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Just The Thought Of… Can Slowly Kill Me…

MOOD: (Distraught)
Quote Of The Day: “Sometimes it’s not that we don’t know the value of something or someone until its gone, but it’s the fact that we never considered that they would leave.” -Oranjuse

Sometimes just thoughts about it make me insomniac. I try not to think about it at night, but I often times find myself thinking about it the most when it’s quiet and I am forced to confront all the thoughts in my head as I lie in bed restless. It’s going to be May tomorrow. Time is flying by so fast, it is scaring me. For every passing day, my heart sinks a little, and I know I am actually farther and farther away from my hopes and one step closer to reality. The reality that it’s not going to happen.

What is scarier? The feeling of disappointment or the feelings leading up to the disappointment? It’s like riding a roller coaster. For me the scariest part is not even the drop from the highest peak, but rather the very slow and pain staking climb to the top. It’s slow and churning and with every click of the wheel you feel your stomach turning inside out. Maybe it’s not the actual event that scares you but actually the fear itself that scares you more. I try not to let myself dwell on what is or in this case is not going to happen. I tell myself to be strong about it, and if I have to make a choice, then so be it. This is probably fate; I can’t escape what is already planned for me. No matter how hard I fight for it. I feel like it’s a losing battle. Sometimes it’s not that we don’t know the value of something or someone until its gone, but it’s the fact that we never considered that they would leave. Maybe it just never crossed their mind. I am terrified if that day has to come. I feel the clock ticking louder and louder in my ear, telling me to go forward or give up. But it’s so hard to let go when it means so much to you to the point where even thinking about letting go can bring tears to your eyes. But it’s so hard to hold on, if you feel it’s a lost cause. I just really wish they were as scared to lose me as I am to lose them, and I really wished that the thought of it, would be enough to motivate them to fight even harder. But every day, I feel like its slipping away. And every day I die a little inside. I don’t know if I should cherish the remaining happy days I have with them, or allow myself to be overcome with fear and anxiety at the thought of loss. It only means, it wasn’t meant to be, and maybe happiness is a luxury that I won’t be able to afford this lifetime.

Juse Evaluation: Pepperidge Farm’s Baked Naturals (Wheat Crisps)

MOOD: (Grubbin’)
Quote Of The Day: “If you don’t know what to do at the gym, then follow around that one buff mothafucka.” -DFD

I have found myself recently trying to do the healthiest of the unhealthy habits. Which is snacking. For those of you who don’t know, I am an enslaved whore to fries and potato chips. Like if a french fry came up to me and said can I whip you like a dominatrix, I would bend over and yell “Yes ma’am! Can I have another??” True story. O_O

Honestly, I’m just a big potato fan. I like garlic potatoes, baked potatoes, roasted potatoes, you name it!! I’m surprised I haven’t had a dream about being eaten alive by a potato or something since I’ve murdered so many in my life time. >_> But as we all know, fries and chips are definitely not part of the whole healthy eating thing. So I figured since I have to snack on something, might as well slowly wean myself off of chips and fries and see if I can go for something else that is crunch and savory but not as fattening. Ladies and gentleman, I give you, Pepperidge Farm’s Baked Naturals: Wheat Crisps in Toasted Wheat flavor. Now that was a mouth full, I bet they did that on purpose. >_>

I was never much of a cracker person. I don’t even like the common ones like Ritz, or Goldfish, or Cheez Its!! Who the f@ck doesn’t like Cheez Its?? Yeah. That would be me. -__-;; But that’s a whole ‘nother post. But I do have to say, crackers do a better job of filling you up when you’re hungry than chips do. I can kill a whole family size bag of chips myself without blinkin’ and eye and still eat dinner. *DIES* X___X;; So since hunger is what I’m trying to combat, I thought I’d go for crackers.

Do not ask me to detail the nutritional content of this product, cuz you can go search that yourself or read the box. I’m Asian, we don’t do all those calories counting and I’m not on a diet. Unless its going to be required by law within the next year. XD

When Juse evaluates a product, I consider the 4 Ps. Packaging, product, pricing, and preference. Packaging is pretty self explanatory. As you know, I’m in advertising so packaging might be insignificant to others, but to me it’s rather important. One; is it appealing, and two is it easy to get off. Product packaging should be kid proof, not damn adult proof too!! If I have to rape the box to get to the product, then it turns into a “Y U No” situation. Lets illustrate. >_>

Yeah, so we don’t want that happening. Product wise, that’s like a duh. You are buying it for the product after all, so we consider the most essential, if its food, how does it taste, if its product, how user friendly is it? Third is pricing. This is pretty important. It’s more like the product to the price. Am I getting enough product for the price. I don’t consider myself an el cheapo, but I have to admit this is the killer for me. I am Asian after all, that means I’m naturally greedy. If I don’t get what I deem as enough product then I consider it expensive. #f@ckthelifeofallproduct. Last is preference, that means did I like it and would I buy it again. Let’s get started.

