Titanic In Le 3D

MOOD: (Pleasant)
Quote Of The Day: “It was such a great movie!” -reason A

Today I took le mother dearest, reason A to go see Titanic 3D. Like I said before, she was always regretful that she didn’t get to see it on the big screen 15 years ago when it first released. Chinese folks honestly are not that much into going to the movies, cuz they’re so damn cheap, they just find a bootleg version online or something. Lol!! But with epic movies such as this, it’s hard to get the full affect on a TV. Even though we later bought the DVD, it was a rare opportunity to get to see it on the big screen again. Since it’s the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic tragedy, James Cameron released a 3D version of the movie for a limited time. Bam! Perfect opportunity to take reason A. Not only was it re-releasing, but it was going to be a 3D movie for 2D prices!! Woohoo! But I had it even better cuz I had free Studio Move Grill tickets again!! #freestufflove

Again, we did the afternoon show. The movie was damn long. I believe it was 3.5 hours long. I thought I was gonna fall asleep watching it, cuz I was sleepy already before we went, so we were eating throughout the movie to keep me awake, but come to find out, I was paying attention to the movie the whole time anyways. I even cried again when Jack died!! WTF!! Leo was just so young and handsome then. Lol. Now he’s like a middle aged man. *FAILS* But here are my views of the movie.

First off, I wouldn’t spend the $11-15 ticket price for the Titanic 3D movie, now that I think about it in hindsight. The good thing was I watched the movie for free cuz I had ticket vouchers. Usually ticket vouchers are for 2D movies only. And if you redeem them for 3D movies, you still have to pay a $3 3D fee per movie, although the tickets are free. But this movie was running at Studio Movie Grill for 2D special pricing which means I got in completely free. With that said, it was very much worth it. But I was still disappointed nonetheless cuz to me, there weren’t that many parts that were 3D. I know there are technically like 3 types of 3D. There’s Real 3D (which is what Titanic 3D was), there’s Dolby 3D, and there’s IMAX 3D. I’ve never watched Dolby 3D, but supposedly that’s the most impressive. I’ve watched Sigmund and Freud on IMAX at Mall of GA before, many years back, and that was pretty impressive. I’ve watched a few Real 3D movies such as Secrets of The Grave (About King Tut), KungFu Panda 2, and now Titanic in 3D. I have to say, this 3D movie was the least impressive for me. I took off  my glasses a few times, cuz they hurt, (although they were more comfortable than most) but how about I didn’t even see a difference! WTF!! You know if you’re watching a 3D movie without the glasses, everything looks blurry?? How about most parts looked the same. -___-;; There was very minimal 3D effects if you ask me. So I say, not worth a full ticket price, but worth seeing if you can get half off tickets or free tickets. >_>

reason A loved the movie though, so I guess it was worth it. O_o Another thing is she has fallen in love with Studio Movie Grill. And who was the one who refused to go with me for the first movie?? Huh? Huh?? So typical of reason A. -___-;; However I have 2 more sets of tickets and I’m running out of movies to watch. *FAILS* >_>


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