Le Good Mood + Instagram Cam-Whoring

MOOD: (Happy)
Quote Of The Day: “Oh, and one more thing… I love you.” -Kenny

In a rarity, I didn’t have to make a trip to the store yesterday after work. I always find myself having to run to the store to pick up one thing. reason A makes sure that I go to the store and buy ONE thing everyday. I kid you not. I already explained to her that it wears me out to have to make runs like that EVERYDAY and it’s a waste of gas. True, these stores are all on my way home if you wanna call it that, but that doesn’t mean stopping everyday in traffic is convenient. I was so super sleep yesterday, cuz I slept late the night before. I vowed last night that I would go to bed earlier. So when it was time to head home, I hauled ass since the Bossman wasn’t at work yesterday which meant that I could get off work on time. So sad to think that he has to be absent in order for me to get off work at a decent hour. WTF. >_>

So anyways, I was eating dinner around 8ish, and Kenny called. He didn’t get online the night before cuz he had to work late. Once again, reason A had the poker face on cuz she hates when he happens to call when I’m eating, or watching tv, or sleeping, or breathing for that matter. >_< I always pick up his calls, so I picked it up and reason A gave me “the look”. Lol. I was quick with him and told him I was eating, which he always feels bad about interrupting so he hangs up quickly. I felt bad, cuz I didn’t even say goodnight or anything to him, and just was like “bye” and hung up. *FAILS* Its rather awkward to be all lovey dovey on the phone with him when I’m sitting next to a poker face reason A, or any face reason A for that matter. >_> Of course I sent him a text before bed telling him goodnight like I always do. I guess he got busy so he didn’t call back.

This morning when he called to wake me up, he was in a super good mood. I don’t even know why cuz he had a shitty day at work. *FAILS* I’m just going to tell myself it was cuz he was just happy to hear my voice. Lol. =P He is so adorable when he wants to be. Right smack in the middle of our conversation of something completely irrelevant, he was like “Oh, and one more thing…” I was like “Huh?” And he said “I love you…” I was like AWWWW!!!

Lol!! He was being super sweet, which put me in a good mood, and then out the blue he busted out with, “To bad I’m not there, cuz we could have morning sex, and that’ll put you in a GREAT mood.” Ahahaha!! WTF!! That horny bastard! So in other words he was only being sweet cuz he wanted to “get some”. *SUPER FAILS* >_< How typical of the male species. Ahaha. Well since the Bossman is back today, no more fun and games, its back to work. Although I did find time to randomly download shit online. Ahaha. #winning I can’t wait til the weekend, when I get to sleep in. Somehow although I don’t ever have any plans for the weekend, and basically just stay at home like a bum, I still can’t help but get excited about it simply cuz it means I don’t have to work. O_o

Well anyways, this is random, but I went to the store on Tuesday, and couldn’t help but cam-whore there. Juse’s cam-whore random tip: “Never waste good lighting!!” Lol. Hence, le cam-whore photo. >_> OMFG I am so in love with PS actions right now. They have the prettiest damn filters ever. I think this is the prettiest pic I’ve taken, thus far. Lol. Happy Thursday folks!! ^^;;



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