Jacky Vs. Jacky

MOOD: (Cheerful)
Quote Of The Day: “If you and your partner’s sex drives don’t match, shit won’t work son!” -Ricky

When the weather is good on the weekends, me and reason A tend to bird watch. Yeah, cuz they’re all over our back yard. Economy is bad, even for birds so we’ve noticed that more and more are coming around for the free grub. I swear reason A needs to start charging them for this. At least have an EBT card or something!! Damn! Lol. There is one particular bird who has been around for a hot minute. We have dubbed him Jacky. We can tell them apart usually by how loud their voices are, how the little hairs on the top of their heads look, and how fat they are. Lol.

The reason we dubbed this one Jacky is cuz there is a famous Chinese singer called Jacky Cheung. And our Jacky the bird sings loud as shit. So obviously he thinks he has some good pipes. Therefore we’ve decided to name him after the famous singer. Let’s take a look.

Jacky Le Bird… >_>

So yeah. Its so hard to get a good picture of the birds, cuz if I get close then they fly away. I have GOT to start getting cameras with longer zooms. I think the longest zoom one I have is the BF cam, at about 5X, which is definitely not enough for birds, even if they are just in the backyard. But with that said, this is a pretty good shot of Jacky, no? He’s a mean S.O.B too. Ahaha. >_>


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