Happy Birthday Pookie Bear!! ♥

MOOD: (Celebrating)
Quote Of The Day: “Thank you Honey…” -Kenny

Today is Kenny’s birthday!! Happy Birthday to my one and only Pookie Bear!! Today Pookie turns 30. O__O;; Now he’s an adult bear. >_> But I shall still remain 13. >_< The reason I say I’m 13, and this is an ongoing joke that me and him have is cuz once I did this psychology test, for someone’s study and at age 27, my mental age according to the test was 11. -___-;; Now, I sure hope it refers to my “youth” in terms of mentality and not my mental capacity. @__@;; Cuz that would essentially mean that I’m retarded. Lol!! But anyways, so we always joke about how he’s an old man and I’m still a kid. So yeah, this year on my birthday, I’ll be turning 13. But I digress. >_>

Last night around 9:30ish, I sent Kenny a text!! I usually don’t call him in my evenings cuz I don’t know when he’s busy and when he’s not. He’ll call me if he’s not busy. So right after I text him Happy Birthday, he calls me. I knew he would. Sometimes you just have that feeling. ^^; So he calls, and we talk for a little while. He was at work already so we couldn’t talk for long. He seemed to be in a great mood, despite the fact that he was still a little under the weather from his cold. I’m glad he’s in a good mood starting off his day. I was knocked out so I headed to bed pretty early.

Usually on his birthday or any holiday when I design him something, I email it to him before I go to bed. That way he can see it at work. But this time, I decided not too. We were gonna try a new approach. They always said, if you want different results, you gotta take different actions. Since I am always so disappointed with Kenny’s “non-reaction” to any of my gestures of love, I decided to change it up. Usually when he checks email after I go to sleep, he’ll probably think it’s cute and all, but only for a split second. The thought doesn’t linger much cuz he’s at work, and by the time he calls me in his evening (my morning) to wake me up, probably a good 10 hours has passed, and he had forgotten about it already. Occasionally he’ll remember, and he’ll say “I got your email.” But how about that’s all he says!! He doesn’t even say thank you!! *HUBBY FAIL*So yesterday before we got offline, he said, “Tomorrow is my birthday!!” I was like “I know!! But I’m not gonna show you your card until tomorrow.” And he was like “Aww!! I can’t wait to see it!!” I got happy, cuz he finally acknowledged my gesture. #thesmalljoys

This morning Kenny called me to wake me up. He seemed like he was still in a pretty good mood! That means he had a good day at work too! Yays! We talked for a little bit, but there was a basketball game on, so he wanted to hurry up and go watch it. Lol! #typicalguy When I got to work, I posted on Facebook, wishing him a Happy Birthday.

ROFLMAO!! Honestly, that’s my favorite love quote, cuz its silly and goofy just like we are. I would totally be someone to do it too. @____@;; I also posted this pic of my rice cracker art that I created yesterday! Yes I’m being very ghetto and instead of retyping what I had on Facebook, I’m just screencapping it. *FAILS*

But anyways, so Kenny gets online, and I gave him his card! This is what it looks like:

(click image to see full size)

Don’t you guys think its cute?? I think this is the first time I’ve ever designed something orange for him. Surprisingly you would think I’d always design orange, but in reality, most of my graphics are pink. Don’t ask me why. But love reminds me of pink. -___-;; But I thought this design was one of my cutest if I do say so myself!! Lol. Kenny really liked it! He said it was very cute, and he said thank you this time! Ahaha. So now I know the routine I gotta use. Which is be present at the time, the gift is presented to him, so he can show his appreciation right away, cuz afterwards, he’ll forgot. -___-;; #men By end of the night before he went to bed, he said “thank you” again. Awww… I was apologetic for not being there with him to celebrate. But of course like always, we made due with what we could. >_<

Last week, we had decided that tomorrow we would video chat! You know, for his birthday. But today he actually didn’t mention anything about it. I don’t know if it was cuz he was so drugged up cuz he was sick, or cuz he just forgot. That always stresses me out. The not “knowing” factor, I mean. Cuz I’m always scrambling to get dressed and make myself look halfway presentable when he “suddenly” wants to video chat whereas I like to be prepared. Ugh. Guess I’ll get up early and get dressed just in case we video chat. Lol!! All in all, it was a very successful birthday! Yays! Happy Birthday Honey! I love you!!


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