Cheap Ass With Extra Toppings + TGIF

Quote Of The Day: “I am takin’ applications for a new male whore.” -Tanya

So its finally Friday!! I don’t have any plans this weekend, not even a movie so I guess it’s just me and reason A chillin’. Lol. I do have 4 more free movie vouchers for Studio Movie Grill, but there’s nothing to watch! Auhhh! I would go watch the Lorax, but I think it’s about to leave the theaters so there’s only one show time on Saturday and Sun. and it’s like 11am in the morning!! Who watches a movie at that time?? Ugh! Now that I think about it, and that movie has been in theaters longer than The Hunger Games; I should have watched that one first. It was still available in 3D at the time!! #strategyfail My vouchers don’t expire til early May, but the bad news is I already looked up all the releases from now til then and there’s nothing I wanna watch. -___-;;  #continuedfail

The good news is tonight is free pizza and wings night again!! Thank you Dominos!! Lol. Its actually pretty convenient cuz there’s literally a Dominos right on my street where I’m about to turn in. Too bad I don’t like Dominos or I’d be having it everyday cuz its so close. >_> And then how about today, I ordered a new flavor of the Artisans pizza, and got Italian Sausage & Pepper Trio. And like any other pizza, when you order, you have the option to make changes to the toppings; like taking something off, adding more, etc. I always figured that’d be extra and being the “new found cheapskate” that I am, I didn’t bother with it in fear I’d have to pay something. Ahahaha!! #proudlilimoment But today, I added extra cheese and sausage just to see how much the extra toppings would cost, and how about it was still free!! WTF!! #winning So I ended up getting the extra toppings! Woohoo!! The Dominos folks are gonna hate me! Ahaha. When they make it, they’re probably cursing me out, saying “This damn Chinese woman! Not only did she come get free pizza twice, but this time she even had the audacity to ask for extra toppings on a free pizza!!” Lol. Now that I say that out loud, it does sound pretty shameless.

I really don’t wanna become a hypocrite though! My whole life, I’ve criticized and frowned upon those who were cheap, and especially Chinese!! I hated how they so damn cheap to the point where it’s an embarrassment!! And most of them (myself not included of course) are pretty well off!! Mainly cuz they know how to save and work hard. But my theory has ALWAYS been that SAVING does not make money. EARNING makes money! So just knowing how to save is not a key! You should find means to grow your money instead! Money is made to be spent, what is the point of spending your whole life making money, and being so frugal that you can’t enjoy the finer things in life? I don’t get it. It should be work hard and play hard if you ask me. >_> But anyways, how the hell did I get from extra toppings on a pizza to this? *FAILS* O_o;;

Kenny decided to hang out with the cousin again tonight. They probably got drunk somewhere. They were about to sit down for dinner when he called me this morning for my wake up call. Since it’s a Friday, it’s only fair that he lets loose I guess. He’s had a rough week. This weekend is his Grandma’s birthday!! I forgot to ask if it was Saturday or Sunday. *EPIC FAIL* At first when he was running around all week, I told him at least he could look forward to the weekend when he can sleep in and rest, and that’s when he could me he can’t, cuz all the relatives are coming over since its Grandma’s birthday. So much for a peaceful weekend. @___@;;

I had another odd dream last night. I guess it’s not really odd. It was a dream of Kenny reading my English blog and realized I was badmouthing him and wanted me to translate a paragraph for him. Ahaha!! Of course that rarely happens cuz I have nothing but praise for le hubby. Lol!! Other than the fact that he’s probably asleep at an unknown place, drunk and drooling right now. >_> #men


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