Meet Intern Joe & Intern Avril

Quote Of The Day: “Do you feel like a proud Mommy?” -Intern Jon

Today, I got 2 new interns. Yes, go ahead and take a deep breath right now. If you keep up with my blog you know how my last intern went. >_> On Friday the Bossman dragged me back into the building by the ear for a quick surprise meeting, just as I was running for dear life. He told me that I’d be having 2 new interns on Monday. One would be staying only a couple of weeks with me, and the other, will stay the full internship, which is 3 months. So I was stressing out about this the whole weekend. Ya’ll just don’t know how much of a living hell Intern Emily made my life. She was here for the full internship and I hated every second of it. I honestly don’t mind teaching anybody anything and I am not the one to hog all the work, and leave you to fend for achievements yourself. You can ask any of my other interns Like Intern Kevin, or Roger, or Jon, they all love me. Hence, I think that the problem is that I don’t get along with females. *FAILS* But that’s not true either cuz I LOVED Intern Jojo, and me and her still talk and hang out! This means, it was just Intern Emily. She was evil. Lol.

So today I got to work with my two new interns. Let’s talk about first impressions. Please brace yourselves. >_>

Intern Joe:
Intern Joe is hired to actually work in our sister company in Mississippi. But since this is the main office, everyone trains here. He has some experience already under his belt, so he doesn’t have to do the full internship. He is about in his mid 30’s I guess. And if he is only in his late 20’s then he’s definitely not aging gracefully. Lol! I usually don’t judge by appearance #yesimlying But he looks pretty nerdy. Which is fine if you really are the studious type and all. >_> Intern Joe unfortunately just has the looks part. *FAILS* I honestly am pretty quick to judge which I know is a bad habit, but I can’t help it. As I am trying to explain stuff to him, he interrupts me with “uh huh’s”, and that drives me nuts. I’d rather you just nod, instead of feeling the need to respond to everything I say with a verbal response of something insignificant like an “uh huh”. -___-;; Hence I can tell he is going to be one of “those”. And in “those” I am referring to a “I think I know some shit” person. Ugh!! Today I really tried to minimize my speech with him. I told him what I’m obligated to tell him, but other than that, this buddy is definitely on his own. >_>

Intern Avril:
Ok, I actually saw her when she came in to interview last week. After her interview, the Bossman said “I’m mad I was talkin’ to a mouse the whole time. >_>” To say she is soft spoken, would be an understatement. The girl doesn’t talk!! She squeaks!! WTF! Like she is this tiny little woman, maybe 80lbs soaking wet and has this tiny little squeaky voice that you can barely hear even if your ear was touching her lips. >_> She is the sweetest and most polite person ever, but I have no idea what we are going to do about her voice. I told her what my name was, and she still says “excuse me” instead of saying my name every time she needs my attention. Ahaha!! Poor thing. So to get her to practice her vocal range, we decided to get her to do a couple of cold calls on clients to one, familiarize her with our services, and two; to get her to stretch her voice a little. We showed her how to do it, and what to say, and sent her on her way.  An hour later, she comes back to me and says, she’s nervous cuz she doesn’t know what to say since she’s never cold called before. That’s understandable, so I said, “Do you want me to do a test run for you so you can hear how it goes?” She nodded rapidly. So I randomly picked a client and did a call, with her standing next to me. After the call, I said “Ok, so that’s how it goes. Got it?” She just stared at me. Oh dear. That’s when I knew she probably didn’t get it. Ahaha. I told her don’t worry, just try it out. Remember we are working with a mouse voice here. >_<

I had a lot of patience for her cuz she was really modest and timid, which is way more than I can hope for after what I had to deal with in terms of Intern Emily. I told her to give it a try. As I’m sitting at my desk, I stare out at her, and an hour has passed but she still hasn’t made a call yet. She keeps holding the sheet of paper with the numbers on it, and is just not calling. Me and Intern Jon are texting back and forth.

Me: Ok, she’s very timid, this cold calling thing is definitely not in her comfort zone. Lol
Intern Jon: Yeah, did she ever get one started?
Me: Not yet, she’s scared to pick up the phone, although I just did one to get her started.
Intern Jon: Awww… Hahahaha…
Intern Jon: I feel like she’s 10 years old going to her first day at work.
Me: Screw work! Its like taking your kid to kindergarden on the first day! All she needs is a PowerPuff Girl’s backpack with her name on it written real big. O_O
Intern Jon: And a lunch box!
Me: OMG yes! The metal kind and a pack of 68 Crayolas cuz we big pimpin’!
Intern Jon: With the sharpener in the box!
Me: Oh snap! And those super fat #2 pencils like a boss!

Then the funny part comes. Intern Avril came back to me and asked me “Do I have to use the phone that’s on my desk?” So I’m thinkin’ to myself, well what phone are you trying to use? So I said, “Uh, is there something wrong with it?” How about she busted out and said “I… I just wanted to make calls in private. Can I make them in like the kitchen?” I about fell out my seat. First of all, where in this office do you see a kitchen?? Do you mean the breakroom?? *FAILS* I didn’t mean to, but I busted out laughing cuz it was just too cute!! All I wanted to do was pet her. She was just way too precious. I told her “Its gonna be alright, eventually you’ll get thick skin and you won’t think anything of it! Lol.” She had this look on her face like she was about to throw up. >_<

Intern Jon: I wonder if this is how she really is even after she’s comfortable.
Me: I think this is just how she is. O__O;; She reminds me of the Disney movie “Bambi”.
Intern Jon: Seriously though right!!?
Me: Uh oh, she just picked up the phone! After like an hour of contemplation! We’re making progress!
Me: Nevermind, she just hung up. -___-;;
Intern Jon: She hasn’t formed a sentence longer than 3 words to me yet.
Me: I know. She knows my name, yet she still says “excuse me” instead of my name each time. @__@;;
Intern Jon: That’s just too cute.
Me: She apparently dialed 2 numbers so far, but hasn’t spoken.  Either no one is picking up or she’s still in “practice mode”. Ahaha.
Me: I feel like a proud Mommy who’s baby just took her first steps. But they’re lopsided. *FAILS*
Intern Jon: Ahahaha. Its ok! That’s how they learn to walk!
Intern Jon: She so quiet!!!!
Me: OMG, I’m just calling her Bambi from now on. >_<
Intern Jon: Hahahaha!!
Me: Literally if it was a fight between her and an ant, I would put 50 bucks on the ant.
Intern Jon: Now you know that’s not even fair for Bambi. >_>
Me: I give Bambi 2 weeks. She’s averaging one cup of hot tea for every phone call she’s making. Oh boy…
Intern Jon: Hahahah!! She needs to calm her nerves??
Me: Poor thing, but she’s getting the hang of it now! She was so proud, she said “I’m feelin’ ok!” I was like well yays! Lol.
Intern Jon: Hahah! Do you feel like a proud Mommy?
Me: I do! I do!
Intern Jon: Hahaha! You need to give her a gold star!
Me: I know!! Who’s going out for ice cream today!! XD
Intern Jon: Ahahaha.
Me: My baby girl did good today! She made a total of 3 phone calls!
Intern Jon: Aww!! Yay Bambi! Good first day of school!
Me: I know! I’m so proud!!

So in conclusion, we think that Bambi is adorable!! Ahahaha!!


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