Wisdom Can Kiss My Ass + I Speakith Ur Language

MOOD: (Pain Filled)
Quote Of The Day: “Do your thang boo, boo!” -Intern Kevin

Well first off it’s Friday so amen for that! Secondly, I am in excruciating pain because my wisdom teeth are growing in and I feel like I’m about to pass out. X____X;; I can’t tell if its due to the pain, or the fact that I’m high on pain killers. >_> Actually it’s been like this for a couple of days, I’ve just neglected to blog about it cuz there are better things to talk about than to be all up in my grill. O_o But I woke up this morning and my right jaw was swollen like a chipmunk that just found a secret stash of nuts and decided to have at it. (*Please, no mental pictures. Thank you. -__-;;) However, I never really understood how this whole wisdom teeth thing works. Most people I know have had them pulled out already. Is there an age limit to when you’re suppose to have them are done growing?? Why is my ass about to hit 30, and I only have one completely finished!! Right now, my top left wisdom tooth is fully out. Top right hasn’t even sprouted, bottom left is about a third there, and bottom right is just now coming out, and folks; this shit right here… (*Pause) is painful as F@CK!!! OMFG. Toothaches have got to be one of the most painful things in the world!! Auhh!! I would get them pulled out, but how the hell do you pull them if they aren’t even pokin’ out yet?? Ugh. I don’t know how this works. -___-;; I need to consult Jenny since she is a dentist. I think Minh Dan is a dentist too. >_> The good thing is, I have chubby cheeks anyways, so you can’t tell my jaw is swollen, the bad news is of course, THE DAMN PAIN!!! Auhhh!! And the fact that I can’t eat anything. -___-;; #killmenow I asked Kenny if not having my wisdom teeth in yet means I don’t have any wisdom yet. O_o Lol!! He just cracked up. He said, “Aww, poor baby. Its ok, you’re still a kid, they’ll grow eventually.” Ahahha!!! All his wisdom teeth came in by the time he was 28. Well there goes to show you how immature I am. Even my damn adult teeth come in late. *EPIC FAIL* >_<

This only occurs like twice a year, when the damn tooth grows like a freakin’ millimeter or whatever in the hell it does. >_< Toothaches are the death of me. Ugh. Thank God Easter is not an eating holiday like Thanksgiving or something, cuz I would be HIGHLY upset if everyone was chowing down on a table of food, and I was over there sipping my water. *FAILS*

Kenny headed out of town today to visit some relatives. His cousin’s cousin (WTF is that?? O_o) is driving so he’s getting a free ride. If anything, Kenny is definitely an opportunist. I always tell him that. Ugh. Cheap and an opportunist! How the hell did I end up with this man?? Lol. Cuz he stole my heart with his wits, sense of humor, youthfulness, tolerance, and ridiculously cocky personality. Ahahaha!! Just kidding. I love my Pookie Bear!! (*Pounces him) XD

He called me today around 2:30am his time. I thought maybe he suddenly woke up from sleep again, but come to find out he just got home. *FAILS* He’s staying at his cousin’s house. I think he has about 100 cousins. >_> They all went out drinking and BBQing. Yes in the middle of the damn night. T____T;; Its actually pretty common in Canton, Lol. They love them some BBQ!! Me and Kenny almost did it one night when I was there. But we were so freakin’ tired from sightseeing during the daytime, that we usually came back to the hotel and passed out by 11pm. @___@;; He’s gonna crash at the cousin’s place til Sunday when he heads back cuz he has work Monday morning.

Yesterday afternoon, I had an encounter that was pretty refreshing! I had a sales rep call me. She’s Chinese, but she’s from Hong Kong. Her English “Shaw was rough”. Lol!! She told me she was Chinese, and asked if I was too. I had met her one time while we were doing our expo last season. I told her I was so she started speaking Chinese. This is VERY typical of Asian folks or any foreign folk for this matter. Once they realize that they speak the same language as you, they are quick to switch up to their native tongue both cuz they are more comfortable, and cuz they want to appear more friendly and approachable. So we started speaking Mandarin, which I hate doing, I actually think faster in English, so I prefer English, but I’m trying to go with the flow. Then she explains to me that her Mandarin isn’t good either cuz she’s originally from Hong Kong where they speak Cantonese. I told her that her Mandarin was impressive, but I could tell she wasn’t a native speaker, cuz she has a “Cantonese” accent. She asked me how I knew how to identify that and I let it slip that the hubby was Cantonese. *Whacks self on head* So then the woman got REALLY excited and asked me if I knew how to speak it too. I told her I knew a little bit, and definitely could understand more than I could articulate, so we busted out with Cantonese!! I was like whoa!! Well alrighty then! Lol. Once again, I’m trying to go with the flow!! But good Lawd, this woman was nosy!! She kept asking me about Kenny! WTF! What does that have to do with anything we are trying to discuss?? #typicalasian And the worst part is that her name is Katie Lau!! Noooo!!

There is a Katie Lau that I know who is Min’s friend actually, and I can’t stand her!! Auhh!! I had to sit at the same table with her at Kimiko’s wedding and she was a total pain in my ass! Not only was she loud and gossiping in Cantonese thinking no one could understand, but she kept nagging me about finding me a “man” at the wedding even though I told her a ton of times that I’m not single and available!! WTF!! So the second this lady said her name was Katie Lau, I was thinking to myself, “O’man!! So that’s why you’re so nosy!! Lol.” #katielauhater But we talked for over an hour completely in Cantonese!! I was pretty damn impressed with myself! Lol. I hadn’t had a conversation like that ever, and haven’t even had to speak Cantonese since I was best buds with Donna in high school!! O’man. I was actually surprised that I could express myself that well, and knew all those technical words related to designing in Cantonese. WTF? No one ever taught me that. O_o #amazed My first thought was that Kenny should be super proud of me!! Cuz believe it or not, me and him never speak Cantonese, and I’ve never spoke it to him randomly either. I did tell him that I knew how to speak it, but he’s never heard me speak it! We always tease each other about being so smug, and who’s better at it. Kenny even has a smug dance that he does. ROLFMAO!! So I guess he just assumed that I was being smug again when I said I knew how to speak Cantonese? O_o Ahaha!! I was pretty damn proud of myself. But the jacked up part was that after I got off the phone with her, it took me a minute to be able to switch my thinking back to English. WTF. -___-;; That was weird. >_>


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