Happy B-Day Tanya & Tamika + Movies + Separation Anxiety A’La Hubby

MOOD: (Celebrating)
Quote Of The Day: “Haham actuakky he has veen. Hahaha.” -Joe

First of all its Friday. So definitely TGIF!! Lol. Secondly, today is Tanya’s and Tamika’s birthday!! Woohoo!!! As Oranjuse tradition, I will do a history of us. ^^; For those of you who don’t know. When it’s a friend’s birthday, I’ll usually do a “History of Us” post for that day. Let’s get started.

History of Tanya, Tamika, & I:
I met Tanya when I transferred to the Duluth, OMX like 5 or so years ago. Can’t really remember when. *FAIL* At the time, my old store manager Adrian from the Doraville store had transferred there. They were in need of an Impress person (printing department) so Adrian thought I would be a good fit. I was still going to school at the time, so couldn’t really do a full time job anyways, and we all like staying in our comfort zone, so I was like alright. At the time they had 2.5 people in their printing department. The supervisor at the time; Shakira, Tanya, and then there was Katie sometimes cuz she also worked as a cashier other times. When I went in to interview, Tanya wasn’t there. I think I met her on my first day of work though. She came in to do the afternoon shift, while I covered the middle shift between Shakira and Tanya. Basically I would be leaving out not long after Tanya came in.

Years later, Tanya told me that her first impression of me when she walked into the department and saw me standing there was “OMFG, they done did it now… she Asian. I bet she don’t speak English well. FML.” Ahahaha!!! I don’t blame her. I do look very Asian, with my eye and black hair. My first impression of her?? “Damn… She looks mean and hostile. O__O” ROFLMAO!! Cuz she had no smile on her face, she was wearing a bandana, and looked like she was ready to beat me up. *GULPS* I can’t remember if I said anything to her. Maybe I said hi? I was pretty comfortable with Shakira at that point, cuz she’s very easy going and very bubbly. Tanya didn’t say much to me as she was settling in for the day. I think she was just trying to refrain from having to communicate with a foreigner. *FAILS* Then something happened, and either the copier got jammed or something retarded happened, and I made a comment about it out loud, and Tanya turned to look at me like O_o??

Not only did I speak English with no accent at all, but I was ghetto as shit! Ahahaha!! She was like, well damn! She look Asian and talk Black?! Mind = Blown. O_O Ahahaha!! The 4 of us had a ball, because we were all retarded, all had a great sense of humor and all a hot mess basically!! Those were some good times. Although I was super stressed out while working there, but they totally made my life bearable. I always get Tanya’s opinion regarding everything. I call her my “life coach”. I hate taking her advice, yet I can’t keep myself from asking her for it!! *FAILS* She is brutally honest, and has no problem yelling at me or maybe even beating me up. We’ve been through a lot together although I haven’t known her for that long. One thing with Tanya is that we do not censor ourselves. She will tell me things in such detail that rated R, wouldn’t suffice. But its cuz we feel comfortable on that level. I often forget how old she is cuz she looks young. I always think she’s my age or just a couple of years older when in reality I think she’s 8 years older than me?? I forget every damn year how old she’s turning. *FAILS* But that is definitely my sister from another mother! I love her!! Happy Birthday Tanya!! Woohoo!!

Tamika is Tanya’s roommate. They have been roomies ever since I can remember. Not only have they been friends forever, but get this; how about they got the same damn birthday!! What are the chances of that??? I think at least 5 significant people in my life are Aries. Kenny, Tanya, Tamika, Aisha, and I’m sure there’s someone else I just can’t remember. *FAILS* Apparently I get along with Aries!! Lol. Tamika is like a motherly figure. She’s very poised and composed and usually very calm. Now when she gets upset, which I think I’ve only seen once really, she gets heated!! That shit be scary!! Lol.Tamika is also the responsible one. I remember when I was going through a rough time, they both took me out drinking, while Tanya is like “Eff this shit!!” Tamika was quietly consoling me. Lol. I heart Tamika cuz she’s the wise one! If its anything technical, I usually have to ask her. >_> Cuz if I ask Tanya, she’ll just cuss me out. *DIES* Happy Birthday Tamika!! Lol.

Today after work, me and reason A are going to go watch The Hunger Games!! Woohoo!! Although I’m like a whole freakin’ week late. It still takes a lot to drag me to the theater! Cuz I hate spending money on tickets and I’m just lazy. >_> #amenforfreestuff Bad thing is I have a lot of errands to run after work today too. Hopefully I’ll have time to do all that before the movie starts. I think I’m gonna try to make the 8pm show.

Last night was the first night Kenny was computerless. It was horrible!! I felt like I missed him so much. I have severe separation anxiety, and when I can’t get a hold of someone I’m trying to reach. I go into panic attack mode. I remember one time, I called Kenny in the morning when I just woke up. This was a Saturday I think. I had a dream about him, and when I woke up, I called him immediately cuz I needed to hear his voice and his phone was turned off!! Auhhhhh!!! I was freakin’ out!! He never turns off his phone!! I had a panic attack and started dialing his phone number back to back to back. I think I must have dialed it more than 20 times in less than 5 minutes. I was being the crazy ass b!tch that I knew I had potentialto be!! Lol. Finally I started crying! I don’t even know why! It was the separation anxiety kicking in!I felt like a kid who got lost in a store, and is looking around frantically for my mother but she is nowhere to be found! OMFG. So then 15 minutes later I called again and he picked up. I was yelling at him! Why did you turn your phone off! You’re not allowed to do that! What if I need you and I can’t find you?? He was like: @____@;; Then after he calmed me down, he told me he didn’t turn his phone off, he just forgot to charge it, and he was in the shower and the phone and died. *FAILS* Throws his phone out the damn window. >_< So yeah. This whole no computer thing is not sitting well with me at all. -__-;; (*With all due respect, stabs the cousin) >_> So yesterday Kenny was hanging out with the cousin again after work, and he called to wake me up as they were about to sit down for dinner. I heard him keep telling the cousin, “My wife says you owe her dinner, and you need to buy me dinner, and you need to buy me dinner for the rest of this month!” Ahaha!! He’s such an opportunist. Lol. The good thing is, he has to work this weekend. It’s a Chinese Holiday next Wednesday, so they’re gonna get Monday through Wednesday off, so to make up for it they are working the weekend. WTF is that?? But anyways, so he’ll be pretty occupied.

Later on, as he was heading home, he called again and we talked for a long time. Must have been like 30 or 40 minutes?? Long time considering I’m at work, and I was on the celly. Lol! But I didn’t give a damn!! Just like our accountant lady, Ms. Lee said, “If my daughter calls me international long distance from London, I don’t give a damn what I’m in the middle of, I stop and pick up!!” That’s how I feel about Kenny’s calls. Because we have the time difference and its international, I don’t want to miss his calls. If he was right around the corner, then I could just call him back. But he’s a gazillion miles away. >_< So I ran to the restroom. Thank goodness no one was there. But FML, cuz my co-workers probably think I have constipation like a mofo since I was in there so long! ROFLMAO!! *DIES* X______X;; #mypooisnotdry


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  1. Oranges give me trouble too.

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