Happy Birthday Grandma + Geese O_o

MOOD: (Ahahaha)
Quote Of The Day: “I’m yelling at Grandma cuz she can’t hear me, yet others around me probably think I’m an asshole for yelling and screaming at the elderly. FML. X____X;;” -Kenny

Since I didn’t have any plans today, I just stayed home all morning. It was rather cold last night and I just wanted to cuddle up in my bed. I called Kenny soon as I woke up, to remind him to wish Grandma a Happy Birthday for me! I would wish her myself, but Grandma is hard at hearing, and me yelling through the phone was just not gonna cut it.

In the afternoon, reason A and I decided that we needed to make a quick grocery run. Once again, she drags me to the “Chinese” market which I hate with a passion. Last time we were heading to the Korean market not far from the Chinese one, and I saw some geese!! But I was smackin’ myself for not bringing along my camera! They were just hanging around eating grass seeds?? O_o But today on our way to the Chinese market, I saw the same geese again! Woohoo!!! I remembered to throw the camera in the bag today, so I pointed it out to reason A and was like “Lookie!!!! Geese!!!” Lol. So I stopped the car and jumped out for pictures.

The passion I have for takin’ pictures of anything I can get my hands on makes me feel like a professional. Lol!! I started walkin’ towards them, and how about the started walkin’ towards me too!! I was like “Oh crap!!” Should I be excited cuz I get a closer shot or should I be nervous cuz they’re about to attack me?? Lol!!

But I think they were only interested in food, and since I didn’t have any, much to their disappointment they turned around and started walkin’ away. *FAILS* Later in the evening, Kenny called me as he was outside about to catch breakfast with his Auntie and Grandma. I told him that I saw geese, and he asked me what is up with me and this new found hobby of trackin’ down foul. Ahahaha. He said he didn’t really know what geese ate anyways, and I told him they apparently eat grass seeds. He was like “What?? Have you ever known a bird to eat grass?? WTF is that??” I said “But its true!! Its true!! I see geese wherever there’s like a large lawn or something!” >_> He paused and was like “Hum….” Ahaha.

Later he yelled something out to Grandma, cuz she was sitting next to him at the table but couldn’t hear him. Kenny got frustrated and said “I’m yelling at Grandma cuz she can’t hear me, yet others around me probably think I’m an asshole for yelling and screaming at the elderly. FML. X____X;;” Ahahaha!! I was crackin’ up. Then he told me the funniest thing happened at dinner last night, when everyone was over the house celebrating with Grandma. He was sitting next to her, and after they finished eating, he wanted to ask her if there was anything else she wanted to eat. He asked her pretty loudly but Grandma just shook her head like she didn’t hear. So Kenny decided to start messing with her, and he started to just move his lips but not let any sound come out to see if she’ll get frustrated that he’s saying all of that yet she can’t hear a word. How about when he started only moving his mouth but was silent, Grandma suddenly said “Oh… no. I’m not hungry anymore…” O___O;; Ahahaha!!! Kenny said everyone in the room busted out laughing. Kenny was like “FML again. -___-;;”


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