Juse Extreme Couponing + Housewife In Training

MOOD: (Winning)
Quote Of The Day: “Did Mr. Teddy keep you company?” -Kenny

Yesterday I made a trip to Target and Megamart. Yet again we were out of groceries and also some personal stuffers. The drive in the beginning was alright, but then it started to pour. I hate having to shop in the rain, juggling the umbrella, shopping bags and shopping cart. Ugh!! 285 was backed up yesterday, and people in Atlanta can’t seem to damn drive in the rain, so I was running behind schedule. I had a stack of coupons for Target, a mixture of store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons, and I was gonna do what I’ve never done before, which was some extreme couponing!! Lol. If you’ve ever watched that show, you know how crucial it gets. Of course my measly few coupons would not compare, but it was kinda extreme for me since I’ve never used them before. Here are some of my thoughts about it. One, it is time consuming. No wonder mostly homemakers do this extreme couponing thing, cuz if you had a full time job, when the hell would you find time to do all this?? I’m not even talkin’ about the hours spent searching for relevant coupons! I’m just talkin’ about the “shopping” aspect of it!! For everything I had a coupon for, I had to carefully search the store for the item, then match the product to the coupon word for word to make sure I don’t make a damn fool of myself at the register.

I’ve worked retail before, and those customers that don’t damn READ are the most annoying. They think as long as the item is similar, you should let them have it for that price. Uh, no booboo, it doesn’t work that way. You cannot grab a bottle of 1982 Lafite, and bust out with your Publix store brand red wine coupon and ask them to honor that for $7.99. What the f@ck is wrong with you?? Anyways, so here I am in Target shopping to my heart’s content and I realize I’m killin’ time. Ugh!! Nothing in life is free. Wanna save a few bucks? Gotta cough up a few hours. Granted I was in there for a total of about 45 minutes, it was still way longer than my usual Target runs. >_> I get to the register, and since I was such a newbie at this, I even separated my stuff into two piles, one of stuff I had coupons for and one of the regular priced items. Then I told the cashier in advance to brace herself cuz I had coupons. Lol!! I was literally the “model” customer. I was on top of my shit!! (*Ghetto voice) But to my greatest fear, I did end up being THAT customer cuz we had some problems with my coupons. I’m sure they are a cashier’s worst nightmare, cuz you have to read so much fine print if the coupon doesn’t scan to find out if the customer got the wrong product or if there were more restrictions that they missed.

In the end, she ended up okayin’ all of them and I saved almost $20!! That’s a freakin’ success story for me!! Woohoo!! I”ve gotta do this more often!! But maybe on the weekends, cuz its so time consuming. -__-;;

Then I headed to Megamart to do some grocery shopping, and again hitting up the coupons and discounts. Here I am with my little post-it notes and coupons in hand shopping for groceries and I think to myself 2 things. One, I feel like a little Asian housewife, and two; if Kenny saw me, he’d be really proud right now! Ahaha. Every time I tell him I saved on something he says “You’re learning my ways…” and then pets me. XDD

Just as I was fumbling back into the car with the umbrella, tons of groceries and a run away shopping car; Kenny called. I was like whoa!! Odd time for him to call!! I asked him what time it was and apparently it was already 8pm!! He said he was up and ready to head out the door! OMG. The couponing killed an extra 2 hours of my life. X____X;; But I ended up saving another $20 at Megamart, making it super worth it!! I was excited so I told Kenny; “Baby, I saved like $40 today shopping with coupons!! Aren’t you proud of me??” (*Sounding like a little kid desperately looking for reassurance) Of course, being the very conjunct person he was, he said “Wow!! Good job babe!!” Lol!! Then I was smiling from ear to ear like a retard. Ahaha! He said he had to head out early cuz he had a meeting with a client. I told him how I felt like I was a little Asian housewife shopping with my coupons and stuff, and he said “Well you ARE a housewife in training…” Ahaha!! WTF! *DIES*

All in all, a great shopping day.The rain however, never let up. I’m sure we needed it and all but it was starting to get annoying. I can sleep well if the rain has a very light and steady hand. Slowly pitter pattering on the windows and almost having a melodic rhythm to it, but I cannot sleep with it sounding like a freight train coming through the living room. -___-;; Since I am deathly afraid of thunder, I woke up around 3am. The sound startled me and I jumped up from the bed. I got scared so I ran to reason A’s room like a little girl. She was asleep, so I stood there in the doorway for a sec, and then headed back to bed. I grabbed a hold of Mr. Teddy and ducked under the covers. When Kenny called this morning, I told him it was raining really hard last night. He asked me if Mr. Teddy kept me company and if I was scared. I told him I almost killed Mr. Teddy last night by suffocating him under the covers. X____X;; Kenny petted me and told me he really wished he was here to comfort me.

Its funny how immature I am. For someone my age to be sleeping with a teddy bear and talkin’ to le hubby like a little thumb sucking girl?? Ahaha!! WTF!! It’s the many facades of Juse because sometimes I am that super ghetto woman that will kick ass and take names and sometimes I am this clueless little girl who likes to get into trouble. Lol. reason A says that’s what makes for the more intriguing woman and makes her more appealing to a man, cuz she can play so many roles to him. Sometimes she has the caring hand of a mother, a loving kiss of a wife, a playful personality like a friend, and the never ending support like his biggest fan. =)… Wait, does that mean I’m perfect? Ahahaha. *FAILS* I don’t care. As long as I’m perfect for him in his heart, then I’m good. =P


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