Packaging is fine. I think most crackers come in a box with a vacuum sealed bag inside. I like the box instead of a bag for crackers. Hence rarely do crackers come just in a plastic bag exposed like cookies do. The reason is cuz crackers are thinner, they’re not as durable as cookies so the box actually protects the crackers from crumbling. If box is ok, crackers are mostly ok I’m assuming. Photography is fine, like most cookie boxes, it’s just a close up of the cracker. >_> We give it a PASS.

Of most crackers I’ve tried, I have to say this one tastes pretty good. The only bad thing is I didn’t like the occasional nitty gritty feeling of chewing on sand cuz the “wheat” bits were kinda chunky. If you’re a person who doesn’t chew their food really fine, then you won’t even notice but, but then again; why are you eating crackers at all? You should be out there eating raw meat or something, you damn barbarian!! Lol. It is salty, and you can actually see the salt on the surface, to me it felt like a cross between a pretzel and a cracker. If Ritz married a pretzel, then this might be its baby. >_> However I loved the shape of it though. Kind of rare. Not really a typical oval, circle or square. It was a teardrop. I thought it was super cute. PASS.

Unfortunately, I didn’t pay much attention to this part this time. *EPIC FAIL* especially after how I just said how this is an important factor. Lol! But I do know that it was on sale at Target for 2 for $5. I only got one box so it was $2.50. I believe regular price it was $2.99. Like most crackers or chips, when you open it; you only get half the bag/box. This is pretty common cuz the rest is air. The food also “settles” a little as it travels which is the phenomenon that when they bag it, it is supposedly more full, but by the time it gets to the shelves, it has “sunk” kinda, and seems like less product. Hence most companies go by the weight instead of the pieces. Bet you didn’t know that you dumbasses. Sorry, I’ll try to stop insulting my readers. XD Overall though, I thought it was a good price for the product cuz it took me 3 days to finish a box. I eat pretty compulsively too. Meaning when I snack I basically murder it in one day. This means it lasted pretty long. Not bad at all. PASS.

This one is hard to say, since all the other 3 categories passed, means this one is a breeze, but I really haven’t tried enough crackers to know who is better or worse. I don’t mind purchasing it again, but I am definitely not enthusiastic about it to the point where I will go search it out at the grocery store. In this instance I would have to say PASS.

That’s my evaluation folks!! If you haven’t tried this cracker yet then go grab you some. It’s not life changing, although I do adore its shape. >_> If Pepperidge Farm would like to change my mind by sponsoring me more product to taste and test out then holla at a sista!! Lol. XD

The Raven

MOOD: (Skerd)
Quote Of The Day: “Guts flying on the screen, dude next to me was having a fry. SMH” -Oranjuse

Now I’m trying to go somewhere and the damn weather wanna get  hot. Screw you!! Lol. Since it was so hot, reason A and I decided that we better go watch a later movie. I still have 4 free movie ticket vouchers to Studio Movie Grill, and didn’t wanna waste them. Dilemma was definitely that there was nothing I wanted to watch. >_> Then I realized that I had totally overlooked “The Raven” that has recently opened up. I don’t know what the heck I thought the movie was about, but then I read the description and realized it was a movie about Edgar Allan Poe. Dude!! That’s my man!! Lol. Definitely my favorite writer from le childhood days, although his stories always gave me nightmares. O_O My favorite story of his is “The Cask of Amontillado”. Some other ones I remember giving me nightmares were “The Pit and the Pendulum”, and “The Tell-Tale Heart”. I have to say he definitely contributed to my love for psychopathology. Lol. My fascination with the twisted mind. I freakin’ love it!! So I gave reason A a quick crash course about Poe, and we decided to go watch it. She loves a mystery as much as I do, but I was sure wasn’t lookin’ forward to having to translate literature and stuffers with my crappy ass Chinese. Ahaha.

