Juse Evaluations: Kellogg’s New Special K Cracker Chips

MOOD: (Tasting)
Quote Of The Day: “Fell asleep on the plane in the exact same position as Rick. We looked so cute it made me uncomfortable, so I made sure to switch it up.” -Tim

Time for another Juse evaluation folks!! I hope my blog doesn’t start turning all “commercial” and shit cuz I keep doing evaluations. I’d much rather be bloggin’ about my daily drama, but for the few days where I have no drama to report it is rather refreshing. Lol. XD So I am still in the search for some “healthier” snacks. Remember me?? The fries and chips whore?? (*Points at self) Yeah. >_> Today’s product is Kellogg’s New Special K Cracker Chips in Sea Salt flavor.

First of all. Call me old fashion but I don’t like my stuff all merged and shit. I know this is pretty popular now, starting with cuisine. Like how there are “Asian Fusion” restaurants and stuff. WTF is that?? Do they serve all Asian foods like a damn buffet?? That’s not kool. I guess it’s convenient to be able to try a lot of stuff in one place, but to me that just throws off the taste. You don’t get the authenticity; instead you get a “wannabe”. Oh shit, that kinda sorta rhymes. Lol. XD I know what I like and I don’t like it mixed in with random shit from another planet. So to me, there is such a thing as a cracker, and a thing called a potato chip. With that said…

I mean really?? Is it a cracker chip cuz its thin like a chip but tastes like a cracker?? Well guess what?? They got the opposite of those already. It’s called a thick cut potato chip or a thin cracker. WTF!! I am a chip fan and I am not a big cracker fan at all. You is just jackin’ up my chip and my mental psyche now cuz I am eating cracker chips thinking I’m gonna get full but I just get more hungry cuz the cracker so thin. FML. But since I decided to be a hypocrite and buy the cracker chips that I just spent 5 minutes cursing out. Let’s evaluate them. >_>

Same as the Pepperidge Farm ones I evaluated the other day. Box with a vacuum sealed bag inside with the cracker chips. Box picture to me was not that appealing. The logo is way too overpowering. I know that “K” thing is their symbol and all, but it just annoys the hell out of me. And the word “New” is taking up the whole top part instead of just a little starburst. Not a big fan of this at all, although it didn’t get in the way of the product itself, so I will still give it a PASS.

The cracker chips are crunchy and thin like a potato chip but tastes a little powdery like a cracker. Since its supposedly healthy, there’s not much salt on it and I like my stuff super salty so it didn’t win me over in the taste category. It made me feel like a really thin flattened out version of a Quaker Oaks rice cake. I swear to God that’s what it tastes like. I don’t like that dry feeling. It kept on making me wanna drink water. Lol. I would have to say taste and texture wise, it’s a FAIL.

I got these at Super Wally World for $2.88. I would say the price for the product is not that great cuz I could have gotten more crackers OR more chips with $2.88 had I went for one or the other. I think a bag of potato chips were like $1.99 or $2.50?? That’s large bag too. The crackers I got last time from Pepperidge Farms also lasted longer and they were only $2.50, hence this was not a good deal, and I murdered the whole box in less than a day cuz it wasn’t much in there. So the price is a FAIL.

Well isn’t this a no brainer, I would NOT buy this again. Nothing about this product makes me go wow, the only thing it makes me go is WTF!! Lol. For all the product developers out there, if you run out of new product, don’t keep merging shit together and hope it sells. I’m sure there are health conscious people out there that think this is a great product, but I am not that health conscious nor do I think this is a good product, simply cuz if you were really that “healthy” then skip this all together and go chew on a carrot or something. Lol. That’s crunch too. XD So FAIL!

Never was a big Kellogg’s fan, including their cereals, but this just proves that their products cannot permanently move into my pantry. Sorry folks.


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