Da Bowl Lew + Hot Pot Treasure Hunting

MOOD:  (Ahaha)
Quote Of The Day: “Finally I was like, do you have a fax number?? I’ll just fax it. It’ll probably be faster. -__-;;” -Juse

Me and Kenny are such idiots. XD Please tell me why me and him were laughing so hard on the phone today, that I started crying and coughing and then I started laughing but no sound was coming out of me. Ahaha!! I would post what we were laughing about, but its just way more funny in Chinese. The whole point was he was poking fun at a client of his who sucked at English and couldn’t read off his email to him. Although it sounds mean, but had you heard how the client said it, you would flip out too. His pronunciation of the letter “W” came out as “da bowl lew”. Ahaha! *EPIC FAIL* And Kenny mumbled under his breath “There’s no English letter called da bowl lew. -__-” ROFLMAO!! Poor Chinese people. I do have to say, some of their English does fail ridiculously. Unfortunately I’ve had to deal with a lot of it too. I have to try really hard not to laugh in their face cuz I know I probably sound just as jacked up when I speak Chinese. Damn. >_>

Today me and reason A decided that we were gonna have hot pot. I don’t know how to describe hot pot in English. You can Google it. It’s basically like a Chinese version of Japanese Shabu Shabu. And if you don’t know what Shabu Shabu is, then screw you. Ahaha!! But how about me and reason A had to go to 4 different grocery stores to gather all the ingredients. WTF!! We went to MegaMart, they didn’t have the right meat or crabs. Then we went to Great Wall, but they didn’t have meat at all!! Then we went to H-Mart but their seafood sucked, and they didn’t have oyster!! Damn it!! So we ended up going to the Farmer’s Market where we got the rest of everything. I was so grumpy and worn out. Mainly cuz its still that time of the month, meaning I have cramps, feel bloated, and my back hurts. Ugh!! Not only that, but I hate shopping on the weekends when every place is packed, especially Asian stores! Auhhh!!! Where did all these damn Asians come from?? (*Whacks them like flies) >_< We contemplated on if we should just eat it tomorrow cuz it was past 8pm when we got home. Plus cooking meant we wouldn’t eat til 10pm, but I told reason A I am determined to eat it tonight!! After all that hard work?? Yes my ass is going to dig in like a damn pig!! I don’t give a shit!


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