Folks, never again am I going to try and go to Studio Movie Grill for an evening show! I couldn’t even find a damn parking space!! WTF! And they have a pretty large parking lot and I had to park almost across the street. Since me and reason A always went in the early afternoons, we never had to stand in line. But since it was 8ish this time, there were like 4 lines going on!! I was so confused. Unfortunately, by the time I figured out the system, we ended up in the back of the line. Now how about I was standing in line and someone suddenly was yelling and waving at me like “Hey! Hey!!” I started lookin’ around and how about I saw Tanya and Tamika!! And I busted out with a retarded question. I was like “So what are you guys doing here??” *FAILS* Uh, that would be like everyone else, to watch a damn movie! DUH!! Lol. They were going to watch “Think Like A Man”. Although I wanted to see that too, I definitely was not trying to go see that with reason A. Could get kinda awkward watching relationship movies with her. >_>

A few minutes after we got our tickets they announced that the show was sold out. I didn’t think it was gonna be a sell out cuz I just kinda thought the movie wasn’t highly anticipated. O_o But since we didn’t have reserved tickets, AND were at the end of the line, by the time we got in the theater, the place was almost completely packed!! Me and reason A are not the type of people that likes sitting all up on the screen, so we were stressing out and frantically trying to look for seats in the back, but it was pretty much a fail. We ended up finding 2 seats on the very edge of the 3rd row from the screen! Ugh!! Well at least it wasn’t the first row. I would have had to just skip the movie at that point. >_> I sent a text message to Tanya and told her that me and reason A was sitting ON the screen. Lol!!! Cuz that’s what it felt like. I think this is my first time sitting so up close, and the even worse part is we had a speaker right above reason A’s head. I was like oh shit. So I told her that she needs to cover her ears sometimes cuz there was gonna be a lot of screaming and killing. Lol.

Since Studio Movie Grill is a dinner and a movie place, I was rather curious as to how many folks were gonna be eating while there are dead bodies on the screen. Well of course I was like WTF when I turned to look, tand everyone was munching on food while I felt like I was going to throw up cuz of the goriness. Ugh. X___X;; Lol. But it was a pretty good movie! A little too predictable for my liking but not bad I guess. Reviews for it online were kinda mixed. Many people said the killings had nothing to do with the actual literary works that they supposedly mimicked but it’s a movie! Get over it!! Lol. Reason A rather enjoyed it. I think I did a pretty good job of translating while I’m screaming my head off myself at all the blood splatter.

Hubby EPIC Barista FAIL!!!

Quote Of The Day: “Ok, so where do I put the coffee? Do I boil it in the pot? O_o” -Kenny

So the funniest shit happened today. Kenny went to stay with his cousin again at the Four Seasons hotel. Now you talk about someone who knows how to mooch off of someone, le hubby is who you need to aspire to be. Lol. I guess he can’t help it, he’s Chinese, and Chinese folks LOVE them some freebies. He’s gonna whack me for saying that. >_> So since the cousin is in town for this conference/training thingy that is gonna take like a month and a half, he’s been staying there the whole time livin’ it up. Since the company is paying and he’s out of town he’s got pretty good accommodations. Kenny who is best buds with him anyways has been hanging out with him as much as possible, both to catch up on old times and to mooch off his luxurious suite. Ahaha!! I think he’s spent at least 2 days living at the hotel with the cousin every week since he’s been here!! Kenny was like, “He’s got a jacuzzi in there, damn comfortable beds, and fast wifi speeds!! Hell yea h I’m gonna mooch off of it!” Lol.

So tonight he decided to go stay with the cuz again. Maybe he was feeling bad about all the mooching so he actually bought him dinner tonight. Ahaha. *FAILS* Then they headed back to the hotel, and the cousin was playing some NBA All Stars video game, while Kenny was chatting with me. Then sometime in between, the cousin decided that he wanted to make some coffee. Apparently they had some fancy coffee there and since it was free anyways, they wanted to try it. Now mind you; it is like midnight at this point. I was like “Why are you guys drinking coffee at some midnight??” He said, why not?? It’s free!! #fmlmyhubbyischinese >_> Here’s where it gets to be a mad fail. Chinese people are not that big on coffee. The only coffee they know about is Starbucks. And I’m not talkin’ buy the coffee and brew it at home, I’m talkin’ about going to get you a cup at the store. Chinese people mostly drink tea and ESPECIALLY Cantonese folks. They are all about their tea sippin’ and dim sum eating! Lol. So it doesn’t surprise me that they don’t have much of a taste for coffee. But it however did not occur to me that since most Chinese people do not brew coffee at home on a regular basis, that also means they don’t own a coffee maker which entails that they don’t know how to operate one. *FAILS*

So here is a convo that me and Kenny had:

