Yeah… I Dream About Strippers… >_>

MOOD: (Delusional)
Quote Of The Day: “Can you wait a second Honey?? I gotta kill this damn mosquito!” -Kenny

Today was long and painful. I had another weird dream last night. I told Kenny about it and he as like WTF? O_o I had a dream that me and a bunch of people who I don’t really know but apparently were buddy buddy with in the dream went to go watch a movie. It was apparently a Chinese theater that was larger than life. All I remember was I saw some Chinese characters written on the walls, and there were these huge red poles everywhere, like those ancient buildings. I remember riding up to the theater in a car, with my “friends” and I kept on having to look up into the sky cuz the building was so tall, and the ceiling was so above me. I couldn’t tell if the place was just really huge or if me and my friends were mini!! WTF?? So then we go in and watch the movie and I start “whispering” to the person sitting next to me, but in reality, I was speaking super loud! *FAILS* So then someone next to me yelled for me to shut up and said I shouldn’t be talkin’ that damn loud through the movie. But what really got me was what I had said. How about I busted out with “Those guys right there are Chip N’ Dale dancers!!” ROFLMAO!!! WTF is that?? Why did I say that?? Does that mean I’m undercover pervy?? Does that  mean that I am due for le sexy time?? *DIES* -___-;;

I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday. Ugh!! I forced Kenny to go online and win me another pizza from Domino’s. Ahahaha! I hate their pizza yet I can’t give up the idea that its free pizza. *FAILS* I think I have to go to another branch to order it though. Can’t keep on hitting the same branch, they’ll get suspicious. O_o


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