100th Post + Le Free Dinner & Drank (HarHar…)

MOOD: (Hooray)
Quote Of The Day: “I think I’m turning Asian.” -Oranjuse

I think I’m turning Asian. -__-;; Where the hell did I get this theory from you ask? Well simple. I have been diligently searching for deals, coupons and freebies online in the past week. I was never the cheap or even frugal type of person before. Some could even say I was wasteful. I can’t stand how Kenny is cheap and that is my number one pet peeve, yet here I am searching for freebies cuz it’s such a damn thrill. And why pay for stuff when I can get it for free? O_o It all started with those damn Studio Movie Grill movie vouchers that I kept getting free. Then I started to search for other free stuff, and today I hit another jackpot! First, I found online a coupon for a free 2 liter of the newest drink by Pespi, called “Next” from RiteAid.

Supposedly it has the same taste but only half the sugar of regular Pepsi. Honestly, I doubt the taste will be the same. Coke had like Coke Zero or C2 at one point, which were both less sugar, and the taste of both were nasty as hell. I felt like I was drinking a Diet Coke. Blah! So we’ll see about this. It’s a free sample right?? I have nothing to lose! Woohoo!!

Secondly, I also found out they were holding drawings for a free Domino’s new Artisans pizza! If you liked their Facebook page, and waited for the unannounced drawing that was going to happen sometime today, then you could get a free pizza!! First off, I hate Dominos. I hate it with a passion. I think their pizzas suck ass. I hate Papa John’s and I hate Dominos. I am a Pizza Hut girl!! Lol. But it was free! Who passes up free pizza!! So early in the morning, I liked their Facebook page and waited. I refreshed the link about every 30 minutes to an hour. Then about 2pm, they started the drawing!! Since I was one of the first, and constantly refreshing, of course I ended up getting a voucher!

Woohoo!! Free Chicken and Bacon Carbonara!! It serves 2. Perfect for me and reason A to chow down on with our free 2 liter of Pepsi!! I did pretty good today right? Lol. I’m gonna pick up my pizza and Pepsi on my way home from work!

But like I said before, this is how I know I’m turning Asian. I’m putting forth effort to get stuff that I don’t even really like, like sugarless Pepsi and Dominos pizza. -___-;; FML.

Oh, and another good thing!! This is my 100th post!! Woohoo!! XDD So we are celebrating with free shit!! Muahaha… Kenny will be very very proud of me. >_>


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