Kenny: Me and the cuz are having a bit of a “situation” here. >_>
Me: Why? What are you guys doing?
Kenny: We’re attempting to operate the coffee maker. And we’re failing immensely at it. -___-;;
Me: Lol!! Why are you guys trying to drink coffee at this hour??
Kenny: Cuz its free!!
Me: OMG. Go figure. >_>
Kenny: How do you work this shit?? Do I put water in this pot??
Me: ROFLMAO!! How can you not know how to work a coffee maker??
Kenny: Uh… This thing looks complicated. There’s a lot of compartments. @___@;; Cuz is poking at it.
Me: Lol!! OMG!! There’s only 3 compartments to a coffee maker Honey! Where you put the coffee, where you put the water, and where you catch the coffee. I don’t care how fancy it looks, it has to have these 3 parts.
Kenny: Ok, so where do I put the coffee? Do I boil it in the pot? O_o
Me: ROFLMAO!! No dude!! This isn’t instant noodles! *FAILS* Do you have coffee filters?? You put the coffee in the coffee filter!! (*Sends him a picture of what coffee filters look like)
Kenny: Yeah, we have those. Do I wrap up the coffee with that then boil it? O_o
Me: What is up with you and boiling stuff? -___-;; You just pour it in. The water needs to pass through that before its coffee.
Kenny: This shit is complicated. I’m just gonna Google it. It’ll be faster. >_>
Me: Yes, please do that.
Kenny: Where does the water go??
Me: The part directly above the coffee pot is where you put the coffee, the back part that’s empty is for water.
Kenny: Ok, I poured hot water in there.
Me: *DIES* You don’t have to pour hot water in! Ahaha. You can put cold water! The machine will boil it! Can’t stop laughing cuz Kenny just became the human coffee maker since he used hot water. XD
Kenny: Oh, well this will be faster then.
Kenny: So do I just turn it on?
Me: Yeah!
(*2 minutes later)
Kenny: The water thingy is out of water. Does that mean I can stop it?
Me: Yeah…
Kenny: Or do I have to wait for the coffee in the pot to boil before I turn it off??
Me: ROFLMAO!! You is KILLIN’ me with the boil thing!! Is the coffee in the pot not hot?? That’s already cooked coffee!! (*Thinking to self, WTF is cooked coffee?? O_o)
Kenny: Yeah its hot. I’m gonna drink it.
Me: Don’t forget to put milk and sugar!! Actually lots of men like their coffee black, but it’s really bitter.
Kenny: Thank God the cream and sugar is free too. -____-;;
Me: Lol!! That would make sense. >_>
Kenny: The cuz is pouring himself a cup first. He said he’s gonna sacrifice himself first, and I’ll die next. X___X;;
Me: Lol!! Its not that bad is it?? O___O;;
(*5 minutes later)
Me: Did you drink it? How does it taste?
Kenny: We finished the pot already.
Me: What??? How the hell did you guys finish it that fast??
Kenny: I think we might have a second pot.
Me: You guys are crazy!! Are you planning to stay up all night and just stare at each other??
Kenny: And to counteract the coffee, I had 2 cups of tea.
Me: WHAT?? How the hell does that work? You tried to counteract the caffeine with more caffeine??
Kenny: Yeah, I’m pretty much screwed for tonight. >_>
Me: How is the cousin doing?
Kenny: He’s fine, he’s still playing the NBA game. He’s playin’ the shit out that game.
Me: Of course he is!! He just had a whole pot of coffee!! Kobe didn’t have coffee!! Shit, the cousin is wired. Lol.
Kenny: Lol!! I’m still gonna attempt to sleep though. >_>
Me: Well you better move your bed closer to the bathroom then cuz coffee makes you pee. >_>
Kenny: Tea makes you pee too. O___O;;
Me: Well… I guess I know what you’re gonna be doing most of the night. Either lookin’ jacked up like this: O_O;; or peeing. Yup.
Kenny: Yup. O__O;;

Ahahahaha!!! Isn’t that funny as shit?? I was laughing so damn hard the whole time we were having the convo. It was such an EPIC FAIL for them!! He said he’s never brewing his own damn coffee again. He’s gonna stick with tea! Lol. I told him “Aww… (*pets you) I’ll brew the coffee at home from now on! XD” Too damn funny. XD

Kenny has given me inspiration that coffee should be my favorite drink although it’s really Coke >_>, cuz the steam from coffee can spell my name. Muahaha.

Cute ain’t it?? Lol. I’m actually happy something lighted up my day cuz its gonna be a crappy evening since I have to work overtime. Apparently we’re having some meeting today and it doesn’t start til after 5pm. Why?? Why do this to me?? (*Falls dramatically out of my chair) Ugh. I hate life. -___-;;

Le Cutesy Hubby + Le Cutesy Moi

MOOD: (Team Kenny)
Quote Of The Day: “Hi Honey~” -Kenny (Sleepy Voice)

I had to bust out with the TheraFlu again last night. Of course I would never drink the whole pack. I usually drink half a pack and I’m knocked out. X____X;; This jacked up weather is definitely taking a toll on my poor little nose. It already can’t smell really good. Now it doesn’t even breathe good. FML. -___-;; Though I don’t really have the “flu” per say, but I’ve been cheating and taking TheraFlu just for my stuffy nose. >_>

