Fish Haunt Me + Dodged A Bullet

MOOD: (Hiding)
Quote Of The Day: “I was gonna teach my cousin how to avoid being bullied by his wifey, but I wouldn’t be a good candidate for that cuz I get bullied by my wife on a daily basis. >_<” -Kenny

Is it just me or my blogs are getting ridiculously long? I know I have a tendency to be long-winded, but I’m assuming that it is entertaining enough to keep my readers continuing although the Hubby has little of no patience to sit through it. Therefore, my Chinese blog is ridiculously minimalistic. Lol.

First lets talk about the crazy dream I had last night. That means we have to talk about the office pets. So the Bossman has a fish tank at work with a few tropical fish in it. It sits outside of his office in the lobby area. I am apparently, and also not quite sure how I acquired this duty; but in charge of feeding the fish daily. I think its cuz I’m the only person in the office who has ever owned fish, although I’ve never been very fond of tropical fish. I know folks think they’re great cuz they’re all colorful and pretty but to me, tropical fish are boring. #pleasedontsendmehatemail Since his fish are tropical, I never took much interest in them. But somehow I ended up feeding them, so it soon became “my thing” to do.

Pets are responsibility. Although I’ve always wanted a puppy or another kitten, or even a damn hamster! But I am still reluctant to get one cuz of the investment of time, money, and love. So the Bossman has these fish that he decided to get one day cuz some crazy ass person told him its good FengShui. #udumbass And he doesn’t pay any attention to them. The fish tank is so damn nasty, that I don’t bear to look at it. I refuse to do anything for the fish other than feed them cuz that’s a huge responsibility. I’ve had fish and me and reason A have vowed to never have fish again, cuz its so painful when they die just like any other pet, yet the world thinks so little of them. They don’t require any less affection, time or money to maintain and its very draining.

I don’t spend too much time looking at them, cuz I don’t wanna get attached to them. I’ve only named 3 fish in the tank, and 2 of the 3 have died. Why? Cuz the tank is freakin’ filthy!! Fish need clean water, oxygen, filtration, etc. He doesn’t provide any of that! These poor fish!! It breaks my heart to see them having to live in that type of condition; hence they keep on dying off!! Auhh!! But one fish still managed to steal my heart although I try hard to be stone cold about it. His name is Flipper. He’s one of the 3 fish that I named. Moe and Charlie both died off, unfortunately. Flipper is like the cutest thing. Too bad I don’t have a pic of him. Fish are hard to take pics of. >_> But anyways. Every time I go to feed them, Flipper always runs to me. Have you ever seen a fish attempt to “run”? It is the cutest thing ever!! Like all his flippers start going at full speed and he heads towards my side of the tank as fast as he can! Ahahaha. It cracks me up every time. But what’s funnier is even after I finish feeding them, every time I get up to pass by the tank, he starts making a run for it! ROFLMAO!! He’s thinking “OMFG, its feeding time again!!” Ahahaha!! So damn cute.

But the more I like him the worse I feel about his condition. I just really wish the Bossman would take better care of his fish. So all the concerns I have from the fish, have caused me to have a nightmare. -__-;; Last night I had a dream that I owned a huge fish tank. It was the size of my whole wall in the living room from ceiling to floor. And in there I had my old pet fish Clide!!! He was my last goldfish that I ever owned, and I had him for about 3 years before he passed away. I bought him when he was just booger size and raised him til he was about the size of a golf ball. He was also the shape of a golf ball cuz he was a pearl-scaled goldfish and they are super round. I cried so hard when he passed away cuz he was my favorite cuz I had him ever since he was a baby. So in my dream, Clide was the size of a freakn’ basketball!! Me and reason A were looking into the tank, and Clide swam up to us. The first thought in my head was, “Damn you’re a fat boy!!” Lol. But then, I looked at the bottom of the tank, and I think me and reason A were cleaning the pebbles on the tank floor. When reason A flipped the peddles, a fish suddenly appeared! It was Harry!! OMFG… My one and only Harry!! He was literally the most handsome fish I’ve ever owned. He died a long and painful death and I can’t even count on my hands how many times I had to run to the pet store in a day to get meds for him. I must have spent hundreds of dollars trying to save him! A goldfish!! Can you imagine?? He was only like $12 when I bought him!! *FAILS* But he was family and so smart and you couldn’t help but love him unconditionally! So in my dream, Harry came back alive!! I was shocked!! I didn’t know to cry cuz I was sad or cry cuz I was happy!! I woke up feeling really shitty. I really missed my fish, and I also felt super bad about the Bossman’s fish!! The fish tank in my dreams had the ability to bring back dead fish!! Both my beloved Clide and Harry revived themselves in the tank!! Why was I dreaming of this?? Was it cuz I thought Flipper was going to die?? Nooo!!! >_<

Now on to the crazy story about last night’s dinner that I dodged like a boss. Lol. So how about today Ms. Lee runs to me and is like “Thank God you were smart enough to not go to dinner with them last night!” I said how come? First of all, she said it was spicy as hell. I didn’t mind that part too much, but then she said, they didn’t leave the office to head to the restaurant til about 6pm!! Then she said they didn’t get home til about 9:30pm!! What?? She said the food wasn’t good, they got home all tired and late and all the conversations were just the Bossman BSing his way through every subject. Ahaha!! OMFG. I’m so happy I didn’t go. Not that I went to bed early, but I got to eat in peace instead of eating with them which could have given me indigestion. Ugh… >_> #sideeyelikeamofo


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