Dranks For Le B-Day Girl + Cinema + Scrub-A-Dub

MOOD: (Woohoo)
Quote Of The Day: “Damn u!!” -Oranjuse

I actually didn’t get home that late last night, but I was sleepy as hell this morning!! Me and le homie Tanya went to Dave & Busters. Friday was Tanya and Tamika’s birthday, and so we had planned to go to this Italian restaurant close to my house yesterday, but we ended up going to Dave and Busters like we ALWAYS do. I guess it’s become a tradition now. Unfortunately, our usual bartender Kim was not there. We had this girl named Tasha or something. We didn’t like her too much. >_> We stayed there for a few hours, and I think I headed home around 10:30pm?? It ended up just being me and Tanya cuz Tamika had a birthday party some place downtown that a friend of hers was throwing for her or something, and Carmen was too far down in Stone Mountain that she forgot. *FAILS*

I am too lazy to post up pics from D&B, but they’re up on Facebook if anyone bothers to go look. We only took a couple of pics. But for your entertainment, here’s a cam-whore shot from the bunch. XD

Being Le Cam-Whore In Tanya’s Bedroom. Lol.

So I woke up this morning, and Kenny was over at Four Seasons with the cousin. That’s where he’s staying during his 2 month training ordeal thingy. The place is apparently pretty nice. But why was he in the jacuzzi livin’ it up when I called him?? WTF!! Lol. Yeah, the boys were definitely enjoying themselves. Mainly it was cuz Kenny has Monday through Wednesday off, so they were just havin’ some fun I guess. Hope the fun didn’t involve naked girls. @___@;; Ahaha. J/K. I know they’re good boys. The cousin is happily married and Kenny… Well, I’m pretty violent, so I think he knows better. Muahaha. Kenny also went to get his computer back. The cousin is going home for the weekend, so he’ll be coming back with his own laptop, so Kenny is finally back on “talk to wifey everynight duty”. Woohoo! Lol.

I didn’t really have any plans for today, but I wanted to “attempt” to go see the movie again today!! So I figured the 3pm show would be alright. reason A doesn’t like leaving the house late at night. She said it’s dangerous. So that’s why I picked something in the afternoon, not that anyone watches a movie at that odd time. >_>. But how about I told her to get ready to leave the house around 2ish, and she didn’t say anything, but then when it comes 2pm, and I told her to get dressed, please tell me why she said she didn’t wanna go! WTF!! How does that work?? Ugh!! She said, “How about you get someone else to go with you?” I was like, “Well who the hell do you want me to get on short notice, like right now kind of short??” So I texted Katie in a panic, and asked her if she wants to watch a movie with me. She asked me when, and I told her, “Er, right now?? O_o” She was like “You gotta give me more notice than that woman!! You know I’m a momma now! My time isn’t mine anymore!” Right when I was thinking up another plan, reason A comes out her room dressed. WTF!! She’s like, “Fine, I’ll go.” I was like how the hell you gonna tell me now you wanna go when I just attempted to get someone else?? Auhhh!! She was driving me crazy. Her excuse was its hot, and she didn’t feel like moving. Ugh. I think it was cuz she didn’t wanna watch The Hunger Games. She only likes watching animated films in the theater. -___-;; Anyways, so I forced her to come. It was our first time going to Studio Movie Grill since they’ve been opened. It was actually very nice! Lol. She liked it too. The place was clean, not a bad odor although everyone is up in there munching and it was pretty comfy! How about as we sat there, waiting for the movie to start, reason A busted out and said “Hey, save those other tickets so we can come again!!” But when we were at home, she told me “I’m only going with you this one time, you gotta find someone else that will go with you for the other tickets you have.” *FAILS* She’s such a big baby!! I feel like I’m forcing her to eat some foreign veggie that she’s never tried before, like you do with kids, and after you put up the fight, they realize that they like the food after all. Ugh!! *FACE PALM*

At first I thought she was going to fall asleep during the movie, cuz she kept yawning. I tried to keep her interested by translating as much as I could without being intrusive to the other people watching the movie. Lili told me that Steve didn’t want to ever go there, cuz he doesn’t like places where people talk and eat and make all these noises through the film, so I unconsciously found myself paying attention to the other “noises” during the movie to see if it was annoying. And surprisingly, there was no other noise!! Mostly everyone had food, but no one had a sound, and no one was talking. It was just like any other theater. The only annoying thing I admit is that sometimes the food service people would walk back and forth, but that was just a few times, and they usually slump down when walkin’ as to not block your view. But instead of falling asleep, how about reason A was actually pretty engaged in the movie!! She even cried when Rue died! Lol. She also got scared half to death when the first mutt ran out of the woods. I knew the mutts were coming, so I was a little scared too, but when he jumped out of nowhere I jerked a little bit cuz it startled me, and reason A about had a heart attack. Ahaha! When we finished the movie, reason A came out the theater with her arms wrapped around me like a kid!! Lol!! She said she was terrified!! She said the thought of kids killing kids so cold-heartedly was scary and the mutts also scared the shit out of her. Ahaha!! She held my hand all the way to the restroom. Ahaha!! It was actually quite cute! Lol. She did love the movie though.

I thought the movie was pretty good. I wish they had up played more of the romance between Katniss and Peeta though. Cuz in the book, that part was very detailed, and very indearing. But I guess you can only expect so much from a whole book to be squeezed into a movie like that. I still thought it was a good movie. Glad I read the book though, cuz I think it made way more sense.

After the movie, reason A forced me to take her to the grocery store yet again. What the hell is you always trying to buy woman?? *FAILS* Since we rarely go out in the broad afternoon like that, we were shocked of 2 things. One, is that the theater was packed. I guess my theory about folks not watching movies in mid afternoon were wrong. Secondly is that with the sunlight showing brightly, we realized how crucial Little Red looked. The damn birds that reason A is always feeding literally “poop bombed” my damn car, and Little Red, looked like a damn lady bug cuz she’s red with poop droppings all over the damn place!! Ugh!! Death to you birds!! I told reason A to not feed the birds anymore cuz it only makes them poop even more. They don’t have any mercy for me even though they’re eating my damn grains everyday! Screw ya’ll I say!! Yes I’m cursing at birds in the wild. Shuddup. >_> So a we decided to give Little Red a bath!! Woohoo!! I feel bad for her cuz I haven’t washed her since I got her back from the body shop the last time I had an accident. That was like a freakin’ year ago!! I’ve been depending on just rain water since then, but with all the pollen, bird poop and everything else, poor Little Red was lookin’ mad rough!! So we gave her a good wash and polish! Now she looks great!! I still have that cracked windshield issue though. *DIES* I’ll have to figure that one out later. Ugh. >_> Very productive Sunday though!! Me likey!! XD


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  1. so…are u gunna come out to mine this year for the BIG BIG 3-0?? 😉 it’s a chance to get all dolled up and just enjoy the outdoors (stepping out of ur house, heheh)

  2. Damn. Are you turning 30 too?? This is a crucial year for everyone. If you’re going clubbin’, I’m not coming. But if its a dinner than I’ll come. Lol. You know I’m anti-social. >_>

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