Typical Relationship Stuffers… Eh… >_>

MOOD: (Poker Face)
Quote Of The Day: “Are you staying up and doing shady stuff again?” -Kenny

So last night, before going to bed, I was still upset. I had this feeling that he was gonna call me, but I was about to go to bed, it was going on 11pm, and he still hadn’t called yet. This only upset me even more. >_> Come to find out, as I was blow drying my hair, I had a missed called. It was le hubby. I called him back. He acted like nothing had ever happened. I was both annoyed and happy at the same time. I hate when I’m mad at him, its gotta be one of the worst feelings in the world, like no joke. This is usually how situations like this play out. He says something I view as insensitive (which is often, cuz he’s a man). >_> I get upset, and he notices it cuz I suddenly get really really quiet and if I speak, it is always one word responses. Then he’ll say something like “Uh oh, the wifey is upset.” Then he’ll go and make all kinds of retarded jokes and comments to try and cheer me up. And he’ll apologize, but I’ll still be upset. My way to let him know that I am still upset and am in no mood to forgive him is by saying, “Go to bed… Goodnight” and I just cut him off. Every time I do that, it drives him crazy and he’ll get upset too. I guess his theory is, “I’ve already apologized, what more do you want me to do??” #typicalman So usually that’s how it ends, and he’ll either wake up in the middle of the night and call me or call me the next day like nothing happened, and I’ll talk like nothing happened either although I am secretly still upset. #lesigh

The 2 good things about Kenny are one, he doesn’t like confrontation. So when he feels an argument about to come up, he’ll just walk away. But at the same time, he’ll try to explain himself at first and since it never works, my silence drives him insane and he has to walk away before he passes out. Sometimes he’ll get frustrated and say “At least say something!! Anything!!” Lol. Two, is that he doesn’t hold grudges. He could be so damn pissed off at something, and be fine the next day. *DIES* Who the hell knows what he’s really thinking deep down inside, but at least on the outside, he tries to make amends. Lol. It simply is cuz he hates confrontation so much. And the fact that he’s scared of me when I get upset. Ahaha.

When it comes to arguments in relationships, you really have to know how to pick your battles. Although I admit that I have a super bad temper and get mad really easily which I told him from the get go, but every time he tries to make amends, I always jump at it. Cuz long dragged out disagreements are painful and stressful as well. I think I’ve only yelled at him one time. I was really upset that time. >_> But other than that, I just become silent. This only happens with him though. Had it been someone else (i.e. reason A) I would have started yelling already. The reason for it is cuz when we’re upset, we tend to lose control of our speech. We might end up saying many hurtful and mean things that we’ll regret later. To prevent this and to prevent myself from saying something mean that I can’t take back later, I refrain from talkin’ when I’m upset. I think it’s better that way. I’ve told him that before, but he says its scarier. Ahahaha!! He said he’d rather hear me yell, cuz at least he’ll know what I’m thinking when I do, but if I am silent, he can’t tell what I’m thinking and it freaks him out cuz he can’t identify the problem and has no clue how to fix it. Lol. There goes you a peek into the male psyche. XD I gotta keep reminding myself that men are simple creatures. They know what you tell them, and they often times take it at face value. Like I remember a few times, when he thought I was upset, and asked me about it I said “I’m not upset, who said I’m upset??” And he’d be like “Oh, ok. Well that’s good. Cuz I thought you were upset.” *FAILS* Ahahaha.

Sometimes I feel bad about getting upset at him, cuz I know my temper is a hard thing to deal with and he has a lot of patience for me. But sometimes he just ticks me the hell off!! Ugh!! He had a really rough week last week, and so when he apologized for what he said, he also said “You know I had a rough week, and I’m tired… blah blah…” But it drives me nuts that he always uses that as an excuse. So are you trying to tell me cuz you’re tired you let any kind of hot shit come out your mouth and because you follow it up with “I’m tired…” it means I have to forgive you for saying everything?? How the hell does that work? Let me not vent about it anymore before I get upset for no reason again. -___-;;



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