Wendy’s Saves Juse + Nightmare + Fifty Shades Of Grey Bandwagon

MOOD: (Blah)
Quote Of The Day: “Aww, Poor Bambi, is she ok?” -Intern Jon

I almost died of starvation yesterday!! I always tell myself to skip lunch, but then I ALWAYS end up eating fast food on my drive home from work. That’s gotta be a bad idea. So technically I didn’t skip lunch, I just end up eating it super late. I don’t know how to describe it, but the hour and a half drive home is really painful. Boredom often car pools with me, and its unbearable. I’m not saying that I eat simply cuz I’m bored, because I am legitly hungry. Yes I just made that word up, shuddup. >_> But I occupy my time usually with listening to music, talkin’ on the phone, or in recent months, listen to audiobooks. With that said, I have listened to “The Hunger Games Trilogy” at least 100 times. X____X;; Technically its only cuz I can’t find Fifty Shades of Grey on audiobook. XD But because I’m not super busy doing something I tend to feel the hunger even more while driving, hence I always give in and eat while I’m driving home. *FAILS*

So on my way home, although I hate spending money on fast food, I had to stop by Wendy’s. It was a life or death situation at this point. >_> Thank God I had a coupon that saved my life. Lol. But why did I go home and still eat dinner? Ugh. #shootmeplease

Last night I went to bed super early. Being the middle aged woman that I am now, I find myself getting super tired and sleepy earlier. Lol. This isn’t a joke, this is for real. O__O;; So last night I went to bed around 9:30pm! Auhhhh!! Yes I said it! I’m going to bed earlier than most grandmas! This is pathetic. >_< But I was just SO tired yesterday. One thing I can tell you is that teaching folks sure does drain you. I was walkin’ Bambi (aka Intern Avril) through a lot of stuff yesterday, and she is just SO slow that she drains every drop of energy out of me! @____@;; If you think moving fast makes you tired, then try moving slower than normal!! It wears you out even faster!! >_<

So last night I had a bad dream. I guess you can say it was a nightmare, although there were no ghosts or goblins. I dreamt that I went to go visit Kenny again. This time reason A and Tanya came with me!! The nightmare part came in when throughout the whole dream, Kenny was being very rude and mean to reason A! I was deathly afraid that they were going to bust out in a fight or that she was gonna pull me aside and tell me that I’m not allowed to be with him. >_< And I was stressed out cuz he was really mean to her in my dream!! I don’t think that’s in his nature, but then again; everything was so realistic that I genuinely felt upset when I woke up! Deep down inside, this is a real fear of mine, but I try to tell myself not to think too much about it. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. >_<

Have you ever done that before?? Had a dream about someone that wasn’t pleasant and found yourself despising that person in real life when you see them? Ugh!! I was in such a crappy mood when I woke up this morning, and the fact that it’s been raining for almost a week straight is definitely not helping. >_<When Kenny called this morning, I was scared that I was going to snap on him. I was also afraid that I was gonna intentionally start an argument with him over my dream last night, and he’ll be confused as hell. @___@;; But it ended up like any other convo we had. That was close! Whew! Anyways… Moving on. >_>

What better way to perk up the boring, rainy week, than some good old fashion porn reading!! Lol. Ladies and gents, Juse is now reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James! Honestly being the immature and very naive person that I am, I’m not sure this is really suitable for my 5th grade reading level, but its pretty controversial right now so what the hell. Juse is controversial!! We’ll go well together! Lol. Actually as I was online browsing for the book, I came across an article that said that a Florida library has pulled this novel off its shelves and said that it “does not collect porn”. Ahaha!

I understand maybe the book is a little too S&M for conservative libraries, but we can’t judge people by things they like to read right? Its on the New York Times Best Seller for pete’s sake. That should be worth something! Wait, scratch that. Snooki’s book made it on the list too. -___-;; But anyways, I managed to get through chapter one a couple of minutes ago, and it’s pretty easy reading. Of course, mainly cuz I haven’t gotten to the erotic parts yet. Ahem. But E.L. James sure wasn’t joking when she said she isn’t some kind of deep writer. Ahaha. We’re talkin’ pretty simple vocab which makes for super easy reading. Too bad I haven’t found the audiobook version yet, or I’d have this book finished in a day. Ugh!! I’ll keep ya’ll updated! For a girl who’s only read less than ten books from cover to cover in all my years, this should be entertaining. @___@;;


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