I love how when I’m drugged up, Kenny is also high. He called today, but I could tell he was tired cuz the more he talked the less sense he made. Lol. He told me he was going to take a nap and wake up and get online to talk to me. I always feel really guilty when he does that. Honestly we are both so sleep deprived, I know how it feels. When he gets home early, he should just sleep instead of sleeping for a couple of hours just so he can have enough energy to wake up and chat with me. #firstworldproblems This is the toll that a LDR takes on you folks!! Don’t get in one unless you have to. >_< When we get old, he’s gonna blame his panda eyes on me. Lol. Well he was so knocked out that he never woke up to get online, which was fine for me cuz I knew he was really tired. But then he wakes up at 3am and calls me!! Noooo!! I mean Yes!!!! Lol. I LOVE when he calls me with le sleepy voice. It’s the cutest thing ever.

It just makes me wanna hug him and go “Awww..” Lol. But it’s definitely unhealthy. He use to be really bad about it and do it every single night!! Wake up at odd hours to call me, tell me he misses me and then go back to sleep. I told him to stop doing that cuz it interrupts his sleep cycle. He said he can’t help it. Sometimes he just wants to hear my voice. *DIES*

Usually when Kenny doesn’t get online, I get pretty bored. He’s such a part of my morning routine that I don’t know what to do with myself when he’s not there. Although I do wish he gets more sleep, the more evil and selfish me wants him to stay up all night and talk to me until he passes out. #lesubconscious So to kill a few minutes of the morning, I decided to do a le cutesy photo. XD I haven’t sent him one in a while. Lol. I admit I am not the girly girly type. But he totally turns me into one. On multiple occasions, I’ve had people point out to me that when I’m on the phone with him, I have that “voice”. Ahaha. Of course I use the more feminine and soft voice with le hubby, afterall; how romantic would the lumber jack voice be anyways?? Although he does hear it every single morning when I wake up. >_> But anyways, today is Thursday, that means the week is almost over. I’m gonna have a shitty day tomorrow cuz I have to work overtime, since we’re having a meeting after work hours. *DIES* So I thought I’d make up for it today by slacking off and totally cam-whoring. Woohoo!! Its Hello Kitty Juse!! Lol. You know you think it’s cute. XDD

I’m Chinese, And I Eat Rice.

MOOD: (Munchin’)
Quote Of The Day: “White rice is the little black dress of Asian cuisine.” -CR

So since I was high and all yesterday I wasn’t very productive at work. I basically spent the first half of my day talkin’ to Kenny and being forced to listen to worldly news that he insists on reporting to me to dampin’ my spirits cuz he wants to keep me “informed”. >_> The reason he reports it to me instead of me going to read it myself is cuz its in Chinese. We all know my half ass Chinese basically only suffices for my basic communication with reason A and le hubby and that is about it. >_> Now the kicker is… KENNY STILL REPORTS IT TO ME IN CHINESE!! FML!! Lol. But of course he breaks it down into Chinese layman’s terms. So its like translating Chinese into Chinese. Ugh. -__-;; The remainder of my day was spent eating snacks. I have to admit that I have been guilty of snacking like no tomorrow this past week. I think I’ve also gained 2lbs. FML. I think work stress is making me ridiculously hungry all hours of the day. #thiscantbegood

Since I was so worthless during work hours yesterday, I made up for it in the afternoon. I was so sleepy and drowsy all day that the only thing I wanted to do was go home and jump in bed. But as I was driving home, I had a sudden thought that I really had to go get a new rice cooker. WTF?? Yeah, our rice cooker has died for a while now, and I’ve been in denial of the fact that I have to go buy another one, for 2 reasons. One, reason A can make rice with a regular pot. She’s old school Chinese like that and all old school Chinese parents know how to whip up some white rice with a regular pot. Its like magic!! I remember her attempting to teach me one time when I was young and that was an epic fail cuz we ended up eating porridge that night. -___-;; Something about the heat that I didn’t know how to control. When it boils, you turn it to medium low heat and let it steam. Uh… yeah. Never figured that part out. So, the rice cooker is my savior. Secondly, is because rice cookers are expensive. A good one that is. They can range anywhere from $10 to $400. Now, that’s a pretty wide range, and there is definitely a quality difference. I’ve never owned one of those super super fancy ones, its only me and reason A and reason A can work wonders with a regular pot so we never saw a need for something that elaborate. But ever since our rice cooker died, I have been in the hunt for one. I really wanted to use this opportunity to get a fancy schmancy one, but it’s really not in my budget at this time or anytime for that matter. >_> So we’ve been sticking it out with a regular pot for months now.

