Lol. XD

I’m glad that we get a long weekend, cuz today I just got news that I’m going to be going through some hell for the next 2 weeks. It’s a long story but let’s see if we can cut it short. I have 3 Interns right now. Intern Roger, Intern Jon, and Intern Avril, aka Bambi. Intern Roger has been with me for the longest. I would say over a year. Technically he’s not an intern anymore, he’s full time employed, but once you’re my intern, in my eyes you will forever be an intern. Intern Jon came next. He’s approaching a year I believe. He’s fun to be around, and we chat it up all the time, but work ethic wise, Intern Roger has him beat by a landslide. Intern Avril has been here for about 3 weeks, and another guy came the same time she did, which is Intern Joe. He no longer interns with me, because he was not hired for over here. He’s suppose to replace the M.O.D. in our Mississippi office, who quit. He was just training with me for 2 weeks to get familiar with the paperwork and stuff. I hope I’m not losing anyone here with all the names. >_>

The M.O.D. at the time in Mississippi was named William. He quit about 2 months ago. It was on very short notice, and he left on bad terms, so we weren’t prepared. We hadn’t had time to hire someone to replace him yet, so Bossman asked me if I could recommend someone from my team to go. Of course, I recommend my work BFF who is Intern Roger. He’s very ambitious and I thought this would be a good chance for him to practice and show off his skills. Maybe he’ll get a promotion after Bossman sees how great he is! So with that said, they shipped off Intern Roger to Mississippi. I was of course handicapped for a little while afterwards, cuz I’m so use to having such a useful person by me.

Intern Roger has been there for about 2 months now. So we finally hired someone to replace William, which is Intern Joe. But after 2 weeks of training with Intern Joe, we realized that he isn’t good for anything, but since his trial period isn’t up yet, we kept him. This past week, he got shipped to Mississippi for formal training. Well, beside the fact that he’s making enemies over there, he also isn’t learning anything. Honestly it’s just an attitude issue. He thinks he’s Mr. Know it All. Well guess what?? No one is gonna waste their precious time to teach you if you keep rolling your eyes, and interrupting them!! I tried to tell him a few things and he was so damn nonchalant about it, I just said, you know what? Screw you. Figure that shit out yourself. Ugh!!

Problem comes when the other day, Intern Roger got news that his Grandma passed away. He has to request some time off to pay respect to her. That basically just leaves Intern Joe to fend for himself, which is an “Oh shit!” moment cuz he’s only been there 3 days, and has learned absolutely nothing. Intern Roger already booked his ticket to fly back home, therefore he can’t help Up The Ass With No Jelly Joe. Yes I typed that whole phrase out. >_> So guess what?? My ass gets to do that job!! WTF!!!?? Yeah. Unfortunately for the next two weeks, my life will be a living hell, because I will have to not only do what my daily job entails, but also manage the office in Mississippi!! Now tell me how useless you have to be to actually be in that city and state and you can’t handle the work, and somebody a thousand miles away gotta handle your shit?? I need some happy juice before I pass out. X______X;;


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