Going To Le Cinema: EPIC FAIL. X__X;;

MOOD: (Pissed)
Quote Of The Day: “But damn it woman! You is not working with me! >_<” -Oranjuse

I just had the most EPIC FAIL ever yesterday!!! Ugh!! You know how I mentioned that I was going to go to watch The Hunger Games with reason A?? Fine, I admit it would probably be more enjoyable had I tried to go with someone that could comprehend the movie all by themselves. It was going to be a pain in the ass to translate all of that, considering how complex the plot was in a shortened movie format. But when I first started reading the book, I had told her about some of it, so she wasn’t completely clueless. I contemplated about taking her to go see The Lorax instead, since she likes watching animated films in the theater. >_> But that would mean I wouldn’t be able to watch The Hunger Games this week.

The reason I was wanting to take reason A is cuz she really doesn’t get out much. Ever since she stopped driving, she kinda just stays home and does nothing. Occasionally, she’ll go out grocery shopping with me, but that’s about only 10% of the time, because we rarely do grocery shopping on the weekends cuz its always so crowded, and it’s a hassle on the weekdays for me to get off work, drive all the way home, pick her up and then drive to the grocery store and drive back home again!! It’s also a waste of gas. Since I pass by so many grocery stores on my way home, I just always pick up groceries whenever traffic is light that evening coming back from work. Which means she almost never gets a chance to go out the house.

I don’t go anywhere on weekends, cuz work stresses and wears me out so much that I am a bum on weekends and all I do is eat and sleep. I use to take her to the mall on weekends, but I don’t even do that now. T_____T;; She is human!! She needs sunshine!! She needs fresh air!! I feel so bad that I can’t take her on vacations or traveling or even for a weekend get away! But guess what?? It’s hard enough as it is for me. Trying to do what I have to do to provide for my family, but I try not to complain about that part. I admit our lives are pretty boring. Other than me going to work and coming home, and her staying at home all the time, we basically don’t do anything.

Honestly the only time I ever go to the movies is when I have free tickets. Which actually, are pretty easy to come by apparently, as I have made evident with my 3 free pair of tickets. O_o So I am trying to go watch The Hunger Games. I’m excited, cuz it’s the first book I’ve finished from cover to cover in Lord knows how long. I decide to take reason A although like I mentioned before, this would be a hard movie for her to understand. Only cuz I want her to get out the house!! Go somewhere!! What does this damn woman do?? She chooses to go on a Friday night. If it was up to me, I’d go on the weekend, where we can pick whatever time we want. But no, she wants to go on a Friday night after I get off work. That’s kool too! Let’s do it. But we’re limited to our times, cuz she doesn’t want to catch anything too late. So we got a 7ish one, and an 8pm one. Then she tells me she wants to go get groceries before we go. REALLY?? Grocery shopping before a movie?? Weird!! Fine, whatever. I told her we gotta make it fast, or we’ll be late for the 8pm show. I didn’t get home ‘til 6:40pm. We’re rushing to MegaMart. Now what does this woman do?? She decides to take her sweet time browsing each aisle! Auhhhh!!! I’m trying to rush her and she’s not paying me any attention!! >_< (*Stab me please) We don’t get out the store til about 7:40pm!! Movie starts at 8:05pm!! So I’m rushing. Studio Movie Grill is like 14 miles away from where I was. I think I can make it in the nick of time. I rush, but there’s traffic!!! Holy mother of God!! The red lights take 46 hours to turn green. I wait, then I’m rushing, I’m totally speed demoning this shit!! Then I can’t find the place, cuz I’ve never been there before, and it was dark and raining. FML x 100!! Finally, its past 8pm, I give up. I’m really upset that she made us late, and I didn’t get to watch the movie last night!! OMFG!! Can the damn Chinese girl get a break here?? But how about she had the audacity to say “Ugh… Next time just don’t get these damn free movie tickets. It’s such a hassle.” I was like WTF did you just say?? Here I am trying to get you out the house to do normal people activities, and you’re not appreciating any of my efforts and you’re complaining about the fact that I am trying to in my own pathetic way, enrich your quality of life?? FML and YOURS!! X____X;; I was super upset! I was gonna yell at her and say “Screw you!! I’ll go watch it with someone else!!” But I didn’t. T_____T;; Why? Cuz the “Asian” switch in my head turned on. And Asian kids refrain from talkin’ back to their parents and being disrespectful. We’re not encouraged to speak our minds or stand our ground. I am a victim to this “Asian Style” of obedience. So I shut up and drive home. She makes tofu. Life is effin’ over. Kill me now. -____-;;


3 Responses

  1. So you didn’t go???? Aghhh! Are you going today or tomorrow?

  2. Yes Runa. I’m gonna attempt to watch it on Sunday… I use the word “attempt” loosely. >_>

  3. If you don’t go, I’ll go with you next week.

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