The disadvantage of using a regular pot to make rice is inconsistency. Whether we get good rice that night or not depends on two things; luck and mood. If reason A is in a good mood and it’s a lucky day we get great rice. If not, then the rice comes out soggy or over/under cooked. Oh how the thought of it makes me cringes. Ugh!! Maybe it’s just an Asian thing, or maybe it’s a Chinese thing or better yet, maybe it’s just a “me” thing, but to me, the quality of the rice is more important at dinner time than the dishes. If you have your favorite dish but the rice that night is jacked up, your whole dinner is jacked up. One of my favorite quotes about food is “White rice is the little black dress of Asian cuisine.” And that is so true!! OMG. What is Asian food without rice?? Gotta have it. Lets see le illustration. >_>

No, that’s not exaggerated. XD So anyways, because of its inconsistency, another problem that occurs is that we waste a lot of rice. Since I am so picky with the quality of my white rice, when it comes out “less than ideal” then I don’t eat it. And reason A is left trying to kill the whole pot of rice. She then makes a new pot for me, in hopes that this time it comes out right. I know I sound like not only a spoiled brat but also an asshole; which neither I will confirm or deny at this point. >_>

So it occurred to me as I was driving home, which has now turned into a just as important time for thought as the all famous “sitting on le toilet” or “in le shower” that I have to get a new rice cooker asap!! I decided to make my way to Brandsmart, since I was running 15 minutes early coming off of 285. They’ve got a lot of selection, although I hate the place. Technically I should be getting an Asian rice cooker since the whole damn continent eats more rice than the rest of the world combined. But they are so damn expensive!! Because rice is so important in Asian cuisine, they have all these super elaborate rice cookers that can do everything for you except for make a latte!! Of course I want one of those, but that is definitely an investment.

I got to Brandsmart and looked at all the ones they had. I think they had a total of about 10-13 models. I looked at all of them. Size was not a big issue, cuz it’s just me and reason A. She doesn’t kill much rice, so it’s basically just me. Reason A hates pots with aluminum, so she always wanted one that was steel, metal or something more healthy in that sense. Finally I settled on this one.

I got it cuz it was on sale, and if the regular price is legit, then it wasn’t that cheap to begin with. Which means that the quality shouldn’t be too crappy. It was a very steep discount and since my recent coupon obsessions have slowly but turned me into an Asian cheapo, I decided to go with this steal of a deal. I’m not crazy about the brand, although they’ve been making rice cookers forever. I went online today to look at how much it was going for at other stores, and Macy’s also had it for $69.99, which means that the regular price was legit. However, the reviews were mixed, some thought it did the job and others thought it sucked. I do also have to say that you need a “slight” hand in making rice anyways, so you can’t blame it all on the rice cooker if you suck at doing it, cuz if reason A can make it with a regular pot then there’s no excuse. Lol.

We ate pasta last night, so we didn’t get to try out the new rice cooker. But I am aiming to try it tonight. I have to show reason A how to use it cuz she hasn’t used a rice cooker in a hot minute. *FAILS* I really hope it doesn’t come out as a dud, cuz I hate returning shit. Plus it was such a good deal, it would be awesome if it worked!

Now here is the rice cooker that I REALLY want!! OMFG. Lets drool over it together!! XD

Not only is it beautiful, it has tons of functions, and can decided how to cook your rice by the type of rice. Like it knows to cook white rice, brown rice, sweet rice, etc. all differently because of consistency, it will also make porridges, warm, and a ton of other stuff. I REALLY want one of these. But look at the effin’ price tag?? WTF!! That is insane!! I know its one of the most important appliances in an Asian household but almost $400?? You gotta be kidding me. It will happen for me one day though. I am determined. When me and Kenny start our family, I’m gonna invest in one. I hope it lasts until my kids go to college. XD It better for that damn price!! Lol. But I think a good home needs to invest in one of these. It’s like a good microwave or oven in an American home. It’s the essential kitchen appliance. With that said, we don’t own a microwave at my house because reason A thinks its unhealthy and she’s scared of the radiation. Hence my life is ruined cuz I don’t know how to heat stuff on the stove. -__-;; I do have a convection oven though! XD

Now I’m contemplating on telling Kenny that if he doesn’t buy me a fancy rice cooker that I won’t marry him… >_> Humm…

Chafing Vajayjay, Assholes, And One Tomato. O_O

MOOD: (High)
Quote Of The Day: “Bill would have told Jesus, he didn’t have to die. He should have negotiated that.” -Oranjuse

I just wanna start off with an apology. I am highly drugged up right now, so if I say some random or hostile shit, it’s because I’m high. I just wanna let ya’ll know that up front. >_> reason A has a cold, and I think I caught something too. This damn psycho weather we got going on has me in a damn bikini one day, and a sweater the next. Ok, maybe not that extreme; but I am contemplating about wearing a hoodie and going booty ass naked to work to cooperate with the weather. >_> But the wind is way too strong for that right now. I don’t know how I would feel about having a chafing vajayjay. >_> I know Kenny won’t be a fan. #yeahimhigh

