Happy Mother’s Day

MOOD: (Celebrating)
Quote Of The Day: “Aw man!! Today is Mother’s Day!!” -reason A

Mothers. Oh how we loath them. Lol!! We freakin’ love our moms! What am I talkin’ about?? Well anyone that knows anything about reason A knows how crazy she is and in turn, how rocky that makes our relationship. But we’ll definitely save the complaining for another day, cuz today is all about honoring her. Yup! And don’t you freakin’ love the picture!! This is totally me!! I always scream for reason A when I see a bug, yes even at my age!! I don’t care. Nobody comes to my rescue when I see a bug like Momma does!! Lol. Honestly I have to give her props for raising me all by herself. I know how hard it is being a single parent, and although I had to take on many adult responsibilities early, I still understand she did what she could and I respect her and am truly grateful for everything she’s ever done for me.

reason A is very over protective. But I know it’s only because she’s seen firsthand some of the cruelties of society and just wants to protect me from bad people and things. Because she’s dedicated her complete life to taking care of me, she has nothing else to fall back on. I am her everything, so she will no seize at anything to “protect” me. Motherly instinct of course. The thought of me venturing out in any realm of society scares her.

The only thing I really wish she would understand is that she raised a fine daughter! True I’m no doctor or lawyer or any other hugely successful Asian kid like everyone else I know, but I definitely turned out to be a good person if you ask me. She’s taught me about morals and values and the importance of a kind and genuine heart. She’s always taught me to work hard, and do things for myself, not others. These are lessons I will carry with me for life.

Holidays are always a pain for us. We tend to have bumpy ones. Today in general was pretty smooth. Meaning there were no arguments. Lol. I tend to have low expectations for holidays of any sort. We’ll leave the complaining for tomorrow. Happy Mother’s Day reason A!! I love you! ❤


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