The Hunger Games: Done.

MOOD: (Flexin’)
Quote Of The Day: “I was upset we had to wear matching suits for a stupid school presentation. We looked like the Asian Blues Brothers.” -Oranjuse

So yesterday, “The Hunger Games” movie released!! Although I am lowkey excited about it. I did not go to watch the movie. One, cuz it was sold out, two, cuz I’m on a strict budget, and three, there was no one here in Atl that would go see it with me. >_> (*Stares at Runa) But however, I was also excited that I finished reading the book before the movie released! Now that I think about it, it was pointless since I didn’t rush out to see the movie. WTF. -___-;; But anyways; I really liked the book!!! I couldn’t remember the last time I actually finished a whole book. Ugh, it was too many years ago. Now I’m on like my 4th chapter of the second book in the trilogy, called “Catching Fire”. I’m not sure how I like the second book so far, since I’m only on chapter 4, but the beginning of the first book, was kinda slow and I ended up like that one, so who knows. I heard the second movie wasn’t coming out til next year anyways. >_> (*Stares at Runa again). Now I have mixed feelings about watching the movie, because I know how book to movies usually work, and you just have to take it with a grain of salt, cuz there’s no way they can make the movie with as much detail as the book. I think that part alone, will be disappointing for me, but for those who have seen it, and not read the book they told me it was pretty good. So we’ll see. >_>


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