For lunch today I had a tomato. Yes you heard me right, a tomato. Not with any seasoning or dressing, and it wasn’t even cut up. Just one plain tomato; whole. I was gnawing on it like a hardcore farmer who is checking his crops for ripeness before he sends it into the local market. I do have to admit, it is hard to brush off the stares of co-workers as I’m sitting at my desk eating my tomato like it’s an apple, simply because tomatoes are too juicy. What kind of person would I be to expect no reaction out of the co-worker who just got squirted in the eyeball by my tomato juice when I bit in? My only request is that you don’t comment about it. >_>

Me: (Biting into my tomato)
Co-Worker: (Stares at me) >_>
Me: (Sees co-worker from corner of eye, and continues to eat my juicy tomato)
Co-Worker: So… do you eat whatever is in season? O_O
Me: (Continue to chew slowly, then turn to look at her) >_> (Then continue to eat my juicy tomato)
Co-Worker: Corn will be in season next week. Are you gonna bust out with an ear of corn?
Me: (Chokes on my tomato) (Turns to look at co-worker)
Co-Worker: (Stares at me)
Me: How about I stick an ear of corn so high up your ass that I can harvest popcorn through your makeshift mouth that really is just another asshole? >_>
Co-Worker: O_O

Did I mention that I was high right now? Yeah… >_>

Juse DIY Project: Cutesy Index Cards. =) + Artist Insights

MOOD: (Creatin’ Shit)
Quote Of The Day: “Imma need you to send me the pics u took at le house.” -Tanya

For those of you who don’t know, Juse loves some DIY. If I didn’t like creating stuff, I wouldn’t be in design and advertising. Any chance I get, I use it to design something. It might not always be in the same realms, but my mind is always churning. As you can see by my bentos and nail porn pages here, I try designing in all aspects. Although designing on paper and computer is what I do for a living, creating shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be limited to only those forms.

Sometimes inspiration has to be acquired from many different aspects of life. It really just depends on what inspires you. There’s nothing that can compare to the feeling of “creating” something yourself; regardless of what it is. It reminds me of that feeling you had as a kid, and you came home from school with your first stick figure drawing. Although it wasn’t a DaVinci, but you thought it was a masterpiece!! Lol. You would run to your parents showing off the hideous scribble of crayon and pencil and present it as if it was worth a million dollars. The reason for it is cuz you created it; with just a blank canvas and your imagination. The only misfortune of many years of formal education is that we learn conformity. Not only do we learn conformity, we limit our imagination. This is why kids have much more imagination than adults, because they haven’t yet been brain washed and trained to think logically or reasonably. They simply; think. Period.

As someone who creates, we simply never allow ourselves to “fully grow up”. Sometimes we escape into our imagination and regardless if it’s filled with meadows, gumdrops and unicorns or scary things like monsters, ghosts or twisted gruesome blobs we allow ourselves to reach deep inside and pull those out; holding them in our hands for the world to see. It doesn’t matter if you understand it or not. Just like how we presented our first drawings as a kid. It matters more what we think of it. Because a creator is not validated by the opinions of others, but by what they believe is the motivation to continue their creations. No matter how crazy the art, or form of art and regardless if there are a million who appreciate it or only a hundred; every piece of art ALWAYS has at least ONE admirer, and that is… its creator. I know this is all really deep shit, you’re welcome for the enlightenment. Lol. XD

Once you see what I created today, you’ll probably be like WTF?? Did this girl just give this long ass lecture about “creation” and “art” and all this fancy stuff cuz she made a freakin’ piece of paper?? Ahaha. Folks, if that’s what you think then you just totally missed the point. The point of it is, that I’m simply explaining how it “feels” to create. It could be something as small as an origami or something big as a statue, the feeling is the same.

Since I was ridiculously bored, I decided to make something. Nothing too involved cuz who the hell knows when I’m gonna suddenly get busy. Just something fast to kill a few minutes. For those of you who don’t know, I am a hoarder. Yes, I am obsessive compulsive about things I hoard, not to the point where I need some help like the TV show, but I admit that I might have more than the “average person”. Lol. Two things that I seem to drool over all the time are pens, and post-it notes. *DIES*

I don’t know how you guys make out your grocery lists, especially with so many gadgets and stuff these days, but I still write mine on a sheet of paper and stick it in my wallet. I suppose you can just put it as a note in your phone, message yourself, or even do a voice recording but something about making a list that gets me very very low key excited. Lol. #weirdfetish In all honesty its cuz I like to write things down, one it is a reinforcing factor to help you remember it, and two is cuz I’m narcissistic and I like looking at my own handwriting. Ahahaha. O___O;; True story.

But anyways, so I usually write it on a post it, and these are the preferred kind:

The long ones with lines so I don’t write crooked cuz crooked handwriting freaks me out. #dontjudge >_> Uh, yeaaah. Lol. But the problem with this is that since it’s a post-it, it sticks to my wallet, and that gets a little annoying. I always end up sticking some tape to cover up the sticky part of the post-it, so it doesn’t stick. I guess I could write it on a plain index card, they’re the same size, and have lines but index cards are so boring to me!! And the lines are more narrow. -__-;; YES.I.AM.VERY.ANAL. You’re probably reading this wondering what the hell does it matter, cuz after you come back from the store, you’re probably gonna throw away the list anyways, so just write on scrap paper!! Um… NO!!! Lol.

So today I decided to make my own “non-sticky post-it notes”. Wait, is this an oxymoron? O_o I guess its more like a homemade index card. It’s rather simple. Measure up how big you want it to be. Make a blank canvas of that size in Photoshop or whatever software you design with. Then draw lines to your liking in width, take a shortcut, grab a desktop wallpaper background that you like, print that out the size of the sheet of paper, then print your lines on top of it, and trim! Woohoo!!

I know. It is apparent that I am bored. Shuddup. -___-;; But aren’t they the cutest!!? Lol.

Headline: Only Females Drink Your Blood!!

MOOD: (Lol)
Quote Of The Day: “They eat fruit.” -Kenny

Just like the whole female chickens being able to lay eggs without doing le sexy with male chickens, I have a new shocker to announce!! How about only female mosquitos bite you!! Although I knew about this for a while, I’m just now getting around to posting it. *FAILS* I remember when I first found out I was like WTF!! Why is that?? But more importantly was the question that I imposed on Kenny. “So if only female mosquitoes eat your blood, what do male mosquitoes eat? O_o” And being the soulmate that he is. He always gives me “the look”, like “Did this girl seriously ask me this question? *PAUSE*” And then goes ahead to entertain my question with an answer that shuts me up really quick. It literally went like this:

Me: So if only female mosquitoes eat your blood, what do male mosquitoes eat? O_o
Kenny: They eat fruit.
Me: O___O;;

That’s literally how the conversation went. Ahaha!! I would ask him how he knows, but how do I dare question the one and only Pookie Bear?? O_o He knows everything!! Lol.

Da Bowl Lew + Hot Pot Treasure Hunting

MOOD:  (Ahaha)
Quote Of The Day: “Finally I was like, do you have a fax number?? I’ll just fax it. It’ll probably be faster. -__-;;” -Juse

Me and Kenny are such idiots. XD Please tell me why me and him were laughing so hard on the phone today, that I started crying and coughing and then I started laughing but no sound was coming out of me. Ahaha!! I would post what we were laughing about, but its just way more funny in Chinese. The whole point was he was poking fun at a client of his who sucked at English and couldn’t read off his email to him. Although it sounds mean, but had you heard how the client said it, you would flip out too. His pronunciation of the letter “W” came out as “da bowl lew”. Ahaha! *EPIC FAIL* And Kenny mumbled under his breath “There’s no English letter called da bowl lew. -__-” ROFLMAO!! Poor Chinese people. I do have to say, some of their English does fail ridiculously. Unfortunately I’ve had to deal with a lot of it too. I have to try really hard not to laugh in their face cuz I know I probably sound just as jacked up when I speak Chinese. Damn. >_>

Today me and reason A decided that we were gonna have hot pot. I don’t know how to describe hot pot in English. You can Google it. It’s basically like a Chinese version of Japanese Shabu Shabu. And if you don’t know what Shabu Shabu is, then screw you. Ahaha!! But how about me and reason A had to go to 4 different grocery stores to gather all the ingredients. WTF!! We went to MegaMart, they didn’t have the right meat or crabs. Then we went to Great Wall, but they didn’t have meat at all!! Then we went to H-Mart but their seafood sucked, and they didn’t have oyster!! Damn it!! So we ended up going to the Farmer’s Market where we got the rest of everything. I was so grumpy and worn out. Mainly cuz its still that time of the month, meaning I have cramps, feel bloated, and my back hurts. Ugh!! Not only that, but I hate shopping on the weekends when every place is packed, especially Asian stores! Auhhh!!! Where did all these damn Asians come from?? (*Whacks them like flies) >_< We contemplated on if we should just eat it tomorrow cuz it was past 8pm when we got home. Plus cooking meant we wouldn’t eat til 10pm, but I told reason A I am determined to eat it tonight!! After all that hard work?? Yes my ass is going to dig in like a damn pig!! I don’t give a shit!